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Cal’s Scale of Hardness – First Editon

RED, GREEN, TABLES! Cal’s Scale of Hardness is back for 2024!

Welcome to Cal’s Scale of Hardness.

You can get the FULL scale each week (by downloading the full season document) of the Scale of Hardness over on our Patreon page. The modified scale will be up on DT Talk, the first Thursday of each month.

Why would I want to join patreon?

Patreon is where we look after you and provide you with hours and hours of awesome content within our exclusive community. Members on the $10 tier will get weekly updates on the scale. As the season changes, the scale will as well and you can make sure you are at the top of your game by checking out my detailed thoughts each and every round.

In patreon you get much more…. extra podcasts, a LIVE Sunday night show, extended Calvin’s Captains, Roy’s Roll’ 22, Jaiden’s epic stats , early release of tickets to our shows and as you can see below… we are coming to Adelaide and then Perth (tickets coming soon) in April! These one off shows will be sold out and our patreon members get the first chance to snap up tickets. We’re pumped to head back to the great SA and WA lands.

One of the best reasons to join is… Roy’s Team Awesome Sauce. He only releases the sauce here and only to our Patreon members as it unfolds. Basically, for $10 a month (or $5 if you wish)…. you’ll be set up for a huge year and have access to awesome exclusive shit as the join a great group of legends in this wicked community. JOIN US NOW

General public tickets on sale 9am ACDT, Monday 26 February.

What is the Scale of Hardness?

Great question. Basically, it’s a top-notch resource (used by Darren Carr, 2023 HiLux winner) which can help you see what kind of run a team/player has coming up. Could be hard… could be all green which means very easy. Sometimes it can help with trades, captains and more importantly… starting off your 2024 team.

Give us an example of what it offers?

Yeah sure… So last year, St Kilda gave up the most points to defenders. They gave up the most uncontested marks and the most uncontested possessions. This paved the way for some defenders with these characteristics to have massive scores against them… check out what these defenders did against the Saints in 2023. Handy info hey?

James Sicily = 95 (tagged), 165
Luke Ryan = 156
Nic Newman = 139, 119
Jack Ziebell = 168
Shannon Hurn = 133
Alex Witherden = 131



















Easy run: Geelong, Hawthorn

There isn’t any massive stand-outs here but Tom Stewart could get off to a great start with his run and early games and home against the Saints and the Kangaroos. Two of some of the easiest teams in town. He had 133 and 111 these teams last season and he doesn’t have an early round bye. Around those teams he plays the Crows (88 last year), Hawthorn (70 Rd. 3 last year) and the Bulldogs (118, 115).

AFL 2023 Round 12 - Western Bulldogs v Geelong - A-39601108


















Easy run: GWS*, Carlton*, Port Adelaide, Adelaide, Bulldogs … * Early Bye

Butters is a popular man this pre-season and currently finds himself in one-third of all teams. He’s under-priced and could come out this season with a huge bang. His first few games look great. In fact, of those he plays in the first seven games in 2024, he score 6×100+ scores against them last year at an average of 110. Impressive Zak!

AFL 2023 Second Semi Final - Port Adelaide v GWS - A-43213377


















Let’s have a look at a couple of the big boys.

Brodie Grundy meets Max Gawn in the opening round and last year Melbourne ranked the 4th hardest to score against. My point is this… don’t be deterred if he doesn’t smash it out of the park and don’t be spooked away from starting him in round one. He then meets Darcy Cameron (11th easiest), Goldstein (9th easiest) and then Nankervis (4th easiest). He’ll come good so don’t be spooked.

Anyone interested in Rowan Marshall as a starting option? 7% are and he plays Geelong and Collingwood in the first two rounds and last year against them…. he scored 134 and 141. He’s your first picked in draft and will get you off to a flyer in classic.

The FULL SCALE (including FWDs) and four times the amount of analysis can be found over at our patreon, so join the fun and join the community.

Do you need a Captain? Then Calvin will help you out. Don't want a Captain? Calvin will tell you anyway. The man who digs deep into stats will help you pick a great captain and give you plenty of Fantasy advice. Follow him on Twitter: @CalvinDT

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1 month ago

Thanks, guys, love your work.

1 month ago

Shyte, 1 week to go.
Better pull my finger out.

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