GWS Giants AFL Fantasy Prices 2014

Here are the GWS Giants prices and positions for AFL Fantasy 2014. Initial observations see the first draft pick Tom Boyd come in at a whopping $262,900… much higher than the rookies have been in the past. Second pick Josh Kelly ($260,200) is $2,700 cheaper. Using the supposed magic number, Boyd is priced based on an average of approximately 48.5 while¬† Kelly is priced at 48.0 points. The other thing we’d been waiting for was to see if Toby Greene ($415,100) would gain DPP. Alas, he is still just a MID. Keep an eye on some of the cheaper players from GWS as they are one of the clubs most likely to blood some of the >$200K players throughout the season.

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CallanWardGWS GiantsMID$510200
AdamTreloarGWS GiantsMID$482100
HeathShawGWS GiantsDEF$441300
ShaneMumfordGWS GiantsRUC$423000
TobyGreeneGWS GiantsMID$415100
StephenConiglioGWS GiantsMID$413400
TomScullyGWS GiantsMID$406200
DevonSmithGWS GiantsFWD/MID$400500
AdamTomlinsonGWS GiantsFWD$399200
RhysPalmerGWS GiantsFWD/MID$394700
DylanShielGWS GiantsMID$390500
LachieWhitfieldGWS GiantsMID$385400
JonathanGilesGWS GiantsRUC$362600
JeremyCameronGWS GiantsFWD$360300
CurtlyHamptonGWS GiantsDEF$348700
StephenGilhamGWS GiantsDEF$337600
JoshHuntGWS GiantsDEF$327900
NickHaynesGWS GiantsDEF$313400
TimMohrGWS GiantsDEF$311400
TomasBuggGWS GiantsDEF$295000
PhilDavisGWS GiantsDEF$292300
ZacharyWilliamsGWS GiantsMID$291700
AdamKennedyGWS GiantsDEF$282100
DylanAddisonGWS GiantsFWD$276000
WillHoskin-ElliottGWS GiantsMID$268100
TomBoydGWS GiantsFWD$262900
JoshKellyGWS GiantsMID$260200
JacobTownsendGWS GiantsMID$245200
JedLambGWS GiantsFWD$243400
LiamSumnerGWS GiantsFWD$243300
MatthewBuntineGWS GiantsDEF$241200
CameronMcCarthyGWS GiantsFWD$227600
MarkWhileyGWS GiantsMID$209300
JonathonPattonGWS GiantsFWD$204100
RoryLobbGWS GiantsRUC$187000
LachlanPlowmanGWS GiantsDEF$178900
AidanCorrGWS GiantsDEF$166400
TimGoldsGWS GiantsDEF$158300
AndrewPhillipsGWS GiantsRUC$157200
NathanWilsonGWS GiantsFWD$150000
KristianJakschGWS GiantsFWD$146200
SamFrostGWS GiantsFWD$144200
JakeBarrettGWS GiantsMID$135500
TomDownieGWS GiantsRUC$135500
JonathanO'RourkeGWS GiantsMID$135500
SamSchulzGWS GiantsMID$135500
JamesStewartGWS GiantsFWD$135500

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  • Just looking through that – wasn’t Jonathon O’Rourke one of their top draft picks or something last year? Could he be a nicely priced rookie?