Tbetta’s Bulletin – Episode 009


Rookie master Jeppa returns to the Bulletin for a chat this week, with plenty of swagger too after defeating Tbetta Than You very comfortably in the DT Talk Writer’s League. As always, the boys offer up the Trolling and Polling votes for the week, plus we play ‘Ask Uncle Jep’ after taking a look at those dastardly Taggers.

Don’t forget to keep up to date with @JeppaDT‘s prolific work with the Juniors plus his weekly contributions to the SC GOLD service!

Below I’ve included a couple of visual aids for the Taggers section – hopefully it gives you some kind of idea who to avoid and which teams to exploit in the coming weeks!

Combined DT scores Taggers - R4

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  • Thoughts on Holding Hanley and Mummy for 1 week then re assess where they are at.
    I think Picking Up Lloyd and Crouch is more important Thoughts?

    • Assuming you’re talking about Fantasy here?

      I’d prioritise points over cash, every time. Deal with the injuries first, then reassess rookies next week.

      • Hmm Ok then Lloyd or Crouch which is a better option to pick up this week will grab the other the next?

        • They are both out for 4 weeks? dont you think points is abit more important then abit of cash ahaha

        • Probably Lloyd and let Matt Crouch go. Mid rooks are dime-a-dozen, Crouch is by no means a ‘must-have’.

          • How are they a dime-a-dozen? There’s only a handful of good rooks that will get to 400-500k, i’d say its important to be on most of them if you want to be competitive at end of year. Crouch will more likely than not be one of these.

          • As in, decent midfield rooks pop up all throughout the year, but you’d be hard pressed to find a decent backmen/forward on any given week.

            Look at it another way – how many midfield rooks would you be comfortable starting compared to forward rookies? Dime-a-dozen.

            Crouch will more than likely be one of these, but there will be others. Josh Kelly just last week was one of them.

          • Mid rooks are far from a dime a dozen, especially good ones.

            The beauty of RDT is that you can grab both before a price rise.

          • As far as Kelly goes, you will pay a premium for him. Crouch is basement priced with elite rookie scoring potential.

      • is it rolling lockout for the first game?????

  • Mummy is out for 3-4 weeks mate

  • Whats more important Hanley or Grundy out??

    • Clearly Hanley, assuming Grundy is fit to play?

      Unless you’re talking about Heath Grundy, then yeah… piss him off.

  • Nice stuff lads? What do we reckon Mitchell will score this week?

  • Great work lads love your work!
    Was also becoming worried about Rocky and the extra tagging… do you think this will be much of an issue??
    Torn whether to trade Caddy > Gunston or Shiels > Rocky this week because of it

    • Yeah, really not sure what happens there. Has Rockliff ever been tagged in his life? Can’t say I can remember any particular incident.

      Seems to be a player that plays so loose going the other way that opposition coaches are happy to let him run free. Of course, that was with Black, Rich and Hanley in the side.

  • Great work lads,
    quick question for people
    I have enough for Ablett or Rockliff
    Which one do I go with? should I take Ablett’s shared bye with Pendles (who i have) into consideration?

  • Nat Fyfe is back from his suspension this week, what are our thoughts on him as an option to replace the injured Liam Shiels?

  • Should i be trading titchell to chappy/ parker for points or trade titchell or rohan in for lloyd? Even if i get lloyd in what ever money he makes im going to lose heaps on titchell coz of he’s high break even and risk getting another poor score. Whats your advice tbetta?

  • I have mummy, rohan (F7) and shiels

    Thinking Mummy < Jacobs and Rohan < Lloyd and benching shiels which means playing Polec, Tyson and Dunstan.

    Or should I hold rohan and get in crouch for shiels?

  • Ps playing fantasy.

  • Thanks lads, I went Houli -> KK and Caddy -> Rocky via Taylor last week which was a massive win. This week i think I will be going Shiels -> D.Swallow Langdon into the mids and X.Ellis to danger and L.taylor back into the mids.

    This also helps my bye structure because with the DPP links i can be swapping and so. Thoughts? Is danger worth it?

    • Danger isn’t worth it until he pulls out at least one ton this season IMO.

      Wright and Dahlhaus present better value at this stage to me.

      • But are they keepers? I want keepers because it is in RDT and can’t be sideways trading.

        • There are definitely better midfielders but for a forward he will come back and hopefully average around 90 to 100

  • i never thought there’d be a day id seriously consider trading in trent west… these ruckmen just a bunch of brittle, lanky, injury plagued bitches

    • or Giles as another alternative, should probably get back to his 2012 scoring with Mumford out of the way for a while
      could be a good POD cash-grab (and probably a better scorer than West)

  • good ep as always tbetta. I’d maybe lay off calling people retards and spastics though, not a great look

  • Good ep as always TBetta, just wanted to ask who should i have on my field jono Patton or sam Lloyd

  • im really uncertain right now… i have shiels and mumford who are both out this week… ive traded mumford to jacobs and have 239k left… i also have caddy who i want to get rid of… should i upgraded shiels to rockcliff or move him to the bench for polec and upgrade caddy to chapman??? please help!!

    • Three things:

      1. The Shiels/Caddy trade can be made later after the Brisy/Richmond game, so assess afterwards for loopholing potential.

      2. If a richmond/Brisbane VC is a good score, trade Caddy out, and play Shiels with a reserve in place, to get the loophole score. If the VC score is not good enough, trade out Shiels tommorrow (do you really want 400K sitting on the bench?)

      3. Caddy playing for you this week will lose money; Shiels not playing won’t. You can trade Shiels out next week if you don’t have carnage.

  • G’day, Dream-Teamers.

    Just wondering if you would be kind enough to give me your trouts on these trades for RDT


    D.Swallow, Jaensch, Suckling, McVeigh, Enright, Georgiou / McDonald, Laidler


    Ablett, Beams, N.Jones, S.Mitchell, Tyson, Dunstan, Polec, M.Crouch / Langdon, X.Ellis


    Sandilands, B.Grundy / Currie, Thurlow


    Martin, Dangerfield, Wright, J.Merrett, Caddy, Hunter / Impey, J.K-Harris

    Currently swinging towards

    Georgiou – Kolodjashnij
    Caddy – Higgins

    Thoughts? :)

  • Does anyone know if hickey from st Kilda back this week

  • Almen maybe go caddy to pav ( more consistent) or upgrade to a premo if u have enough cash

  • Will caddy be sub this week?

  • Field griffith or Langdon this week

  • Lloyd or Fasolo on field this week?

  • I know this isnt DT related, but what is the song at the start of the podcast?