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myteamv30nabThe last weekend of the NAB Challenge is here and this will be the last version 3 post… there have been thousands of comments so far, let’s add a few more! Lockout is approaching!

Head on over the and use the Drawing Board to put together your AFL Fantasy Classic, AFL Dream Team (RDT) or SuperCoach team using official prices and positions for this year.

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  • Just some stray thoughts to consider guys. Daniel Rich looks likely to be played down back. Persisting with him in your mids till the first DPP may be wise. As a defender he would be a lock and leave. Same for Matty Boyd, who could go very large running around unopposed early rounds.

    • Mmmm is food for thought always loved Boydy but is still decent price. Rich shits me to tears over the years

      • yeah thinking outside the centre square this year Euan. The same sameness of all these teams posted astounds me. My current team has 10 players that have been selected in less than 3000 teams. My team will change 50 times between now and kickoff, and I realise only some of these will hit, some will miss. I will throw a few names at you, Ben Jacobs, Prestia, Hanneberry, Boydy, Jake Lloyd, Wallis, Blicavs, Motlop, Tomlinson, Lynch (ginger variety.)

        • And know what you mean about Rich. Doesn’t mark, hardly ever tackles. Not a dream team mid proposition, but as a defender would be diff story

  • Hey guys, only 10 more days till round 1 of the AFL fantasy season… I need your thoughts and feedback on my team. Cheers

    DEF: Malceski,Burgonye, Newnes, Kkolo, Geary, smedts (dick, jkolo)
    MID: Rocky, Beams, Greene, Bcrouch, Van Berlo, rich, cripps, cam ellis-yolemen (lambert, saad)
    RUCK: belly, berger (downie, nankervis)
    FWD: Martin, deledio, gray, swan, mitchell, clark (cam McCarthy, karpany)

    $12,000 left

    • Mids and rucks are too cheap

    • Ok Harry will try to be constructive, remember but is just my opinion does not mean its right after all highest ive ever been is 546.
      DEF – Mal is solid, Newmes Kolo and Geary all good. Burgoyne not in my team but always been solid contributor cant see him being top 6 but is hard this year as not much on offer. I had Smedts and dumped him same old same old, swapped him to Goodes (but he needs to be elevated). Jkolo ok not sold on Dick and looking to swap to either Kamden Mancintosh Tigers or Hamling dogs>

      MID – I had the Rock cant see him getting 135 average still can see 120 -125 but that would make him $680k rather than 763k. Even Browny while commentating admitted he would spend more time up forward, unless he kicks heap of goals of course. Problem is Abletts no good either. Your other premos ok but I don’t like Van or Rich I think there is some better value to be made in rookies, these 2 will make you $80-100k but a rookie scoring the same will make you $150-200k and give you more cash at start. your last 4 rooks are solid. Note if drop Rocky maybe able to upgrade another premo – but to rock or not to rock is up to you.
      RUCKS – standard and is await n see game
      FWDS – This is where your cash is and cannot fault it except for the cash side of things not sure who Karpany is but is rook and is fickle until first bounce. Possibly downgrade one player to a Salem or Honeychurch and with Rocky down grade as well as cheaper rookies in centre you should be able to upgrade 2 premos in MIDS.

      • Cheers mate, really good response. I equally love rocky as Roy but i could do with out him because he will go down. If i get rid of rocky then vb will go as well but to who? Bomtempelli? Downgrade mitchell to salem? replace smedts with goodes as well if he gets a game.

        • DEF: Malceski,Burgonye, Newnes, Kkolo, Geary, smedts (dick, mcintosh)
          MID: pendles, lewis, Beams, Greene, Bcrouch, rich, cripps, cam ellis-yolemen (lambert, saad)
          RUCK: belly, berger (cox, nankervis)
          FWD: Martin, deledio, gray, swan, salem, clark (cam McCarthy, McGunane)

          $49.000 left


          • yes and as you say Smedts may become Goodes if elevated note is $20k odd dearer but

  • AFL Fantasy

    DEF: Simpson, Newnes, H.Shaw, Suckling, Lumumba, Goodes (Hamling, Saad)

    MID: Barlow, Lewis, Sidebottom, Beams, Neale, S.Selwood, Newton, Cripps (VBerg, Ellis-Yolmen)

    RUC: Smith, Leuenberger (Holmes,Nankervis)

    FWD: Bartel, Martin, Swan, Salem, Honeychurch, Clark (McInnes, Lambert)

    2k left

    pretty happy with this team and probably wont make a change for at least the next 10mins..

    • I would much rather have vandenBerg or Ellis Yolmen on the ground than Salem, Honeychurch and Clark but that is just me.

    • LOL me too am that fickle atm but have a few players as locks

  • DEF:Newnes,Lumumba,KK,sheppard,Geary Saad (Hamling,Kelly)
    MID: Sidebottom,Beams,Parker,Greene,Neale,jong,Cripps,Newton(dumont, Vandenberg)
    RUC: Smith, Belly (cox,Nankervis)
    Fwds: Martin.Bartel,Grey,Bennell, Bonts, Salem ( Clark, Lambert)

    remaining cash: 81k

    thoughts would be great, im pretty set on this team with rookies to change baring round 1 teams happy with a few POD.
    Def: taking a risk with so many mid pricers but think it should pay off
    Mid: happy with this not going with ablett or rocky. jong looks like he will have a decent year averaging 70-85 so will pick him over rich and NVB
    Rucks: taking a risk with smith and belly might down grade sidebottom to rich/NVB and get 2 set and forget ruckman
    Fwds: happy with this not sure about bennell just taking a risk bonts looks the goods so happy to have him in

  • DEF; Newnew, Gibson, Higgins, Lumumba, Geary, Smedts (Hamling, Saad)
    MID; Barlow, Lewis, Pendlebury, Neale, Wells, Rich, Newton, Cripps (Vanderberg, Ellis-yolmen)
    RUCK: Goldstein, Leuenberger (Phillips, Griffin)
    FWD: Martin, Gray, Swan, Adams, Bontempelli, Salem/Honeychurch (Clark, Lambert)

    cash left
    $6,000 with salem
    $20,000 with church

    • Always like seeing one of Ablett/Rocky in there but I understand why you may not want to go down that route. Buckley said Adams is an option to be a tagger now with Greenwood out so just watch him.

      I’d go Salem – he should gain DPP and you could move him down back if you wanted.

      Looks good otherwise.

  • Jelwood or Parker

  • H.Shaw, Suckling, Honeychurch or KK, Geary, Lynch

  • B Goodes or Smedts to start?

  • James Kelly + Bonts in MID


    Ibbo + 612k MID

  • DEF: Newnes, Lumumba, Kolodjasnij, Hunt, Goodes, Smedts (Saad, McIntosh)
    MID: Ablett, Lewis, Sidebottom, Beams, Parker, Rich, Cripps, Ellis-Yolmen (V’berg, Lambert)
    RCK: Jacobs, Leuenberger (Holmes, Nankervis)
    FWD: Bartel, Martin, Gray, Bontempelli, Lynch, Salem (Clark, Byrne)

    $0 left. I don’t like my defence but no matter who I put there I’m not convinced so I’m not sure what to do.

    Cheers for any thoughts!

  • Shaw, Suckling, Neale, Salem, Honeychurh (3 FWD Rooks)


    KK, Geary, Vandenberg, Gray, Lynch

  • Greetings Ladles and Jellyfish. I’ve got a AFL Fantasy Elite draft coming up this Sunday, the 29th at 2pm Central time, which I believe is 2:30 on the East Coast and 11:30 out west. I know the final of the World Cup is on on the same day, but you can still watch that and do the draft on your phone or laptop. I’ve still got three spots I need to fill and only 6 days to do it. You can go up against me and my old man and a bunch of other people, should be a lot of fun. Code is 6P4EP66C Get involved.

  • ok QUCIK QUESTION – who from following list of defenders (similar prices put in $ estimates below) )and WHY Please – only need ONE the why is important thanking you all in advance for responses

    – Taylor Hunt $329k
    – Ibbo $332k
    – Pearce $280k
    – Kolo – $387k
    – Sheppard – $377

    • Purely going off NAB cup form I’d have to pick Kade Kolo. That’s how I’ve made the decision.

      • yes good choice too he is new and fresh and we have no idea of how well he could go where as others are old hat and we know roughly how they will g o give or take 5 points

    • ANYONE ELSE????????????????????PLEASE

      • At 370-380k you want a lock and leave. At 320-330k best you can hope for is they increase their stock and you trade them up to a premium. Kolo started in a blaze of glory last year, was around the 8o point average rounds 2-7, got injured and missed a few rounds, struggled to have much impact when came back in. Another pre-season, released up the ground, not unrealistic to expect that 80 point average to extend for the entirety of season. Even worst case scenario at a 60 point average he will hold his currency. how long will it take the likes of Hunt, Ibbo and Pearce to hit the 380k mark?

  • Help needed!

    Scott Selwood or Lachie Neale?

    Can we really have Rocky and Ablett starting in our teams round 1?

    • Mmmm love the first question because I have them both, recently changed Griffen to Selwood. Grif always worries me with tag and looks like he is going to be target. Scotty is probably less likely to get tag.

      Up until a week ago I had both the Rock and SOG (son of God named after his father who was God). But believe the following:
      – Ablett under cooked and not 100% chance round 1 even said so himself and historically with no preseason his scores in first few are lower anyway.

      The Rock – I realise he hates NAB and just runs around for fun of it (note one match no tackles nad his last game no tackles up to half time), but even Jono Brown while commentating said with all mids back the Rcok will spend more time forward. As we know when Voss did this his scores are affected. watched other day it worked like a Martin/Cotchin type rotation to forwards/mids with Rocky/Beams. This works but unless he kicks 4 goals a game I believe he will average around 120 to 130 which puts his price at closer to $ 670k to $700k than $763k – Big gamble either way can you afford to not get points if he goes off, or can you afford to pay cash and he only gets 130 points and drops $20k.

      For me dropping him allowed me to upgrade around the field including Scotty and Neale

      Hope this helps mate

  • AFL Fantasy

    DEF: Simpson, Newnes, H.Shaw, Suckling, Lumumba, Goodes (Hamling, Saad)

    MID: Barlow, Lewis, Sidebottom, Beams, Neale, S.Selwood, Newton, Cripps (VBerg, Ellis-Yolmen)

    RUC: Smith, Leuenberger (Holmes,Nankervis)

    FWD: Bartel, Martin, Swan, Salem, Honeychurch, Clark (McInnes, Lambert)

    2k left


    DEF: Simpson, Newnes, Lumumba, KK, Geary, Goodes (Hamling, Saad)

    MID: Barlow, Lewis, Sidebottom, Beams, S.Selwood, Newton, Cripps, Ellis-Yolmen (VBerg, Dumont)

    RUC: Smith, Leuenberger (Holmes,Nankervis)

    FWD: Bartel, Martin, Gray, Swan, Lynch, Clark (McInnes, Lambert)

    4k left

  • premo mid under 612k except sidey, beams and parker

  • ok i have opted to not start with rocky or ablett as i think the money can be spent else where better.

    thoughts on my team please:
    DEF- lumumba, newnes, KK, geary, pearce, smedts (dick, hamling)
    MIDS- jwood, sidy, parker, beams, wines, danger, newton, cripps (yolmen, v’berg)
    RUCKS- nicnat, burger (griffen, holmes)
    FWDS- bartel, martin, gray, adams, clark, salem (lambert, honeychurch)

    Can you please give me feedback and rate team out of 10.

    • ok here goes is my opinion only
      DEF – NEAR SAME AS MY TEAM EXCEPT – I was scared off Pearce as may get tagging role but still got 72 other night, not fan of Smedts (looks same old) went Goodes but relying on elevation all other rookies like any rooks are subject to change and waiting for all important GREEN LIGHTS – others to consider SAAD, Macintosh
      MIDS – Top notch mid line I don’t have the same but that’s just preference, balance is good, am not sold on Newton I dropped him for Kavanaugh but is the rookie thing could change tomorrow.
      RUCKS – Solid I like the Nat choice, also considered Zac Smith on NAB form but Nat (if fit can go well especially without Cox)
      FWDS – Solid as a rock with good cash making potential
      All round good side tweaks only probably in rookies when if playing/elevated

    • sorry rating out of ten is a 9 ( I feel like Manu)

  • Newton or Kavanagh?

    • newton

      • Kavanaugh – purely based on NAB form (albiett not reliable as Dons not full team) with newton not really impressing me and Kav being cheaper not saying I am right but is the way I went the $50 extra allowed me to upgrade somewhere else. if the cash can help you elsewhere I suggest you should definitely go Kav but if not will need to make decision based on projected output and cash to be made

        • Newton is over hyped, he makes poor decisions, is more expensive than kav and puts out a worse score. I’m thinking Kav since he’lll have a bigger role than Newton if asada falls through

  • Hey guys. Now that the NAB Challenge is over we can start to finish off and finalise our squads. Here’s what I have so far:

    The Harlequins (Real Dream Team)
    Cash Left: $25,400

    DEF: L.Hodge, K.Simpson, J.Newnes, H.Shaw, H.Lumumba, L.Dalgleish (J.Hamling, A.Saad)

    MID: T.Rockliff, D.Beams, L.Parker, D.Wells, B.Newton, P.Cripps, I.Heeney, C.Ellis-Yolmen (A.Vandenberg, B.Boekhorst, K.Lambert)

    RUC: S.Jacobs, N.Naitanui (S.Naismith)

    FWD: J.Bartel, D.Martin, B.Deledio, R.Gray, M.Clark, T.Lamb (P.Karnezis, J.Hogan)

    • think your DEF is too stacked and mids are a bit weak with 4 rooks.

      i can see what you are doing though, stack the def, rucks, fwds and leave mids.

      hope the plan works, you will be ain a good position if it does.

      • Thanks Dez. I hope the plan works too. I just can’t say with any confidence that there’s any Def rookies that will even get games, let alone score decently if they do, so I’ve tried to minimize the amount of those I have to select. The Mid rookies are the ones that make the money, so I went heavy on them. I’m basically relying on Newnes and NicNat to become premos, and Lumumba to score well enough to be my last upgrade. Thanks for the advice.

    • I am going the same game plan as yourself. Spend more $$ in the backline and a fair bit in the forward to allow the cheap mids to ear you cash.
      Solid team all in all.

      DEF: Hard to faulter. Being RDT I would be a bit dubious about putting Hodge in your team. Will definitely at least get rested through out the year. I guess it doesnt really matter if you have cover for him though. I would also swap Shaw out to K Kolo.
      MID: Like the Parker pick. I am very worried that Rocky will play forward a bit more this year and I am also worried that Beams will get tagged.
      RUC: solid. See how Nic Nat pulls up after the weekends game though.
      FWD: Hard to faulter. Rookies will obviously depend on round 1. Not sure if Lamb will get a gig for WC so maybe swap him out for Salem and Karnezis for Honeychurch?

      • Thanks D Day. I think I’ll keep Shaw in there, as he seems to be let off the leash with Patfull now in Defence. I would love to get KK in there. I might downgrade Lumumba to him. I just have a gut feeling that Lumumba is going to get tagged and KK is going to be bloody good. As a Lions supporter, I WILL be keeping Rocky and Beams. With no Ablett I think Rocky is a Must-Have, and worst case scenario, because prices don’t change until Round 3, I can give him two rounds to come good, if he doesn’t I can downgrade him to someone like Lewis and pocket $100K. Rookies are obviously based on Round 1 selections, but I think Lamb’s JS is pretty decent with Darling out of the side.

        Thanks for your advice D Day I’ll take it on board.

  • DEF: Malcheski, newnes, suckling, lumamba, kkolo, goodes (mcintosh, a.saad)
    MID: Sidebottom, beams, parker, greene, neale, rich, newton, cripps (vandenberg, ellis-yolmen)
    RUCK: Smith, leuenberger (Nankervis, holmes)
    FWD: Martin, gray, swan, titchell, Salem, clark (honeychurch, Lambert)

    46k left. not sure whether to downgrade suckling and pick up rocky and gazza.

    thoughts would be much appreciated


  • Harry Taylor anyone? 10 marks / game in the nab cup.

  • Hey.

    First post here, so apologies if any protocol has been broken!

    I’m a pom, who’s lived here for 4 years, fell in love with AFL straight away, this is the first year I’m trying my hand at fantasy though, so some pointers would be appreciated, any if anyone has a league I could join, then great.

    Thoughts on my current team? There are a couple of question marks I have on personel

    DEF: Hibberd, Newnes, Lumumba, Ibbotson, Lonergan, Whitecross – Tippet & Z. Jones
    MF: Ablett, Beams, Fyfe, Dangerfield, Griffen, Van Berlo, Rich, Cripps – Saad & Dick
    RUC: Bellchambers, Leuenberger – Naismith, Cox
    FW: Gray, Martin, Swan, Bontempelli, Garlett, Clark – Sumner & Hogan

    • Hey Chris, not bad work there for a geezer. You clearly have your head around the concept mate. Like your mids and fwds. My only concern would be Whitecross and Lonergan. whiteX will probably not figure until after the bye periods, so I would earmark him for selection then. Lonergan has averaged the same over the last 4 seasons, so his price is unlikely to fluctuate too much. Joel Tippet would likely give you the same output as Lonergan and save you 110k. Gives you the option to upgrade whiteX

    • Ok My Pommie Friend i’m glad you like it, comments as follows but remember is just my opinion does not mean I am correct.

      DEF – HIBB Bombers ban factor but guess you can just swap to anyone. Whitecross will not play round 1 I do not believe. Assume that’s Tom Lonergan $267k if elevated I would change to Goodes at $192k free up some cash and he will avg better. I am not 100% sure Jones will play and not sold on Tippets scoring ability maybe look toward Kamden Macintosh, Hamling, or Dick if selected round 1 – but like always rookies re subject to round 1 and can change any minute – rest of DEF is solid
      MIDS – Ablett little underdone and not 100% round 1 even if plays up to you he is the master. Swap either Dick or SAAD to backline or both and I would change Van berlo and or Rich for cheaper rooks free up cash gives you more choice they will only avg 70-80 which some rooks will but double your cash and free up more at start. Possibly look toward Yolmen, Kavanaugh, Newton, or Vandenburg. This will let you upgrade some other players to premos
      ruck – STANDARD AND LIKE MINE – Little bit of cash in Naismith if does not play if not selected may as well go a cheaper non playing guy free up cash eg. Holmes saints.
      FWDS – Garlett Jaord or Jeff? you must have some inside information here as not sure on either of them, Gray martin swan all solid and Bonts. Drop Hogan like tonne of bricks is expensive and is key forward traditionally will not score well maybe 60 avg, Salem similar price or Honeychurch little cheaper remembering if elevated we have Lambert and Krakeour at $120k

      Hope this helps

      • Great thanks guys

        My concern was at the back, and Garlett (Jeff) – I just thought Jeff would improve on last year.

        I had a re-jig, leaving myself with enough money to swap Van Berlo with Jordan Lewis, but leaves me with a fair few rookies – Alternatively I could find a cheaper midfielder and lump for a top notch forward.

        Im happy with the back, Tippet and Saad are good enough coverage for Smedts & Goodes.

        DEF: Hibberd, Newnes, Lumumba, Ibbotson, Smedts, Goodes – Tippet & Saad
        MF: Ablett, Beams, Lewis, Fyfe, Dangerfield, Griffen, Rich, Cripps – Vandenburg & Kavanagh
        RUC: Bellchambers, Leuenberger – Naismith, Cox
        FW: Gray, Martin, Swan, Bontempelli, Honeychurch, Clark – Sumner & Lambert

  • Are there any viable mid/fwd rookies this year? Steele doesnt look like he will get a game, or will be the vest. Any other options?

    • Kane Lambert maybe also thin Krakeor is but both need to be elevated

      • Krak I doubt will get a game will he? Will Lambert get in the Tiges best 22?

        • The only thing in Lamberts favour is that Foley is out for a while and he is similar player, he is fighting it out with Mat Thomas for the spot so could go either way, not sure on the Cracker – is all wait n see, noted Saad has been elevated, teams have until Tuesday to do so then I think it can only be done via a Long term injury

  • Hi all THOUGHTS PLEASE – and include WHY please

    which one and why

    – Priddis
    – Barlow
    – Jelwood
    – beams

    • ANYONE PELASE – come on guys you gotta give as well as receive

    • Tough call. I would say Barlow providing he is fit round 1.
      You know what you will get with Priddis.
      I am just worried that Beams will be the main target for opposition taggers at the Lions. Something he didnt really have to deal with at the Pies due to Pendles being there.

    • priddis – if you want consistency.
      jwood/beams – if you like high ceilings

      i think priddis will be the safer option as he is MR Consistent in my book.

      please comment on my team above.

  • who are the top 5 def rookies this year

    • Wait for Jeppas Juniors to come out this week or next. But on a whim I would have to say: Smedts, Hamling, Saad, Goodes if elevated. Cant think of another.

  • I’m surprised i had this much $$$ to spend in the fwd line after getting everyone else I wanted.

    Thoughts/comments/criticism all appreciated!

    • DEF: interesting pick with Gibbo. Could pay off this year with Lake and Frawley down there! Rock solid otherwise.
      MID: Solid once again. Not sure how much game time Anderson will get. I am also worried that Beams will cop the tag at Brisbane. Good to see Neale in a team.
      RUC: I am certain that Bombers players will at least cop a suspension of some sort so swap Belly out for Luey.
      FWD: Very nice. I got Lynch in my draft league so hopefully he fires! NAB form says he will.

  • r.griffen or l.neale?

  • 3 out of 4
    Tyson, Wines, Tich, Bonts

  • should i keep jelwood or if barlow is fit round one go for him

  • thoughts please would really appreciate it

    DEF: Newnes, Suckling, Lumumba, Kolo, Ibbo, Geary (Goodes, Saad)
    MID: Lewis, Sidebottom, Beams, Fyfe, Hallahan, Rich, Newton, Cripps (Vandenberg, Ellis-yolmen
    RUC: Lycett, Bellchambers (Philips, Holmes)
    FWD: Bartel, Martin, Deledio, Bontempelli, Honeychurch, Clark (Salem, Karnezis/Hogan)

  • Hey guys, I was just wondering how this team looks as it’s my first year!

    Def- Newnes, Shaw, Lumumba, KK, Geary, Goodes (Saad, Hamling)

    Mids- Barlow, Lewis, Sidebottom, Beams, Treloar, Cripps, Newton, Kavanagh (Vandenberg, CEY)

    Rucks: Lycett,Smith (Naismith, Holmes)

    Fwds- Martin, Gray, Bartel, Bontempelli, Salem, Clark (Honeychurch, McCarthy)

    only have 2k remaining so not a lot to work with, Cheers!

  • AFL Fantasy
    Any thoughts or advice would be great!

    DEF: K.Simpson, J.Newnes, H.Lumumba, KK, B.Goodes, B.Smedts (A.Saad, M.Dick)
    MID: T.Rockliff, J.Lewis, S.Sidebottom, D.Beams, L.Neale, B.Newton, P.Cripps, A.Vandenberg (C.Ellis-Yolmen, T.Dumont)
    RUC: T.Bellchambers, M.Leuenberger (M.King, J.Holmes)
    FWD: J.Bartel, D.Martin, R.Gray, D.Swan, T.Mitchell, M.Clark (K.Lambert, L.McGuane)

    • OR
      DEF: J.Newnes, H.Lumumba, KK, B.Goodes, B.Smedts, A.Saad (J.Hamling, M.Dick)
      MID: T.Rockliff, J.Lewis, S.Sidebottom, D.Beams, S.Pendles, B.Newton, P.Cripps, A.Vandenberg (C.Ellis-Yolmen, T.Dumont)
      RUC: S.Mumford, M.Leuenberger (M.King, J.Holmes)
      FWD: J.Bartel, D.Martin, R.Gray, D.Swan, T.Mitchell, M.Clark (K.Lambert, L.McGuane)

      • This one’s better than the first one. I think you need at least one set and forget ruck.