NAB Challenge AFL Fantasy Hype Team #1

I’ve done this in the past and I thought that now would be a great time after seeing each team play once. This is a long way from being ‘the best’ team we could make from the NAB Challenge matches so far, but it’s a starting point.

There are plenty of blokes here that I definitely wouldn’t pick for this year (and plenty I definitely will that aren’t listed), but most of them have a strong case for selection. At the very least, this team can show you some of the rookies and midpricers who have stepped up over the last nine days. For the record, there is $92,400 in the bank.

Feel free to post your ‘hype teams’ in the comments and discuss hyped up players, too!




  • defence is the best possible (pre-Sydney derby)
    surely SJ gets in over Pendles
    and then Trengove over Beams
    Minson over McEvoy in the ruck department
    Impey over Rohan,
    Cripps over Howlett

    note: my judgements are made based on ton scorers by points per TOG (pre-Sydney game, haven’t updated TMitchell)

    • Pedantic much?

      The whole idea of this is to show that people get sucked in by the hype of players in the NAB and it ends up compromising their team.

      For the sake of playing along, I have (for now) 11 of these players in my side ATM.

  • that defensive line is worth considering

  • I hate articles like this, it draws attention to my sneaky uniques :p

  • Ah the temptation to make a team with absolutely no hype players…..

  • Dahlhaus isn’t a bad thought. What are people’s thoughts on him? His not gonna set da world on fire but is a good starting option

  • Hey all got spots in a supercoach draft league tonight. 5pm Perth time. League code 198453
    Sorry bout posting on wrong forum just this one is the better

  • Ziebell had 12 tackles, or dal santo who is cheaper?

    • Ziebell could very well burn you. Suspensions, injuries, and just so inconsistent. A wait and see for me with so many mid options. :)