New DPPs ahead of round 16

A further 18 players have been awarded Dual Position Status, that is, had a position added. Click here to read the full article from Roy over at

Discuss the new DPPs in the comments.

PlayerClubCurrent positionChanging toPrice 
Petterd, Ricky RichmondDEFDEF/FWD$   403,656
Everitt, AndrejsCarltonDEFDEF/MID$   372,540
Dal Santo, Nick North MelbourneMIDDEF/MID$   432,554
Thomas, Dale CarltonMIDMID/FWD$   375,364
Zaharakis, David EssendonMIDMID/FWD$   539,318
Salem,Christian MelbourneMIDMID/FWD$   173,838
Bennell, Harley Gold CoastMIDMID/FWD$   464,679
Cox, Dean West CoastRUCRUC/FWD$   452,473
McIntosh, Hamish GeelongRUCRUC/FWD$   391,683
Naitanui, Nic West CoastRUCRUC/FWD$   402,496
Lycett, Scott West CoastRUCRUC/FWD$   275,175
Impey, JarmanPort AdelaideFWDDEF/FWD$   250,797
Howe, JeremyMelbourneFWDDEF/FWD$   385,299
Yarran, ChrisCarltonFWDDEF/FWD$   361,394
Harbrow, JarrodGold CoastDEFDEF/MID$   419,088
Jack, KierenSydney SwansMIDMID/FWD$   534,325
Duncan, MitchGeelongMIDMID/FWD$   479,657
Ryder, PaddyEssendonRUCRUC/FWD$   425,846


  • Trading out suckers worth $407k, $130k in the bank. via DPP I can get either

    1. kade simpson (still $80k left next week)
    2. dal santo ($100k left)
    3. stevie J ($30k left)
    4. kieran jack (basically nothing left in the bank)

    Thoughts? cash all in now for Jack in the forward line? Until now, I had been eyeing Stevie j for awesome value in the mids >_<

    • Jack as a forward is a must now IMO.

      • yeah i’ve made the trade, hopefully it works out. the risk im running is that next week Tex + bews + 24k will be a swap for blaine johnson + simpson/dal santo

  • Will hasn’t fully grasped what kind of responses they wanted… another MyTeams noob.

    The big names I’m seeing are Zaharakis and D.Santo. Considering his output in the defender bracket, surely D.Santo is a must have in the backline. Zaharakis has been tearing it up lately and I remember last year around this time.

    Big Cox and D.Thomas would also be considerations if their form improves. I like H.Mac gaining DPP as i have him :P

    • I thought I was kind of on point with the trade talk considering the players mentioned are new DPP changes. that’s what it really comes down to – who is worth trading in.

      Zaha is definitely worth considering in the forwards – at around $475k, not at $530k+. His price is inflated from that purple patch a few weeks ago, but really hes a 70-100 player. Jack is streets ahead as far as DT relevancy goes.
      By the way, this time last year Zaha’s scores from this round to the end of year were 28, 68, 49, 79, 55, 100, 74.

    • I wouldnt say Dal Santo must have. Maybe if he was in his early season form but he has been pretty average lately, 39,80 and 79 before a tonne against the 2nd highest avg dt against team. Is coming up against 3 of the top 5 lowest dt conceeding teams in his next 4 games (Hawks, Cats and Blues)

      Theres probably 8-10 backs i would take in front of him atm. He is cheap tho. But this late in the year u should forget about prices and just get the best of the best before its too late

  • Lets not forget B.Jack but i hate Sydney being a WC supporter so… maybe when his price goes down or i have noone else left to upgrade.

  • No i didn’t mention Duncan because he has been talked about ad. nauseum on this site, dont recycle.

  • Walker to Danger or Duncan? Love these new dpp’s but which is the better option?

    • Duncan is in good form and has a good run ahead. with only two scores under 85 all season, he looks pretty good!
      danger is danger – best player at the his club, midfield gun, more provne history, 150 ceiling, but also gets the tag every week…. hard choice bro!
      if it was me, i’d get danger for the $450k

  • Like kids in a candy store.

    • and they only have enough money for one of the chocolates, but want them all!

  • While I’m definitely going to end up with Jack at some stage, this week I’m trying to decide between him and Duncan. I can JUST afford jack (leaves about 2k), but Duncan leaves me with plenty of cash spare for Suckles to Simmo next week if things go wrong and I need to sidetrade someone elsewhere. This obviously means Jack is at best three weeks away for me, but I don’t think his value should rocket up too fast. In short, who should I take, Duncan with safety cash, or grab the best available in Jack?

    • who are you trading to get in the new forward?

      • Wingard.

        • for me, the choice is Jack – its instant reward and a solid keep, probably your best forward. whereas duncan is the more risky cheaper option (but still not a bad option at all). the ultimate choice is yours.

  • Team is as follows:

    DEF: Bartel, Suckling, Hodge, simpson, Birchall, McVeigh (Aylett, langford)
    MID: Ablett, Kennedy, Rocky, Beams,Barlow, Macrae, Jones, Shenton (Lloyd, O Brien)
    RUC:Sandi and Jacobs (Thurlow,Currie)
    FWD:Dusty, Paker, Danger, Gray, Boomer, McGovern (Cameron and Ambrose)

    Which trades option do you guys think would be better??? Opinions appreciated. Cheers!
    OPTION 1= Birchall//Suckling and Ambrose OUT. Hanley//Dal Santo and Kersten//Honeychurch IN??? Leaves
    OPTION 2= Suckling and Birch OUT. Dal Santo and Hanley IN. Leaves 96k.
    OPTION 3= Birch and Macrae OUT. Hanley/Dal Santo and Heppell IN. Leaves 103k

    • First thing… I traded Macrae after his 80 odd against gold coast and I have regretted it since as he has been cracking this season, but if you it’s time then go for it.

      Overall I think go with option 2: they have both been substandard this season. Ambrose will still play and may even make a little bit more cash.

      If not that then go with option 3.

    • I would go option 1 simply because you always need rookies to make cash and there aren’t many at this time of the year. Kersten this week and Honeychurch next. Im not sure which of Birchall/Suckling to trade. Suckling higher ceiling and inconsistent or Birchall who is more around the 80’s and fairly consistent. Get Hanley imo and next week trade the other defender to Sam Mitchell who will play this week

  • Currently have: Suckling, Jaensch, Ellis, Ambrose who I need to move on at some point. I am playing Martin as R3 with Lobbe and Sandi. Should I:
    1. shift Martin FWD and trade Ambrose and risk having no R3 and then trade one of the 3 DEFs
    2. Trade 2 of the 3 defenders… if so who do I shift out first?
    Help please!

    All of Suckling Ellis and Ambrose are playing for me if that helps with your decision! Thanks

    • I would go option 1 mate. Based on Martin’s recent form.

      • which defender would you trade out? I think Ellis should stay as he was huge last week and hopefully avoids the vests. Something tells me to lose Jaensch and go with Weller. But that makes my defence

        McVeigh Hibberd Suckling
        Swallow Ellis Weller ??

        • Yeah I think Jaensch is the one to go. Not sure about having weller in there though. Then again, I don’t really know much about the fella fantasy wise. Which option would you pick for my trades this week mate?^^^ Cheers.

        • I’m playing Ellis with Suckling on the bench if that helps. Give Jaensch another go as he plays GWS this week. Try to upgrade Suckling to Hanley or Simpson then Jaensch/Ellis can play D6/7

  • Jack and Duncan coming in, goodbye Chappy and Gunston. Dangerfield now lowest averaging Fwd with Tex on the bench. Actually like my FWD line for the first time in like forever.

  • Ambrose –> Rowe and Suckers –> Nicky Dal?
    183 left in the back to do whatever I want with next week?

  • zorko or gunston to k.jack?

  • What’s the deal with Hibberd? AFL site saying he might not come up!

  • Jack redpath to debut against Geelong

  • Hibberd injured week before. I’d be offloading cause didn’t look 100% last week

  • Thanks Warnie. Looking at Daisy’s heatmap was there any reason from the Fantasyhub guys why he didnt become Mid/Def instead? Could have made a nice D7.

  • MD I’d say mate honeychurch holds mate. Word is Pickens is to be dropped. But my worry for honey church will be high vest risk. It won’t be red path as key post ion players are rarely subs.

    • Cheers Peter.
      Looking at bringing in Honeychurch or Kersten this week.


      Note I have McGovern at F7

  • Are u planning on trading McGovern down or keeping as cover ?. Cause Blaine Johnson copped praise from malthouse and there’s a chance he may get a full game this week (vs saints). He’s only $107,000. If between kersten and honey mate I’d go kersten as his BE -6 and will rise in price. Vs dogs to so should score ok
    OK. If honey is sub he could lose Monet

    • McGovern will be F7 cover as long as he keeps playing. Don’t plan on downgrading him.

  • Money. He lost money last wk

  • Field Suckling or Docherty?

  • Can pick any Defender:
    Dal Santo

    Who will be best??

    • McVeigh and Kelly are the only ones that are guaranteed not to screw you, but have the lowest ceilings.

      Hanley and Hodge tear it up on their day but are more likely to score under 70

      I don’t like Dal Santo at all. Thinks he’s top shit but is soft as butter. Only thing he brings to any team is an accurate kick

    • in reverse order of how you named them.

      Hanley first
      Dal Santo last

  • Defenders: Simpson,McVeigh,Hibbert,Suckling,Swallow,Langdon,(Bews and Georgious…..)

    Midfielders: Rockliff,Ablett,Beams,Pendles,Treloar,Boyd,Goddard,S.Gibson, (J.Lloyd and Shenton)

    Rucks: Sandilands,Mumford,(Derickx and Currie)

    Forwards:Harvey,Parker, R.Gray,Dahihaus,McGovern, S.Martin, (Kersten and C.Cameron)

    Bank: $179,259

    With the new Dpps that have just been released I would love if somebody could give me some advice with some trades that are worth making for my team, I’ve already got Langdon on the chopping board. Any suggestions please~

    • I wouldn’t be starting McGovern but looks like you don’t have much choice this week

      I’d look at Gibson to Jack via FWD and temporarily move Harvey to MID this week?

  • Which option sounds better?
    Suckling to Simpson
    or wait for Mitchell to drop in price and be my last defender and go
    Dahlhaus to Jack

    Also Lonergan or Martin as a downgrade?

  • MD. Sorry mate I can’t reply to comments I’m on phone. So gotta post each time. if u wanna grab more cash this week then take a punt on Blaine johnson. As McGovern is Ur cover u can afford a dud F8 if doesn’t work out. But there is every chance it could be a good trade. Blaine is $51,000 cheaper than kersten

    • No worries Peter. Thanks for your comments.
      Don’t know much about Blaine – will have a look into it.

  • does anyone know if langdon is playing this week i really need him to if i want to make really big trades this week and next

  • Would u consider these trades:
    Trade Ebert for K Jack
    Trade Wingard for K Simpson (DPP)

  • Elliott to Jack
    Suckers to Hanley

    J. Lloyd to RANDOM M10 next week
    $$$ to go X.Ellis to Mitchell after he hopefully gets 80 odd and drops $30k

    Want to take the punt on Duncan but Jack is just so much safer and makes me feel good. Same deal with Dal Santo. Not as much of an impact.

  • After these changed i dont know whether to stay with my initial trades of getting Franklin or if i go all out on Jack? Please help!!

  • Forget Franklin he is a yo-yo. Has been for as many seasons as I can remember. If you get him on the cheap side of his cycle, great! If not, dont worry he isn’t that essential to have in your team. (Think Tippett and Reid, when he returns, taking away his points every week)

  • Forget Duncan, noone was talking about him before he was eligible as a forward. Now after a few good games and the change in position, everyone is going batshiit crazy. Please, you all sound like DT newbs.

    • noone was talking about him cuz he has a 94 avg, which is probably barely enough to sneak in the top 50 mids… but as a fwd its top 10 for sure. hes scored under 85 twice all year coming off 3 tonnes and has an easy fixture and is pretty cheap. thats y ppl are talking about him… im not getting him cuz im taking Kjack and wont have any room, if i had a spare spot ild be all over him for atleast the next month

  • Get Duncan if you wanna make 20-30k over the next 2 weeks then dump him cause his scores hit their normal numbers and cry about getting him in the first place.

  • Another note on Franklin, he had the best delivery into the forward 50 he was ever gonna get at Hawthorn. At Sydney where they pride themselves on sharing the ball, and with Tippett and soon Reid to share the load with, I dont know what the lure is. He wasn’t even that essential in DT while at Hawthorn, there just wasn’t many people better/cheaper at the time everyone grabbed him on his yo-yo downswing.

  • PS: Hawthorn have a relatively horrible run home for DT games.

  • take away Duncan’s two dud scores his average is 100 so not bad for a forward this year

  • Hey guys, what option should I take:
    Option 1: trade Dahlhaus for K Jack
    Trade Hibbo for Simpson
    Then next week trade Wingard for Zaharakis and trade Langford for Honeychurch and play KK and Langdon for this week and next week

    Option 2: trade Dahlhaus for K Simpson through DPP and trade Langford for Homeychurch and next week trade Wingard for K Jack and trade Parker for Zaharakis and have Hibbo on the field next week and KK on the bench.
    Please give me your opinions guys and help would be greatly appreciated.
    Cheers guys

  • Or option 3:
    Trade Dahlhaus for K Simpson
    Trade Hibbo for Dal Santo
    Then next week trade Wingard and Parker for K Jack and Zaharakis

  • Someone please answer my post