And then there were four: Round 21 Review


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  • Team Name: Team Dream
    Round 21 Score: 2123
    League Results: Win Win Win Bye Bye
    Finals Positions: 5 Prelims
    DT Studs:Capt Swan J Selwood S Selwood Bartel Barlow Johnson N Reiwoldt
    DT Duds: Hanley Martin Malceski Heppell
    On the Chopping Block: Probably only injured players
    Last Weeks Trades
    K Jack to Jelwood +57 points
    J Kenneddy to N Reiwoldt +45 points


  • Team Name: Wadda HeadfuK
    Round 21 Score: 2000
    League Results: WWW BYe Bye
    Finals Positions:3 prelims knocked out in other 2 leagues
    DT Studs: Swan (C),pendles,joey,jselwood,stevie j,barlow,bartel
    DT Duds:Shaw,Cannon,Roughie,Martin,Heppell,Ellis,JJK,Hanley(just traded in)
    On the Chopping Block: Heppell if injured anyone of the duds depending on fixtures
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: A very frustrating round team value dropped $334700!

  • Griffen or jelwood

  • Do Geelong tag? I have K Jack and thinking of possibly trading him if other issues dont get in the way. Also would you expect Titchell to bounce back after a rest?

  • The Superstars
    Studs: Swan, Bartel, Johnson, Barlow
    Duds: Martin, Kennedy, Vlastuin, Malceski, Hepple
    Chopping Block: VLASTUIN, MALCESKI
    Besides them my team is basically awesome

  • Current (possibly rage) Trades are:
    Malceski -> Hibberd
    Heppell -> 1 of Douglas/JPK or Gibbs…


    Also have JJK, Shaw, Cox, and Minson who could be in strife/are shit.

  • Team Name: Im Lovin It
    Round 21 Score: 2115
    League Results: W – – W –
    Finals Positions:
    DT Studs: Jelwood Swan Barlow Selwood Grundy Riewoldt Bartel Johnson
    DT Duds: Ablett Heppell Ellis Martin Kennedy Hanley
    On the Chopping Block: Tom Mitchell Josh Kennedy
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Actually went well this week considering all the premiems bad scores! Coming about 7,000 so im coming back!

  • Team Name: Bastardene
    Round 21 Score: 2104
    League Results: BBBWB
    Finals Positions: 5 prelims
    DT Studs: Jelwood, Swanny, Barlow, Stevie J, Bartel
    DT Duds: Ablett, Fyfe, Dusty, Heppell, Hanley, Ellis
    On the Chopping Block: Fyfe doesn’t seem to be dealing with tags so I’m gonna ditch him to Scooter. Would get Griffin but am worried he’ll get the Raines and McKenzie tags in the coming weeks. Priddis might be traded as well.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Doing ok. Difficult to know who to play and who to bench at this stage.

  • Team Name: Bloodbath N Beyond
    Round 20 Score: SHIT!
    League Results:WWWWL
    Finals Positions: won one by 2 points, lost the other won!
    Eliminator Status: –
    DT Studs: BJ, pendles, swan, Stevie
    On the Chopping Block: SHAW!!!!!!!
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: FMDT END OF STORY!

  • Team Name: Lachy’s Legends (Not very legendary…)
    Round 21 Score:2018
    League Results: Bye W Bye
    Finals Positions: 3 prelims
    DT Studs: Goddard Gibbs Swan Barlow Cox Minson Nroo Rockliff Bartel Stevie J
    DT Duds: Heppell Enright Hanely Ellis Ablett K.Jack Marting
    On the Chopping Block: Heppell if injured, Minson and/or cox if suspended
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Shit week, lucky to win by only 37 points, I was projected to win by 441…

  • Team Name: BAMRUNGTIN FC
    Round 21 Score: 2126
    League Results: W W W alreadyout W
    Finals Positions: pre lim in 4, out in one
    DT Studs: swan, barlow, jelwood, stevie j, bartel
    DT Duds: heppell, hanley, martin…. wow, mckenzie
    On the Chopping Block: blicavs/clisby
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: got a really good score for the week which solidified my spot in the pre lims for all my leagues bar 1

  • Team Name: Peyton’s Place
    Round 21 Score: 2,065
    League Results: Bye x 3
    Finals Positions: Prelim x 3
    DT Studs: J.Selwood, Swanny, Stevie, Bartel, Mundy, Berger
    DT Duds: What everyone had – Ablett, Cotch, Ellis, Hanley, Hepp, D-Mart, Pendles
    On the Chopping Block: Hard to know who’ll be good next week given such a weird round. At this stage, Heath Shaw (D7) to Pearce, Kreuzer (R3) to Mumford in order to free up Cox as an F7 if necessary.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Sweating on injuries and suspensions like everybody else; these will dictate decisions this week.

  • Team Name: Victorious Secret
    Round 21 Score: 1992
    League Results: W B B
    Finals Positions: Prelim x 3
    DT Studs: Swan (c), J. Selwood, Bartel, Stevie J, L. Hansen, Barlow
    DT Duds: The same as everyone else!!
    On the Chopping Block: All the so-called “Premiums”, but only have 2 trades!!! ARRGGGGGHHH
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Thank you to the person who I was versing in one of my leagues – for trading out Bartel and bringing in Cloke – gave me a nice buffer and a win!! :-)

  • Team Name: Bananas in Pyjamas
    Round 21 Score: 2104
    League Results: W DNP DNP W
    Finals Positions: Still in all four leagues
    DT Studs: Swan, Bartel, Stevie J, Scooter Selwood
    DT Duds: Martin, Heppell, Hanley. Also, shout out to McEvoy (though he’s my R3) for a whopping 23 point performance.
    On the Chopping Block: Heppell, Titchell/Fyfe
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Had no idea why people were so keen to get rid of Jimmy Bartel last week, given most other forward options outside the obvious Martin and Rockliff types were Key Position Forwards and notoriously unreliable anyway. Safe to say, I’m glad I held onto him.

    Heppell’s injury means my plan of relegating Fyfe to M9 is gone (will have to stick to Titch and cash in Fyfe), as I’d much rather trust a Bob Murphy type over Grimes (my current D7). Bummer, but everyone’s in a similar boat I guess.

  • Team Name: Moonwalker
    Round 21 Score: 2,041
    League Results: W W W DNP
    Finals Positions: Prelims X3
    DT Studs: Swan, Ebert, Steven, JPK, Bartel
    DT Duds: Heppell, Rance, Brodie Smith, Motlop, J.Hill
    On the Chopping Block: Brodie Smith
    Jack Steven (125) and Josh P Kennedy (126) probably saved my team from a shocking score. put faith in both and didn’t fail me.