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Cal’s Scale of Hardness – Rd. 5

Cal’s Scale of Hardness is here for round 5! Check out the his great work!

G’day legends! Welcome to the legendary Cal’s Scale of Hardness.

We are into round five but I’ll leave the details of how it all works below just in case we have some new viewers who need further clarification.

What is the Scale of Hardness?

Great question. Basically, it’s a top-notch resource (used by Darren Carr, 2023 HiLux winner) which can help you see what kind of run a team/player has coming up. Could be hard… could be all green which means very easy. Sometimes it can help with trades and captains but mainly any 50/50 calls that are tricky to make.

Does the Scale of Hardness change?

Another great question… again. YES. The Scale gets updated each and every week for Patreon legends (one a month on DT Talk), based on what teams give up over the year. There is always a supporting article and file to download.

You can get this full scale in all it’s glory weekly as a patreon member. JOIN the fun because I haven’t yet met one patreon member not stoked with the content we provide from…

  • Roy’s Rollin’ 22 (updated weekly)
  • Cal’s Scale of Hardness (updated weekly)
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  • Sunday night LIVE show – including green vest punishments
  • Exclusive competitions ($$$ up for grabs)

LIVE SHOWS – Adelaide/Perth

Next week we are coming your way! Come say HI, chat Fantasy shit and have a beer with us. I’m sick of hanging out with Roy and Warnie so please some and see us. We have wicked prizes and our mate Rory Laird is coming along in Adelaide! Details and links below… yes, fucking RORY LAIRD!


















Easy run: Gold Coast, Fremantle, Richmond, Bulldogs

Hard run: St Kilda, GWS Giants

I’ll talk more about the Suns’ players in more detail below so let’s focus this chat around Luke Ryan and Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera.

Luke Ryan has a pretty tasty draw coming up after this tricky game against Port. However, with ha said he did have 122 against them last year. He’s flying and then has a few green games after that. …yes his hair cut sucks but he is averaging 105 and getting the job done.

Looking to trade in Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera after his 127 last week? I know Roy is considering it! His draw is rather tricky. Last year against the Giants and the Power he still scored ok with 94, 107 and 101 but this year they have been tough for DEFs and tough overall ranking as No. 1 and No. 4 when restricting points.


















Easy run: Gold Coast, Kangaroos

Hard run: St Kilda

Not a huge amount of concerns here but The Gold Coast runs here is rather eye catching. Expect players like Touk Miller and Noah Anderson to be cashing in over the next six weeks as they meet the three teams that concede the most to MIDs. In fact, WCE have given up the most 100+ scors this year with 18 and the Roos lead the race for giving up 120+ scores with 6.

THIS WEEK TAGGER ALERT – Tricky to read this week and even though they most likely will not happen, I’ll throw some small flags out there anyway.

Hewett… went to Serong at times last week and held him to 82. Maybe Rory Laird might cop some heat around stoppages, but nothing more.

Willem Drew might do the same to Zach Merrett. He had 77% of the CBAs last week and always is in there for bulk time.


















As you can see, RUCKs are very hit and miss and not much in between. I go into details below around Marshall and English, as I feel we are about to get a clear No. 1 player in the game over the coming weeks.


















Never a very relevant section, but it does play a factor in draft with the limited forwards we have on the table. Key forward kicking big bags could get you the draft win over your mate and using the scale to help you is 100% the right place to look.





We will have a clear No. 1 player in the game in the coming weeks and it will be Marshall so if you are thinking about trading in the big man, now is the time. Coming off 136 and 117, he plays a lot of green teams, teams he scored 138, 110, 116 and 159 against last year. FLAG: Ross Lyon has flagged a rest, but when in 2023 didn’t he?




Over the last few weeks, English has been sharing the ruck role with Darcy in a rough 70/30 split to scores of 93 and 98. On the scale there are four mega red teams and over the next four weeks… he plays three of them. I’m predicting he average around 90 during this patch.




Trading in these blokes this week? The Scale of Hardness ticks if off in a big way. The draw for Gold Coast DEFs is juicy as so expect them both to provide you with an instant reward starting this week against the Hawks.


Join the fun and get the full scale and more each and every week! You can get this full scale in all it’s glory weekly as a patreon member. JOIN the fun because as I said before, I haven’t yet met one patreon member not stoked with the content we provide.

Do you need a Captain? Then Calvin will help you out. Don't want a Captain? Calvin will tell you anyway. The man who digs deep into stats will help you pick a great captain and give you plenty of Fantasy advice. Follow him on Twitter: @CalvinDT

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1 month ago

Calvin iam thinking of trading couch to nick Martin and Jordan to closest leaving $275 in the kitty ur thoughts much appreciated tnx

1 month ago
Reply to  Mick

Keep M Crouch.

1 month ago

Cheers mate! Whats the % chance of flanders getting tagged by the finn this week? Coin toss between bringing him or marshal in this week

1 month ago

Thanks for this resource Calvin, really useful.

1 month ago

Who are forwards?

By their fantasy position or real life position. Heeney, Fyfe, Flanders, Zorko. Are they considered forwards?

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