Yes, sir! – Round 3 Review

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  • Ranked 50k after hitting pretty much every single injury so far. My first 6 trades will all be forced sideways premos so I’m stuck with all the junk like KK.

    Do I have any chance of getting back into this and making a top 5k finish? Surely the luck should even out over the season?

  • Bartel to Franklin or Swan and why?

  • Team Name: Crip Patrol (fantasy)
    Round 3 Scores: 1883
    Studs:Lewis, Swan, Sloane, Prince
    Duds: ME!, Barlow (c), Parker, Eski, Bartel, Goodes
    On the Chopping Block: Bartel (forced trade) Eski (again) Goodes
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Well after spending the week looking at going GAJ>Bont, Prince>B Smith I chickened out with the Bont withdrawal rumours flying and went and did a last second different trade… GAJ>Sloane (worked out good) Beams>Gibbs (…) and a CoD with Barlow… No. 1 spud of the team for this week goes to ME!

  • Team Name: Dowlings Dragons
    Round 3 Scores: 2125
    Studs: swan, lewis(c), Hodge
    Duds: parker, boak, hibberd
    On the Chopping Block: boak
    Vent /Brag/Whatever: traded in oxley and goldstein both performed

  • Team Name: Crip Patrol (RDT)
    Round 3 Scores: 2056
    Studs: Lewis (C) Neale, Beams, Prince, Goldy, Swan, Dusty
    Duds: KK, Barlow, Bartel
    On the Chopping Block: KK, Bartel
    Vent/Brag/Whatever:Trading Kk regardless!

  • Team Name:No wins Now worries
    Round 3 score: 1961
    studs: Lewis (Gun) Hodge, Sloane, swan, Eliss-yolmen
    Duds: Bartel, Bont, parker, Newton

    My week was characterised by overwhelming mediocrity with plenty of 60s and 70s going around, dud performances from guns, and to cap it off injuries to key players

    Scoreing breakdown

    Starting with defence
    -Hibberd was once again hibopless with 66,
    -simpson sunk further into the slump he’s been having of late with 77,
    -Newnes managed to hold up to His end with a solid 94.
    my late minute inclusion of hodge was a godsent scoring me a whopper 159,
    -saad again punched out a respectable score of 65 for his price,
    -mcintosh dropped his standards a little with a 79 but im not to angry about that

    -Lewis was gun as always with a C score of 304,
    -SLA SLA SLOANEY, showed us how its done with 130, a score which I fear will be overshadowed by the efforts of lewis and hodge.
    -Parker pumped out a pathetic 61 which is extremely disappointing for a mid of his calibre
    -Vandenberg scored a respectable 75
    -Rich netted another 80 which is all right for his price
    -Newton was disaponting with only 59 this week
    -YO YO YOLMAN, my favourite rookie and best pick this year by far scored another monster score for a rookie of 94

    Jacobs dipped this week to score a still respectable 89

    And the rest scored 0 as leunberger was out and my bench cover for ruck is non-existant.

    -Swan showed his pig status and romped all over st kilda with a 144
    -Dusty showed his colours as a star with a great 108
    -bellchambers got 66, Grumble
    -Honeychurch got 59, which is allright bearable but not great

    put on your bile caps reader its about to get messy


    Wines was playing well as usual in ports dogged game against the roos, but when he came off nursing his hand i thought “ok somethings wrong here, ollie doesn’t come off the ground if he doesn’t have to. then when the news came back he had a dislocated wrist I lost it, one of my best players now injured and another joyful forced trade to make.

    But it gets better

    Bartel started the game poorly, ok lets not sweeten the words, he played like shit and gave away 4 frees in the first quarter alone, then when he collided with riscatelli and limped off i was nervous, but the moment i saw the flash of the red down in the geelong benches i started freaking out, “No no, it cant be for bartel, it cant be, Then sure enough its tender embrace wrapped around him and I almost put my fist through the tv screen.

    and when it came back from the rooms that he’d done something to his medial ligament and would be out for up to a month i totally blew my top ‘TWO FORCED TRADES IN ONE WEEK FOR STAR PLAYERS, ARE YOU F****ING KIDDING ME?

    hope your weeks better then mine

    • Didn’t you have a Ruck/FWD in you Rucks that you could swing forward and then play Belly in the Rucks and then play a forward rookie. I feel for you about Wines and Bartel. I have Ollie and he looked like a great pick and in terms of Bartel you never like seeing a great get injured.

    • On the plus side I bet your week is better than Wines or Bartel’s.

  • Team Name: Liams Lads
    Round 3 Score: 2082
    Studs: Swan, Lewis, Jelwood, Dusty, CEY, Lumumba
    Duds: Newton, Parker, Geary, Saad, Gray, Bellchambers, BONT (For late withdraw), Salem
    On the Chopping Block: Wines, Geary and Bont (if injured)
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Broke the 2000 wich is good, BONT late out was extremely annoying and poor performances on some premos(parker)

    Any advice for who to trade wines to, Thinking sloane?

  • Team Name: Sausage Rollers
    Round 3 Score: 2023
    Studs: Martin, Martin, Martin, Lewis, Lumumba, Oxley, Beamer, Sean
    Duds: Bartel, KK, Sheppard
    Chopping Block: KK, Bartel
    Vent/Brag: All 3 martins scored a ton so happy with that. Will look to downgrade Bartel to someone cheap on the rise and use the cash to upgrade KK to a premo defender like Hodge Or cheaper like Tayler Hunt

  • Trade out Beams for Barlow,
    Yep…thats sounds like a mighty fine idea….NOT!
    I did stick with lumumba thoudh:)
    Knew he’d come good.

  • Team Name:
    Round 3 Scores:2126
    Studs: J Lewis, D Swan, Lumumba & Stanton (I know, I know) & Clokey (yeah I know, each time I look at my team I think, “how did that happen?” Think the last thing I read before first lockout was an article about the rules for the marking contest being changed”

    Duds: L Parker, Hibberd, B Goodes

    On the Chopping Block: B Goodes – going nowhere.

    Vent/Brag/Whatever : resisted Bont trade (in). Perma capt Lewis. This year promises to be one of the more interesting years with $120K prospects being thinned out. Remember the $120K Jaeger.

  • Team Name: Joel’s Jaguars
    Round 3 Score: 2063
    Studs: Lewis (c), Neale, Hodge, Swan, plus a few others
    Duds: Bartel, Bontempelli, Adams
    On the Chopping Block: Bartel, then we’ll see what the price changes bring
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Thanks to Adams and Bontempelli going out in my forward line I copped a zero.
    All week I was deciding whether to trade Lumumba or Goodes and in the end went Goodes to Oxley. Best decision I have ever made! (at least in AFL Fantasy this year).

  • Team Name: Balsam’s Best (AF)
    Round 3 Scores:2066,
    Studs:Hodge, Lewis (c), Neale
    Duds:Parker, KK, Docherty
    On the Chopping Block: KK
    Vent/Brag/Whatever:Choice of Lumumba or KK to trade out last week. Chose Lumumba to Docherty…D’Oh

  • Team Name:
    Round 3 Scores:2126
    Studs: J Lewis, D Swan, Lumumba & Stanton (I know, I know) & Clokey (yeah I know, each time I look at my team I think, “how did that happen?” Think the last thing I read before first lockout was an article about the rules for the marking contest being changed & thought “Clokey!”, of course. Priced at 70. Inexplicably, I’m a total teetotal. Though depending on how long cloke sticks around, that may change.
    And before anyone asks, yes whilst I do have the last two, no I don’t have Zac dawson nor Beau waters.

    Duds: L Parker, Hibberd, B Goodes

    On the Chopping Block: B Goodes – going nowhere. Hibberd. Parker (“I’m just addicted to trading, right?!”). Cloke (not much more insane trading him out after a ton, that having him in the first place. He’ll do it very tough this week)

    Vent/Brag/Whatever : resisted Bont trade (in). Perma capt Lewis. This year promises to be one of the more interesting years with $120K prospects being thinned out. Remember the $120K Jaeger. Also, I know it’s only very early, but the attrition rate seems extraordinary so far.

    • I’ll agree with your comments re: attrition rate. Nasty. I’ve dodged most bullets so far (by luck – didn’t have Gaz or Rocky to start) but held Bartel and irresponsibly brought in McGovern.

      Hopefully we can soon down grade a peaking rookie for e.g. a Dumont etc…

      • You should be rewarded for starting neither rocky or Gaz. Gutsy call. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

  • Ibbotson to Oxley
    leuenberger to Grundy
    thoughts :)

  • Team Name: Fyfe7
    Round 3 Scores: 2112
    Studs: Hodge, Lewis, Swan, Selwood
    Duds: Parker, Gray
    On the Chopping Block: Leuenberger
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Got my boy selwood in and scored a lazy 137

  • Team Name: Bunji
    Round 3 Scores: 2102
    Studs: Hodge, Lewis(c)CEY, Sloanedog, Lubumba
    Duds: Bont, Jimmy, Gray, Hepp
    On the Chopping Block:Jimmy!!! Noooooo.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Got rid of Griffin Round 1 and brought in Hodge today was gravy. Almost went Barlow instead of Fyfe.

  • Scored 2170 in fantasy,ranked 505th overall,2072 in rdt,202nd overall

  • Team Name: Lewo’s Legends
    Round 3 Scores: 2103
    Studs: Neale, Hodge, Lewis (c), Swan, Sloane, Newnes and Oxley
    Duds: Wallis (was injury), Bruce, Newton, Parker and Gray :/
    On the Chopping Block: Wallis (depending on how long his injury is), Goodes, Lambert, Belly and Bruce
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: How long is Wallis out for? I want to trade B.Goodes > J.Kelly and K.Lambert > N.Krakouer (get much benches right) but if Wallis is out do I trade to Rich or cheaper to Van Berlo or LIn Jong?

  • Team Name: Fumble This
    Round 3 Scores: 1939
    Studs: Lewis, Sloane, Swan, Oxley, Goldy
    Duds: Laird, Hibberd, JPK, Hogan, Clark, Goodes
    Injury affected duds: Wallis, Bont, Bartel
    On the Chopping Block: Hibberd, Goodes, Wallies (Inj), Bartel(Inj)
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Not a bad week, would have gone well above 2k if it wasn’t for the injuries. Bring on next week!

  • Team Name: Yannicks Yetis
    Round 3 Scores: 2106
    Studs: Lumumba, Hodge, Clancee Pearce, Neale, Fyfe, D.Beams (finally), Grundy, Blicavs, D.Martin and Swan
    Duds: KK (of course), Wines, Robbie Gray and the Bont
    On the Chopping Block: Wines (injured) and KK
    Held Beams this week and it payed off! yew

  • Team Name: The Destroyer’s
    Round 3 Scores: 1827
    Studs: Lewis, Swan, Martin
    Duds: Bartel, Goodes, Parker, Griffen, Wallis, McDonald, Bont(late withdrawal, can’t be too mad)
    On the Chopping Block: Parker, Griffen, Bartel, Gray, Wallis and Goodes
    Traded Wallis in this round got nothing for it, held on for Bartel same thing.
    Who should I trade in for Parker and Griffen, and do I hold on to Wallis and Bartel?

  • Team Name: Wii Unfit
    Round 3 Scores: 1901
    Studs: Newnes, Hunt, McIntosh, Oxley, Lewis, Beams, Rich, CEY, Cripps, Swan, Martin
    Duds: Malceski, K Kolo, B Goodes, Parker, Greene, Bontempelli, Gray, Bartel
    On the Chopping Block: Malceski and Kolo, maybe Bsrtel (hopefully not)
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Traded gaz out for Bontempelli this week and the bont didn’t even play after his coach said on Saturday night that he would play!

  • Team Name: tempus fugit
    Round 3 Scores: AF: 2025, RDT 2201 (very nice)
    Studs: Neale, Lewis, DSMith, Swan, Ebert, … Lumumba!
    Duds: Parker, Redden
    On the Chopping Block: Bartel (injury forced), a ruck?(last round forced trades) where I brought in Phillips for a “tidy” 35 points with Berger out… Not sure yet. Also will have injury concern with McGovern likely to go out.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Back into the top 10,000. Now at 8,221.

    Might trade Bartel down to the Bont, and Naismith up to Blicavs or someone capable…

  • Bartel to Goddard or Motlop

  • Team Name: Dream Big
    Round 3 Scores: RDT 2099
    Studs: Lewis (C), Swan, Beams, Mumba, CEY, Oxley (Talia & Miller on bench)
    Duds: Bartel, JPK, Bellchambers (a bit harsh), Gray
    On the Chopping Block: Bartel
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Bartel managed to stall what was looking like a good week. Trading Jimmy to either Franklin or Goldy with a Bellchambers swing.