Warnie’s Pre-NAB Challenge AFL Fantasy team

This is the last Sunday for a long time where there won’t be any footy! So I thought this would be a perfect time to release my AFL Fantasy pre-NAB Challenge team for this year.

Now being perfectly honest here, I haven’t really put together a team for myself until the last couple of days. In between doing our AFL thing as ‘The Traders’, keeping DT Talk ticking over and being back at work… I have pretty much said to myself I won’t cut my list of approximately 100 names down until I’ve seen some NAB Challenge games and have an idea of some best 22’s, etc.

There’s been plenty of great pre-season content on DT Talk and some fantastic teams being posted in My Team to give people an idea of what players are looking likely. Chad’s Drawing Board team picker has been brilliant and some of the ownership figures in there gives a bit of a view of what players are being selected.

The NAB Challenge starts on Wednesday night and if you weren’t aware, we’re getting 18 games of footy over the 18 days following that. Each team will play twice and all games are broadcast live on Fox Footy. Brilliant for our AFL Fantasy study – but maybe not so much for my relationship!

So anyway, I’ve whacked together a squad that you can pick apart, rip into, copy or just go ‘meh’ to. It’s going to be a fair way off what I’ll look at as my ‘starting squad’ however there are a lot of names I think will make the cut for me. By the way, this isn’t the round one free hit team… this is me selecting a team to ‘start’ the season with; ie. how I’ll look to start round two.

Here it is, an early February version of the Warne Dawgs.


My structure is something that I’m not 100% sure on. I thought I would actually go a bit deeper in the backline and just have one ‘rookie’ on the field. Jarrad McVeigh and Sam Mitchell are pretty close to being locks with the obvious one in Matt Suckling. I am very keen to have Michael Hibberd as a POD whist Bachar Houli is certainly in calculations back there. I’m finding it hard not to have Luke McDonald… but hopefully I can work out who will be the best guys to fill those last 3-4 positions. Structure here may change.

After thinking that I could start without Dane Swan and Gary Ablett, I’ve included the pig after hearing Calvin tell me every day I need him. Whilst he’s not a ‘lock’ I think he’ll stay… it’s just that these two trades per week means that value is important. We can get the Swan’s of the world in. The value of Jobe Watson, Dayne Beams and Dale Thomas can’t be ignored and I am pretty close to throwing away the key on Brandon Ellis. He’ll definitely average mid-90’s. The cheapies/cash cows will sort themselves out, but those names I like at the moment.

When the news broke of Redden’s injury, I am sold on Port Adelaide’s Matthew Lobbe at the moment to sit next to Aaron Sandilands. His numbers were great coming home last year. Also, he was talked up about his game yesterday in the intra-club, so he sits there now. Bench – geez… I am probably overspending. Thinking I can throw R4… but at this stage, they’re there. Currie might come in for Nankervis to free up some coin as I believe both have about the same (limited) chance of playing.

My forwards feel vanilla. Dangerfield, Martin and Franklin will appear in most teams I’m thinking from the get-go. If Mitch Clark is fit, then at that price he has to get a gig. Fasolo is another who may pop in there too. I’m all over Paul Chapman as a fellow bald man and now he’s a Bomber, he’s a must for me! Around these guys, the NAB will tell us more.

Currently I have $51,700 sitting in the bank. As I’ve said… this will change a lot and the big thing is that it’s really ‘a’ side, not so much ‘my’ side. That may be revealed at a later date! You can head on over to fantasy.afl.com.au and pick your team and if you want to play against me (or Roy or Calvin), you can add us to your league as a celebrity (yeah, their words… not ours!).

Stay tuned to DT Talk for HEAPS more content over this pre-season and throughout the year. Be ready for the onslaught of NAB Challenge stuff too starting Wednesday evening! Boomshakalaka!

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  • Any reasons behind picking B. Ellis?

  • you keeping some cards close to your chest?

    lots of rookies who are must haves are no where to be seen there

  • Isn’t Kersten injured in some way? I can’t remember if it was him. If he’s not injured I’m going to replace bock with him for a extra 20k to spend :P

  • What was your reasoning behind picking Swan over Ablett/ SJ/ Pendles in starting squad?

  • Love the Lamb selection Warnie, Sam Kekovich would be proud!

  • Starting without Swan And Ablett as your one and 2, You sir have balls of steal..

  • Thoughts on Shane Savage. im putting him in instead of a premo cause i know he will go up 100,000 at least then ill upgrade him. Its the same thing everyone is doing with Dale Thomas but i’m doing both players.

  • Can I have peoples thoughts on Jack Darling, Adam Simpson has said he plans to put Jack Darling in the midfield for short bursts during the game. Could this mean Darling is a bargin?

  • Very similar to mine Warnie, I’ve got Ablett over Sawn ATM. Like the Ellis and Hibberd picks. I’ve currently got Ellis at M6 instead of Daisy. Would love to see Clinton Young back and playing ,(not a pies fan) just like the guy.

  • Warnie, think I’ll get a mate to hack your PC, laptop and iPad.

    The team you’ve listed, today, is quite generic.

    Is it the real Warnie team so far to date?

  • As a matter of interest and save us all from doing a little homework (I know you like that word) – what was the points score for that listed team of yours?

  • Where’s Brent Stanton Warnie?

  • Both Clinton Young and Ellis? Do you see much risk in that Warnie?

  • Nice work to post before the Nab comp Warnie, hard to lock those rookie spot in yet, end of Feb will be a good time for a revisit

  • What happened to Lachlan Hansen? You almost had me on board Warnie.

  • Houli or Hibberd?

  • this is my team
    Defence)M.Suckling, J.Mcveigh, J.Bartel, S,Mitchell, K.Simpson, L.Mcdonald bench- J.Laidler, M.Fuller

    Midfield) G.Ablett, T.Cotchin, D.Swan, B.Ellis, J.Martin, V.Michie, D. Beams, J.Polec bench- Josh Kelly, X.Ellis

    Forward) P.Dangerfield, L.Franklin, D.Martin, J.Lamb, A.Fasolo, M.Clark bench- G.Rohan, S.Kersten
    $59,600 remaining

  • ^you forgot your ruckman

  • Thoughts on starting jack martin from Gold Coast?


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  • Hey Warnie, love seeing Hibberd and Ellis, I’ve got them locked in my side already as well!

    I’ve been a big fan of Rocky as well and I’ve had him in my side for several years now but I’m a bit worried about the interchange cap and what that’ll do to his scores. Voss has been known to play him forward a lot and now I think he will be spending even more time there this year.

    I don’t think that this will only impact on Rocky’s scores, but also a lot of other players throughout the league. I’m trying to select midfielders known for their fitness but are also proven scorers. That’s why I think Ablett is such a lock because even when he’s sent forward he manages to kick 2-3 goals.

    Also what are your thoughts on loading up (selecting a few more that usual) your side with players versing teams such as Melbourne and GWS in round 1 who are known for being heavily outscored by their opposition in DT. You’re able to reconfigure your entire team after the first round and I think that this approach can help your team get off to a really good start.

    Anyway that’s just my thoughts, overall I like the team, you’re just going to have to replace Chappy as he said himself that he won’t be available come round 1.

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