FAQ’s in the lead up to round one

The new providers of AFL Fantasy, FanHub, are here to answer some frequently asked questions in the lead up to round one. If you’ve got a constructive question, please leave it in the comments.


Q: How do we know the servers are going to hold up for that last minute rush?

A: You may have noticed a few errors that were plaguing the site over the weekend, these errors have now been eradicated. These errors were created due to the huge amount of work we were putting into our servers that will help them deal with expected traffic over the next week. We have worked absolutely relentlessly to make sure that the servers will hold up to the mad rush in the lead up to lock out.

Q: If my league is incomplete by lockout will it be filled automatically?

A: Unfortunately no it won’t, the best way to fill your league is to add celebrity players to your league. If you still have empty spots, please make sure you contact your family and friends to join these leagues ASAP. We understand this isn’t the ideal solution and hope to offer a better solution in the future.

Q: How will the change in rules effect my team selection over the first couple of weeks?

A: There are two parts to this question:

  • Firstly, you will be able to make unlimited trades up until the North Melbourne V Essendon game. During the period prior to this game you will be able to trade/sub any players whose club is yet to take the field in season 2014. Once the North Melbourne V Essendon game has begun, normal lockout rules will be applied and no trades will be able to be made.
  • We understand the complexities that have been thrown up due to round one being a split round. As a result of this, for the first time this year you will be able to make unlimited trades until the first game of round 2. This will be a crucial week for your Fantasy season, as all price changes will commence after players have played two games.


Q: Will I be able to view other teams during round 1 lockout?

A: For the legitimacy of the competition you will not be able to view other teams until the round 2 lockout. As you can make unlimited trades after the round 1 lockout we do not want users copying each other’s teams. So in order to protect your team and strategy we have blocked the ability to view other teams until the round 2 lockout.

Q: Why is my Fantasy Coach not working?

A: We added a lot of new fantasy coach features last week; to gain these benefits users simply need to logout and then log back in to their accounts. There are still a couple of features that are unavailable, most of these rely on data that requires 2014 scores to be calculated. Once this information is available we will endeavor to get these additional benefits to you ASAP.


Please leave other questions related to the platform in the comments (ie. Don’t make this about who you should be picking… AND make sure you’re being constructive with comments and/or criticism).

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  • Sup…

    I can’t access my team at all…keeps telling me
    “Sorry something went wrong.try again later”
    Now when I try I don”t even get that it just shows
    the background picture of a stadium and a footy in
    the right corner. I look forward to Dt each year but
    unlikely I’ll play this year…sigh

  • I have a question.

    AFL Fantasy, your website seems to have the momentum of a runaway freight train. Why are you so popular?

  • bring back virtual sports – at least they can run a reputable website!!