Sam Mitchell – Deck of Dream Team 2014

dec29_sammitchellName: Sam Mitchell
Club: Hawthorn
Position: Midfield/Defender
AFL Fantasy: $517,700
AFL Dream Team: $521,800
Bye Round: 9
2013 Average: 96
2013 Games Played: 21
Predicted Average: 96

Why should I pick him?

In the past we have had guys like Brendon Goddard and Dyson Heppell.  Guys that are predominantly midfielders who get a stack of it but they are able to be selected in the backline.  So this year we have Sam Mitchell the former Hawk skipper in that category.  So the initial thought for Sam is that he is my…..


Let’s look at it on the numbers.  Last season he averaged 96 which amongst last year’s defenders was only beaten by Goddard and was one in front of Heppell.  Given that Goddard and Heppell have now lost their defender status this will put Mitchell as the highest averaging defender from last year’s averages.  He was averaging 15.5 kicks and 12.6 handballs a game along with 3.6 tackles.  Overall he was 9th in disposals per game in the league last year.  He is the engine room of the Hawks team and you often find him picking up those link up kicks across half back which are very handy +6’s.

Over the past 6 years his average disposals read 28, 30, 27, 31, 27, 28.  So as you can see he is super consistent!  The fact that he has aged doesn’t seem to affect him as he averaged 30 in the year he turned 30!

10 scores over 100 and a further 4 in the 90’s tell me that if you can stash this guy down in the backlines then he is going to outscore anyone else you can put there!  This is despite me not seeing his average rise from the current 96.


Why Shouldn’t I Pick Him?

My biggest concern with him is the tag.  If he does spend more time down back he will be likely to get the tag that may have previously gone to someone like Birchall or Suckling.  There were three games where Sam scored particularly low last year and they were 66 v Melbourne (Either Nathan Jones Tag or I would suggest he had a rest that day), 68 v West Coast (Scooter tag) and 56 v Port Adelaide (Kornes Tag).  It is this risk of him getting a hard tag that he can’t break that would be my only concern.  However, the fact that there were only really 3 bad games for him last year would still not put me off picking him.

The addition of Suckling back into the Hawks backline is another thing to consider, but really given that Mitchell spends most of his time in the middle and only really went down back to cover for Suckling and the poor performing Birchall he should be back in the guts where we want him.

My only other concern is that he is getting on a bit.  Now if you ask me turning 32 next year is not old, but then my perspective may be a bit out!  But in DT Terms it is getting a bit long in the tooth.  So for those that have a “No Over 30’s” rule then you would have already struck him off. But since he turned the big 30 he has had averages of 100 and 96 so for mine there are no issues at all there!

Deck of DT Rating

Ace –  I can’t see how anyone will be heading into season 2014 without Sam Mitchell.  With some of the guys that we have lost from our backlines this year he is a simple replacement.  Really anyone that is going to average you 85 plus in your backline is always a lock given that there simply aren’t that many of these guys around.  Yes everyone will have him, but do you really want to risk being the person that misses out and slips behind the competition as Sammy knocks out another 100?

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  • you forgot about mcveigh, he averaged more than mitchell

  • Good read Dunny! I think everyone should start with at least one of Mitchell and McVeigh. Personally I’m starting with McVeigh, and plan to upgrade to Mitchell as soon as possible. Mitchell is consistent so he won’t change value much, and he won’t push out massive scores making you regret not starting with him.

  • Or just have both like I do.

  • Fas pointed out in another forum Mitchell’s start is against 3 quality potential taggers (Raines, Hocking and Crowley) – does this change starting with him?

    • I don’t think he’ll cop those guys… think that with the role he finished 2013 with and the other Hawks mids, that taggers will go to players who are playing through the midfield. He might still get attention, but not from those mentioned. I won’t be starting with Mitchell though… mainly due to the value of other players with the Round 9 bye. He is likely to be one of the first ones in post his bye though.

      • I can’t see anyone else copping the tags apart from possibly Smith

        • +1 as much as I would love Mitchell to run free for those games I won’t be surprised if he cops all 3, especially Crowley, this can’t split McVeigh and Mitchell though…

  • Does anyone know when dreamteam opens for those of us who had assistant coach last year?

    • Late Jan i think, the same for everybody that didnt buy assistant coach :( at least this is what ive heard.

    • AFL Fantasy opening will be earlier than the usual Feb 1 date from all reports. As for the Team Picker for Assistant Coach subscribers, this is a tricky one… see what happens/pops up in the new year. For now, use the Drawing Board thanks to – about as close as we’ll get to a team picker for now.

  • Thanks guys

  • So the main reason I got the assistant coach was to be able to use it to build a squad before everyone else. Just curious Warnie these changes to do with vs how do they affect you boys potentially making money?? Can you explain what’s happened behind the scenes and who afl fantasy is now affiliated with??? Just a curious player who honestly is not happy with all the change. Is that dip shit demetriou now in charge of fantasy coz he wants to change more rules???

    • It sucks hey i wouldnt have bought it if i knew we wouldnt get the team picker.

    • Hey mate. Well, there are just as many politics in AFL Fantasy as there are in Canberra. It’s not my place to speak of them all, but if you are a detective, you can probably work it all out. In short, Virtual Sports (who offer the Assistant Coach package) aren’t running the official AFL product in 2014. Things might seem clearer come the new year.

      • If you notice the email from AFL Fantasy is sent by Fan Hub Media. If you look up their web site they specialise in fantasy sports so it’s fair to say that they have taken over from VS and won’t be supporting the team picker!

  • He is a certainty, dead set mid fielder in the back line in my side, yes please!