Rucking hell: Round 4 Review


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Team Name:
Round 4 Scores:
League Results:
On the Chopping Block:

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  • Have the emergency scores been added yet ?

  • Team Name: Spurs Lilywhites
    Round 4 Scores: 2237
    League Results: WWWWW
    Studs: GAJ(c), Swallow, Gunston, NRoo, Higgins!, Beams, Macrae, Polec, Suckling and 3 others that just topped the ton
    Duds: Caddy (although a good score for his qtr), Watson, Mumford donut
    On the Chopping Block: Caddy, Rohan
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Pleased to rank 1828 for the round and go up to 2.5k overall, especially after bringing Mummy in for Hickey then copping the donut via Currie. Also brought Macrae in, although did trade out Cornes and missed his 145.

  • Team Name: Dreamers

    Round 4 Scores: 1942

    League Results: WWWW

    Studs: Swallow, suckling, Beams, macrae, Polec on bench, Martin, Reiwoldt.

    Duds: Griffiths, Langdon, cotchin, tyson, Vince, watson, Pendulbry captain, Mumford out currie emergency, Tmitchell, Zorko, chapman with fasolo as emergency (71 not bad for his price).

    On the Chopping Block: Vince, langdon Griffiths, cot chin, might have to trade mummy hope not, Maybe Tyson.

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Was in the top 4k after this round I’m now 10575, got extremely lucky to win all my matches. Mummy and Currie is what made my score extremely bad bad still wouldn’t be happy with anything under 2100.

    Thoughts on getting rid of Tyson. Might downgrade for money then put polec or Dustan on the field. I need the money to upgrade Vince ( The worst of all my bad picks.)

    • Tyson only BE of 41 and is still averaging 91 – if nothing else to do I would otherwise I am holding on for more cash. Note Melb is playing gold Coast at MCG so expect him to run.

  • Real DT


    276 for the week.

    Best result ever.

  • Fantasy AFL – Why has Currie increased $16000 and he did not play?

  • Team Name:team Ram-Rod
    Round 4 Scores: 1938 ( fantasy)League Results:
    Studs: Nroo GAJ ,Beams, swallow
    Duds: Caddy cotchin, watson, Griffiths
    On the Chopping Block: Caddy , cothcin , Mummy, Georgiou
    Vent/Brag/Whatever:bloody taggers !!!!!!! and late outs killin scores !

  • Team Name: Duncan’s Destroyers FC (AFL FANTASY)
    Round 4 Scores: 2178
    League Results: WWW
    Studs: Swallow, selwood, beams, ablett, Gunston, Higgins
    Duds: Hanley, ellis, Mummy
    On the Chopping Block: Hanley,
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: 1833 overall, not bad………. I never pick my mid rookie right! had duns tan, ellis and tyson on with polec on my bench!!!!!!!

    • Team Name: Duncan’s Destroyers FC (RDT)
      Round 4 Scores: 2095
      League Results: WWW
      Studs: Swallow, selwood, beams, ablett, Gunston, Higgins
      Duds: Hanley, daisy T, Mummy
      On the Chopping Block: Hanley, daisy t
      Vent/Brag/Whatever: 300 overall, not bad………. goodbye daisy T, thanks for the roller coaster

  • Team Name: Nicknait Nui’s
    Round 4 Scores: 2118
    League Results: Won most i think
    Studs: Macrae, Ablett, Swallow, Suckling, S.Mitchell, Jaensch, Hibberd, Beames, Shiels, D.Martin, Gunston, Riewoldt
    Duds: Caddy, Griffiths, Mumford, Currie, Merret, Polec (Bench!!!!), Cotchin, Watson
    On the Chopping Block: Mumford, Rohan, Ambrose, Caddy
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Ranked 3033, pretty happy with that considering i only had 1 ruck

  • Team Name: Bott & Beams
    Round 4 Scores: 2141 (Without Overnight Update)
    Studs: Stevie J, Pav, Beams, Rocky, Ablett
    Duds: Mitchell, Currie, Caddy,
    On the Chopping Block: Mitchell, Caddy
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Tom Mitchell is a schmuck! Sick of him. Caddy needs to go for someone like Fasolo/Lloyd etc. Might think abut getting Crouch. Looks Good. Im over the moon with Stevie J! Pity I didn’t have him as captain.

  • Team Name: The Tatted Men
    Round 4 Scores:2183
    League Results:Win!
    Studs: Ablett, Macrae, Beams, Swallow
    Duds: Mitchell
    On the Chopping Block:T Mitchell, D Tyson and T Hickey
    Vent/Brag/Whatever:Only had 8 players get 100s and still a great score, plenty of room for improvement! Ticked off at T Mitchell.

  • Did I mention I got 2,239?

  • Round 4 Scores: 1928
    League Results: L
    Studs: Swallow, Hibberd, Jaensch, Suckling, Birchall, Beams, Polec, Martin
    Duds: Currie, Caddy, Rohan (A plague on their coaches), Cotchin, Langdon
    On the Chopping Block: Rohan, even without the ever more frequent vests, he’s topped out, the question is whether I trade him out to another cash cow like Sam Lloyd, as god knows those are hard to find, or if I try to get another gun in to my exceedingly weak forward 6. Wingard should return which will makes things better, but as it stands I’m fielding Fasolo.

    Langford/Griffiths/Langdon to a gun defender, McVeigh, Hodge and Mitchell are all pretty much bottomed out now and filling up my D6 spot will give me an entire line which is scoring well to carry on until after the byes… Except

    Birchall: I still won’t forget, and I still know just how bad things can and will get at some point, with that said, he’s got a good history vs the Cats, and tends to be consistent with his favoured sides.

    Tyson: Juuuuuust about topped out, I’d be bailing off one or two weeks early, but I do need a better midfield

    Caddy: I can dream, still three or four steps down my priority list for now

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Actually no rage this time despite the loss and tumbling 25000 spots down the rankings than what I was round 2, with 6 players missing from my last outing the fact I got a way with one donut and two green vests and a 1900+ is pretty ok. No one failed HORRIBLY, I got a look at a Jaensch playing and he’s Fantasy gold, useless chip kicks all day, will never get much attention while others streak away. NO INJURIES! after copping 8 in the last two weeks. Hopefully next week I get Wingard and McEvoy back and things start moving smoothly.

  • Round 4 Scores: 2307
    League Results: W
    Studs: mcveigh birchall simpson suckling swallow abblet rocky beams pendles macrae polec higgins dangerfield martin
    Duds: mitchell cox
    On the Chopping Block: mitchell
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: had the best week i have ever had so pretty happy just one dud but yeah :)

  • Round 4 Scores: 2212 (RDT)
    League Results: W
    Studs: Too many to list
    Duds: Georgiou, Caddy, Lemmens, Rohan, Kennedy-Harris
    On the Chopping Block: Georgiou, Caddy
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Top 1000 is good but my cash cows in the forward line are craphouse. Not as adversely impacted by injuries as some others so have dodged a few bullets with trades and scoring. Need to maintain.

  • So friday afternoon I hear the news that Hickey is out.

    So i think of a plan, since I did not want to rely on Derickx or Currie, to trade one of them (likely Derickx) to Billy Longer, since he will play so long as Hickey is out and is a better ruck rookie imo.

    Good plan, except, the fantasy app had no reverse trades at that point, and I was driving to work and had pulled over.(apparently did after the it updated like 10 min before the game. So I got stuck with Hickey on field and Currie as emergency.

    Cost me 59 points. Cost me about 4 league wins.


  • Highest Weekly Score with 2449! Also came second in Real Dream Team with 2374!

  • ambrose or rohan to lloyd?

  • It is not all doom and gloom for my team after a poultry 1850 last week.

    2121 with scooter, rohan and caddy plus the 0.

    Looking at trading McCarthy to Lloyd and Scooter to Rocky, although that means holding Caddy for another week. But then again would you rather scooter and zorko, or rocky and caddy? (Maybe for this week the first option, but next week Caddy is gone)

    Looking at trade up targets though for the future, who in your opinion do you think will be the top 6 forwards (average wise if include Chappy)

    My thoughts (in no order)
    Riewoldt, Martin, Parker, Wingard, Chappy and probably Danger?

  • scored 1932, was 300 points off first, now out of contention for a decent ranking. im too scared to look where i finished after this round

  • Can anyone shed light on titchells poor form? Is he carrying an injury?

  • How do u start your own league. It keeps telling me that i need to remove teams but when i try to that it tells me that “this team cant be deleted”. What do i do??

  • Lockout has finished, not sure how long it’s been. Not actually late for me in Perth.

  • Done a very dangerous trade and hoping it pays off went
    Watson —> Crouch
    now have 400k to play with

    • Not sure on that, Essendon plays saints next weekend so he could smash it. Perhaps downgrade someone else??? Still not a terrible idea.

  • which is the best option: 1. t. mitchell to dangerfield
    2. t. mitchell to luke parker
    3.t. mitchell to chapman

    • Overall it will be 1. but the others will probably outscore in a few games. Chapman will get a few more rests this year so there will be less stress with Danger.

  • Team Name: Johnos Giants

    Round 4 Scores: 2087

    League Results: LL

    Studs: S.Mitchell, D.Swallow, GAJ, Beams, Macrae, McVeigh, Wright, Martin, Shiels, Jaensch

    Duds: Cotchin, Cox, Langdon, Kolo, Buddy, T.Mitchell, Merret

    On the Chopping Block: Buddy, Mitchell

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Was sitting pretty well on top of both of my leagues and thought i was going quite well. But this round was a shocker for me. Had so many players i expected and needed to score tons but did not come through. Was disappointed with this week and hope some trades can improve the team and have a good week next round.

  • Tyson to Rockliff
    Cunningham to Macrae?

  • Cotchin to Stevie J with 2k in the bank or Cotchin to Rockliff with 55k?

    • that all depends on your future plans.. both trades are good.. just make sure you dont get stuck on later upgrades if you use it all on Stevie J. be prepared to get scores of 70 from him when he gets tagged. JSelwood would be a better option for consistency.

  • Team Name: Ultimate Piggery

    Round 4 Scores: 2199 RDT and 2007 Fantasy

    League Results: WWL

    Studs: GAJ, Swallow, S.Mitchell, Beama, Macrae and Gunston

    Duds: Watson, S.Selwood, Tyson, Caddy, T.Mithell and Hickey/Currie

    On the Chopping Block: Caddy, S.Selwood, Cotchin, Griffiths

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Still in the top 200 for RDT but have ballooned out to almost 30k in Fantasy. Couple of 50/50 decisions that haven’t gone my way along with the other regular carnage. Fair bit of cash in the bank so let’s hope the boys can bounce back

  • Team Name: The Full Package (AFL Fantasy)

    Round 4 Scores: 2244
    League Results: WW

    Studs: Gunston, Beams, Gaz, Polec, S.Jacobs, D.Swallow

    Duds: Mundy, Tyson, Merrett, Langdon, Watson

    On the Chopping Block: Mundy, Tyson, Swan, Hunter

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: broke into top 1500 for first time and highest score ever

  • Should I do:
    Cotchin to Gaff
    Caddy to Merret
    Cotchin to Heppell
    Dangerfield to Merret

    • neither IMO. you have missed the boat on Merrett and he isn’t going to go up much higher in price (about 40 BE). Caddy to Merrett is a good trade but Cotchin to Gaff will give you similar scores. and Danger has bottomed out already.. unless you consider Merrett as a keeper then option 2.

  • Team Name: Gettin’Buckets ( Fanstasy)

    Round 4 Score: 1924:((
    League Results: LW

    Studs: Heppell!, Macrae, Rocky and GAblett

    Duds: Caddy, Watson and Mullet

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Not happy with my score but a wins a win i guess, ranking has gone down dramatically though

  • Team Name: Plastered Turtles
    Round 4 Scores: 2081 (AF)
    League Results: WLWWW
    Studs: Swallow, GAJ, Beams, Riewoldt
    Duds: 0 on R1,
    On the Chopping Block: Mummy? Rohan, Dunstan or Tyson.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Though a couple of my rooks didn’t perform, cant expect too much but it did bring my score down (Griffiths etc).
    With Mummy out for a week or two, do I sub in Derrickx/Currie to utilise the 2 trades on Crouch, Lloyd or Gray?

  • Team Name: Gettin’Buckets ( Fanstasy)

    Round 4 Score: 1924:((
    League Results: LW

    Studs: Heppell!, Macrae, Rocky, GAJ, Swallow

    Duds: Caddy, Watson and Mullet

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Not happy with my score but a wins a win i guess, ranking has gone down dramatically though

  • Team Name:Team Vich
    Round 4 Scores:2421
    League Results:W
    Studs:Stevie J,Gaj(C),Swallow,Higgins,Beams,Suckling,Simpson,Polec,Jacobs
    On the Chopping Block:Tyson,Langdon,Cunningham,Rohan,McCarthy,Griffiths,Ellis
    Vent/Brag/Whatever:Have been given a round ranking of 5th yet has me 2nd on the list in the rankings section?? Geez the site is mcrooted this year!!
    88th Overall, avoided all the carnage this round….Stoked! :)

  • robbie gray or josh jenkins? only have 400k to spend on a forward

  • Team Name:
    Round 4 Scores: 2,246
    League Results: Win (beat my brother hell yeah)
    Studs: Mitchell/Swallow/Ablett/beams/Selwood/Gunstan/Higgins – special mention Polec & Lloyd but both on bench. Note only included players in this list that scored above 120.
    Duds: Hickey & Currie DNP – special mention to Dedrixx who got me 31 points in cover. Other duds – Jackson Merrett who I just brought in after the hype. Oh and Hanley 40 odd at qtr time then got injured very inconsiderate of him
    On the Chopping Block: Hanley hes gone traded to Jaensch pocketed one else really waiting to see teams pretty happy all rookies BEs still low
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Ok brag – currently ranked 1,126 in comp hoping to beat my best from last year of 546.

    – including bench players I had a total of 13 players over a ton with M Wright getting to 99.

    – still got rookies making cash scored 2,246 with a 52, and 31 on the field and still have $276k in reserves

  • Team Name: Damage
    Round 4 Scores: 2124
    League Results: W
    Studs: J.McVeigh, S.Mitchell, M.Suckling, D.Swallow, G.Ablett(C), B.Stanton, D.Beams, D.Martin, J.Westhoff.
    Duds: Langford, Ellis, Lobbe, Caddy
    On the Chopping Block: Caddy, Lobbe
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Hating on these two on the chopping block, expect more from Lobbe after having such a good year last year and port still being in solid form, Caddy was a 50/50 and isnt paying off.

  • Team Name:GFC2014
    Round 4 Scores: 2302
    League Results: W
    Studs: Gaj, S Mitchell, Lloyd, Beams, Macrae, Swallow, Mcveigh, Danger, Wright, Jacobs, Martin
    Duds: T Mitchell, Langdon
    On the Chopping Block: T Mitchell gone!!!
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Rookie Lloyd into 6th fwd knocks out 107…oh yeah baby!!

  • Hey team name FRITzLS ARMY
    score: 2058
    Studs: beamer,mitchall,swallow,suckling,pendles, and late change for rohan sam lloyd
    duds: hanley :-( daisy, the rest are passable