Karma Bus has left the station: Grand Final Review


Copy and paste the following in the comments and fill it in. Post both AFL Fantasy Classic and AFL Dream Team results.

Team Name:
Round 23 Scores:
League Finals Results:
Final Overall Ranking:
Norm Smith Medallist:

Thanks heaps to everyone who came out to our meet-up on Saturday. Rumballz gets the three-votes for his awesome t-shirt!


  • Round 23 Scores: 2252
    League Finals Results: – W L – W
    Norm Smith Medallist: Greene (Wins it for me in final game) / Selwood (VC)
    Studs: Greene, Jelwood, Lewis, Martin, Jack, Parker
    Duds: Rockliff, Murphy, Crisp, Zaharakis
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Copped a donut cos Murphy and Rockliff were late outs. Crisp was my cover and didn’t do that well.

  • Lost my grand final by 4pts… Yeah thats right 4 pts!!! Im so filthy at macrae right now cost me the GF

  • Came home with a wet sail, finished 6th and just knocked out 1st in the GF…..You Beauty !!!!!

    • Haha exact same with me. Did a Richmond and won my last 9 league games to squeeze into 6th and got over 1st in the GF.

    • Did a similar thing in my SC league – scraped into 8th and then arsed my way through 3 finals before squeezing out my opponent in the GF by 12 points! Talk about catching a wave…! lol

  • Team Name: Bloodbath-N-Beyond
    Round 23 Scores: 2083
    League Finals Results: W
    Final Overall Ranking: 8000
    Norm Smith Medallist: Toby Greene
    Studs: Greene, Martin, sauce, haus, bartel, Hanley
    Duds: rocky, zorko! Dal santo!
    Winner winner chicken dinnerrrr! Hsjehebsb

  • Team Name: Playboy NJZ
    Round 23 Scores: 2361
    League Finals Results: W
    Final Overall Ranking: Hasn’t updated yet but probably around 850
    Norm Smith Medallist: Jordan Lewis on debut and VC
    Studs: Lewis, Sloane, Sidebottom, Josh Caddy (Covering for boomer last week and this week), Bartel (On debut), Selwood, Stefan Martin once again, Jack and Parker. Also rocky being a late out got me Highest possible captain score and a win. Woulda lost if he played.
    Duds: Buddy for not bothering to show up and giving me a donut. Pendles, Dal Santo (why in gods name was he the sub) and mcveigh. Everyone else scored above 90.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Fun season.

  • Team Name: Angry Anglberger’s
    Round 23 Scores: 2322
    League Finals Results: W
    Final Overall Ranking: 1329
    Norm Smith Medallist: J Selwood as VC for Rockliff
    Studs: Mitchell, Simpson, Sidebottom, Selwood (VC), Sloane, Bartel, S Martin, Jacobs, Parker, Jack
    Duds: Pendlebury, S Thompson, N Riewoldt, Dahlhaus
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Just missed out on the top 1000! Still proud of my results! Thank you DT Talk and The Traders!

  • Won by 220 points despite having a donut in the forward line. Two great trade ins this week – Lewis and Greene!

    To top it off I finished with a ranking of 66 overall in my first season!

    • I had the same 2 trades this week and the vc on Lewis (c on Rocky). Love it! Congrats for your awesome ranking.

  • Team Name:Haywood Yablome
    Round 23 Scores:2342
    League Finals Results:Won GF
    Final Overall Ranking:top 3000 probably
    Norm Smith Medallist: Toby Greene as VC
    Studs: Sidebottom, Jack,S.Mitchell,Parker,Malceski,S,Martin,Jelwood,Jacobs,Priddis,Simpson
    Duds:Me for not trading in Gibson and Lewis like i had originally planned
    Vent/Brag/Whatever:Won my Work league, Highest overall finish

  • Team Name: Duncan’s Destroyers FC
    Round 23 Scores: 2324
    League Finals Results: bye, bye, bye…….
    Final Overall Ranking: 2129
    Norm Smith Medallist: Enright. Put him on field instead of dal santo. extra 54, well deserved!
    Studs: Selwood, sloane, sidebottom, bartel, enright, jack, martin, parker, duncan, CURRIE!
    Duds: Rocky, hepple, cotchin, shenton(E)
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Top scorer in league, 1st, out in straight sets……… good finish. bring on next year!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Team Name: Martos Men
    Round 23 Scores: 2188
    League Finals Results: Lost by 11
    Final Overall Ranking: 419
    Norm Smith Medallist: Sloane
    Studs: Bartel, Caddy, J.Selwood, Sloane, Martin, Gray, Jack, Parker
    Duds: Buddy, Goddard, Hibberd, Rockliff (no E)
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Best year ever but lost all prelims except 1 and lost that grand final because of Rocky not playing (he had Barry E)

  • Team Name: Kickass Koalas
    Round 23 Scores: 2377
    League Finals Results: Win and bye
    Final Overall Ranking: 2031
    Norm Smith Medallist: T. Greene or Jelwood vc
    Studs: T. Greene, Jelwood, R.Sloane, M.Duncan
    Duds: Rocky, Dal Santo (sub?)
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: D. Towers came in for Rocky with 43 when i had Z. O’Brien’s 100 sitting there…

  • Team Name: Gary’s Hair
    Round 23 Scores: 2367
    League Finals Results: Loss, Win, Win, Win! Premiers!!
    Final Overall Ranking: 1159
    Norm Smith Medallist: Joel Selwood VC/C
    Studs: Zac O’Brien, Selwood, Sloane, S.Martin, Sidebottom, Malceski, Gray , Parker
    Duds: Crisp, Macrae
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Had J.Kennedy on the bench but Zac O’Brien stood up.

  • Lost by 2 points in my GF. That’s life. Thanks to all at DT Talk for all your great work throughout the year. Well done.

  • Team Name: Yarrbos
    Round 23 Scores: 2,420
    League Finals Results: W W W
    Final Overall Ranking: Not showing in the last hour for some reason. Last I saw it was 180.
    Norm Smith Medallist: Jordan Lewis (captain & debutant)
    Studs: Sloane, Greene (debutant), Jack, Selwood, S Martin (all 120+), and special mention to my mid emergency Tyson for 113 in the absence of Rocky
    Duds: Rocky, Buddy, Cotching (why did I draft him 2 weeks ago?), Pendles, McVeigh, Zaharakis – all below 90.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Rapt in my season – highest ever ranking, 3 flags in 4 leagues and my score included a duck egg from Buddy.

  • Team Name: The Hairy Men (AF)
    Round 23 Scores: 2361
    League Finals Results: WWLL
    Final Overall Ranking: 14
    Norm Smith Medallist: Selwood VC
    Studs: Malceski, Sloane, Sidebottom, Greene, S.Martin, Parker, Gray, Duncan
    Duds: Pendlebury, Cotchin, Crisp (Rocky cover), Franklin, Shenton (Buddy cover)
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Cannot believe that I finished 14th overall!

  • Team Name: Zaha’s Boys
    Round 23 Scores: 2344
    League Finals Results: WW
    Final Overall Ranking: Top 1000
    Norm Smith Medallist: Jordan Lewis
    Studs: Lewis,Jack,Selwood,O’Brien,Martin,Gray
    Duds: Libba,Cotchin
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Cotch and Libba on my never again list, since I got libba only 2 tons in about 10 weeks while Cotch hasn’t tonned for me ever

  • Team Name: Fruity Lexia
    Round 23 Scores: 2450
    League Finals Results: 3 x first and a second (lost to Warne Dawgs in GF)
    Final Overall Ranking: 152
    Norm Smith Medallist: Mitch Duncan on mid bench as cover for Rocky
    Studs: Lewis (VC), Duncan, Jaensch (on field reahter than NDS), Selwood, Gray, Jack, Parker.
    Duds: Buddy, Rocky.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Enjoyable year, more highs than lows and finished strong. Bring on 2015!

    • p.s. Forgot to thank all the contributors and especially Warnie, Calvin and Roy. You guys make it about 20 times more enjoyable and I am sure that no one could fathom how much effort goes into it all. You deserve all the spoils that come your way.

  • Winners are grinners.
    Had to take two doughnuts but still managed 2191 but was just good enough to come home over the top in the last game of the round.
    STUDS: Slone, Bartel, Sidebottom, Malceski, M.Duncan, Selwood, Parker, S.Martin, R.Grey, Simpson, Priddis & Jacobs.
    DUDS: Rockliff, Franklin, JPK

  • 3/3 Granny’s won with none of them even being close… almost no fun in the end. Taking home $1000 for cash league win though which is fun! Overall ranking was a shitty 700 something. Im going for overall next year so watch out :)

    All about epl fantasy now!

    • What’s your EPL team looking like?

      • Pretty good got off to a nice start.
        Ivanocivc, Lovren, Blackett
        Hazard(c), Ramsey, Sterling, Sigurdsson, Lamela
        Jovetic, Berahino

        What was your 11 this week?

  • Team Name: Spurs Lilywhites
    Round 23 Scores: 2377
    League Finals Results: WWWW & lost a prelim.
    Final Overall Ranking: 186
    Norm Smith Medallist: Jelwood (vc)
    Studs: Jelwood(vc), Stefan (what a gun!), Greene (on debut), Sloane, Sidey, Malceski, Bartel, Parker, K Jack
    Duds: Crisp (covering for Rocky), Hibberd, Zaha (on debut)
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Wrapt to win 4 out of 5 leagues including 1 of 2 cash Leagues & also finish ranked 186 in my 2nd season after finishing around 5,000 last year. Finished ranked 213 in RDT at 1st attempt of 30 trades per year. Pity I got knocked out in prelims in both my RDT leagues last week. Thanks to all the DT Talk writers & The Traders.

  • Team Name: MAZMIA
    Round 23 Scores: 2276
    League Finals Results: 1 WIN
    Final Overall Ranking: 5276
    Norm Smith Medallist: j.lewis
    Studs: j.lewis – sloane – s.martin – jack – parker and kayne turner filling in for rocky
    Duds: libba – nds
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: mmmmmmm

  • Team Name: Cazalywhitendiggers
    Round 23 Scores: 2267
    League Finals Results: GF win
    Final Overall Ranking: 805
    Norm Smith Medallist: Jordan Lewis (c)
    Studs: Lewis, selwood, side bottom, parker, S.martin, Bartel, Simpson , Jacobs , mitchell
    Duds: The rest
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Dissapointing finish to overall. 13 players went under the ton. 11 under 90. 3 under 70

  • Actually 2262. Really dissapointing overall finish after being 200 5 rounds ago. Hope next year all that planning doesn’t come to the same carnage. But got away with my GF win, I was in only 1 league this year, other years in 5. I’ve never lost a league yet. 4th year playing. I won 16/16 GF’s in leagues. I’ll have to get some better opposition for next year.

  • Team Name: Prestige Worldwide’
    Round 23 Scores: 2332
    League Finals Results: GF WIN
    Final Overall Ranking: 363
    Norm Smith Medallist: Jordan Lewis
    Studs: S.Mitchell, L.Parker, R.Sloane, S.Martin, K.Jack, R.Gray
    Duds: N.Dal Santo
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Pretty happy with my season overall. Only disappointment was losing to my dad in the grand final by 8 points a few weeks back. Thanks to all the writers on this site, only reason I’m good ahah

  • Team Name: Mozza’s Blues
    Round 23 Score: 2311
    League Finals Result: GF win
    Final Overall Ranking: 4142
    Norm Smith Medallist: Jordan Lewis (VC for Rocky)
    Studs: Lewis, Selwood, Sloane, S.Martin, K.Jack, Parker, Malceski
    Duds: Riewoldt, Dal Santo, Sandilands
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Brought in Lewis this week and wins me the GF. Had both Riley and O’brien on my midfield bench. Named Riley (61) instead of O’brien (100) as my midfield emergency for rocky.

  • Team Name: Dingus
    Round 23 Scores: 2306
    League Finals Results: 2/2 Wins
    Final Overall Ranking: 6335
    Norm Smith Medallist: Tie (Sidebottom and Zac O’Brien)
    Studs: Bartel, Mitchell, Enright, Simpson, Priddis, Sidebottom,Zac O’brien, Ebert, Selwood, Stefan Martin, Jacobs, Parker, Jack.
    Duds: Zaharakis. Franklin & Rocky (no show). Hibberd was passable.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Won 2/5 of my leagues and decent rank in second season so looking forward to next year.

  • Team Name: Chelsea Champs(DT)Stacks on the mill(RDT)
    Round 23 Scores: 2397 DT and 2176 RDT
    League Finals Results: WW,WL
    Final Overall Ranking: 91 and 614
    Norm Smith Medallist: Jordan Lewis
    Studs: Lewis, Jelwood, Sloane, Enright, Simpson, Malceski, Smitch, Bartel, Greene, Priddis, S.Martin, K.Jack, Parker, Gray.
    Special mention to Miles who chipped in a handy 88 covering Rocky + Zac O’Brien in my RDT GFs.
    Duds: Rocky and Buddy for putting a spanner in the works! Nick Roo (sad to say) McGovern, although at least he turned up for work unlike Buddy…
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: My best ever AFL DT finish ever – very happy with that!
    Thanks for all the articles this season guys, but a special thanks to Jeppa’s Juniors – the most helpful feature on this site by far…saves a lot of legwork for a bloke with limited spare time!

  • Team Name: Spoon Winners 2k14
    Round 23 Scores: 2369
    League Finals Results: – – –
    Final Overall Ranking: 156
    Norm Smith Medallist: –
    Studs: Lewis (VC > C with Rocky out), J.Selwood, Sidebottom, S.Martin, Jack
    Duds: Barry, Crisp, Barlow, Pendlebury
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Hit hard in the carnage last week which meant I was knocked out in the Prelim in all my leagues, but very pleased with my overall ranking in my first ever season

  • Team Name: Bloos
    Round 23 Scores: 2318
    League Finals Results: WWLWL
    Final Overall Ranking: 5900ish woo hoo way better than 50,000 last year
    Norm Smith Medallist: Lewis vc
    Studs: Lewis, Jelwood, Enright, Sloane, Parker, Simpson, Dalhaus, Jack, Ben Brown (sub for Buddy)
    Duds: Libba, Sandi, Crisp even though a sub
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: I got right into fantasy footy this year and it has been great fun. Big thanks to all the DT writers and to all the fans especially the ones who give their own advice to the rest of us. I was lucky to actually sail past the carnage in the final rounds and find a spare trade or 2 to finally complete my team. Most of my opponents (incl top ranked ones) were too busy plugging holes, so I ended up doing a Steve Bradbury ha ha

  • Round 23 Score: 2380
    League Finals Results: W W W
    Norm Smith Medallist: Selwood, Sidebottom, Greene.

    2014 Rank: 26

  • Looks like the WarnDawgz need to start eating like a Chihuahua rather than a Doberman, or maybe just play fetch a little more #dirtybulking

  • Team Name: No Buddy Good
    Round 23 Scores: 2324
    League Finals Results: Won the flag!
    Final Overall Ranking: 3794
    Norm Smith Medalist: Jordie Lewis as VC with 298
    Studs: Bartel, Mitchell, Lewis, Selwood, Sloane, S.Martin, Parker, Jack
    Duds: Zorko, Rocky, NRoo, Jaeger, Stevie J
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Finals in last round of H&A season tests the friendship with late outs/changes…won my league GF only because my opponent had 4 late outs. Yes it’s a game of luck and bench cover is crucial, but it does spoil the fun when it matters. Fantasy may need to consider club disclosure with named teams, shift finals to earlier or provide greater last round flexibility to compensate.

    • And thanks to all the boys Calvin, Warnie, Roy, Dunny, Jeppa, et. al. for fantastic content on the site all year. Appreciate the efforts everyone makes towards producing insightful, hilarious and useful content. Look forward to a bigger and better 2015.

  • Team Name: Benny n the Jets
    Round 23 Scores: 2396
    League Finals Results: W W W W
    Final Overall Ranking: 729
    Norm Smith Medallist: Lewis
    Studs: Lewis, Jelwood (VC), Sloane, Duncan, Parker, S.Martin, Caddy (sub for Rocky)
    Duds: Rocky?, Dal Santo, Cotchin, Zaharakis, Pendles
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Finished 4th in my main league. Lost QF by 7 pts. Won SF py 1 pt! Went on to win GF.
    Shout out to F. Thurlow (Fwd/Ruc) – didn’t play a game all year but his DPP status was vital to enable some big trades.
    My highest ever overall finish. Set myself goal of finishing top 2000. Exceeded expectations!

  • Firstly thanks to all the boys for the articles, effort and research done this year, secondly thanks to all the members here for there feedback on teams and trades, always good to get a second or third opinion to be talked out of some crazy trades minutes before lockout!

    Got extremely lucky and won my grand final, traded greenwood to Lewis to match my opponent and traded boak to hannebery (could off afforded anyone but needed someone that could go big) and had my vc on sloane which I was really nervous about, thought with adelaide being out of the finals they might rest a few but got the job done,needed reiwolt to have a shocker and needed trelor to outscore macrae in the last game to win, went down the pub to watch it and see bugg go straight to him which raised some hope then some nice sloppy play hand trelor 2 first half goals, won by 18 points!

    My opponent only had dom barry as cover for rockliff and shenton for Franklin compared to my Z O’brien and Lewis Taylor, that was 175 points vs 37 proving decent bench cover this time of year can win finals

    Final score: 2240
    Overall: 865th was top 200 until carnage
    Norm Smith: sloane VC
    Studs: duncan, jack, hannebery, Zo’brian janesch, and bugg for tagging macrae
    Duds: zaha, sandi, Dal shitso
    Vent/brag/whatever: shout out to rocky who I had since round 2, won me some matches just being pigish, Bring on next year already, let the research begin!!

  • Team Name:DEZtroyed
    Round 23 Scores: 2401
    League Finals Results: W
    Final Overall Ranking: 1359
    Norm Smith Medallist: Lewis (VC)
    Studs: lewis, jwood, parker, k.jack, malceski, sidey, s.martin
    Duds: rocky, buddy, dal spudo
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: my best player pick up for the year i would say was b.ellis, picked him up when he was just over 400k and thats when he had that big run of 100’s.

    Swanny is on my never again list. YES SWANNY.

    would have to say the best player from start to finish was Parker
    (for consistency)

    • also thanks to Warnie, Cal and Roy for all your work and help to everyone this year… also thanks to everyone that actually helped other teams out with answering questions.

      See you all next year.