Tbetta’s Bulletin – Episode 010


Champion punters and all round good guys Mong (@robbiethemong) and Seany T (@seanyt07) return to the airwaves this week, with plenty to chat about after the carnage and mayhem of Round 5. Together we take a look at the Trolling and Polling from the weekend, then move our focus towards Round 6 with the DT Court and the very informative MongBet segment!

Once again, we chat about the very fun and hugely underrated Fantasy Punt product (no royalties changing hands here though!), and all you need to know has been included in this post from last week – obviously it’s Round 6 we’re looking at but all the info and links are still relevant! 18+ and gamble responsibly.


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  • Thanks Tbetta
    But dammit, must be on the same server as can’t download this to my iPhone either!
    Why have they stopped downloading, spewing!

    • Mine worked. But geez… this is frustrating!

      • Note, I don’t have IOS 7 and therefore have older version is podcast. Not sure if the other people affected in same boat.
        Never stopped me downloading your podcasts before, and doesn’t stop other podcasts.
        Not sure if somehow this is reason.

  • cheers tbetta great listen mate

  • Thansk tbetta
    Just wondering if you could please help explain the VC situation with a partial lockout. Dont know if im right but VC pick allows you to take those points if they go large or to select normal captain if they go bad. Im not sure how it works though, if you want to take your VC score do u have to play a player that will not play and make them your captain, then you get VC score as captain and your emergencey score from bench player, what if all your players are playing, can you still do this ? need some help cheers

    • If all your players are playing it won’t work. You need a non playing player on the same line as your captain for it to work.

  • you say cotch should be good against the hawks due to not likely to be tagged, what about langford? may tag him?