Ep 005: Mad Monday Podcast ahead of Round 14


Listen in now to the fifth DT TALK Mad Monday Podcast. We chat DT for about 20 minutes every Monday arvo, so make us part of your Monday evening or Tuesday commute! Subscribe now in iTunes and feel free to give us a rating and comment.

This Mad Monday we talk about:

  • Around the grounds
  • +3 votes, -3 votes
  • The big injury and suspension issues with Barlow, Scooter and Stevie J (plus Birchall)
  • Trade issues of the week including Roy’s Top 4
  • Discussion on the changes to DT this year
  • A sneak peek at Calvin’s Captains for this week
  • And a reminder to come to the Star Bar in Launceston on Thursday night for DT TALK LIVE!

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  • how long is scooter out for?

  • 6-8 weeks, Goodes is unlikely against Melbourne, Stevie J out, Barlow touch and go, carnage already !!!!

  • The SJ call is bullocks. How does Lindsay Thomas get nothing! Compare and contrast.
    Lindsay Thomas hit Reid 5metres off the ball when the play was dead (ball clearly heading out of bounds) – SJ hit Hanley when Hanley HAD THE BALL!
    Both SJ and Thomas hit mainly the body with the head incidental contact.
    Hanley was Fine and came back on and played the whole game – Reid was concussed dazed bleeding from the face and played no further part in the game.
    Neither Thomas nor Johnson left the ground.
    So Thomas bumps Reid 5 metres off the ball with a blatant cheap shot that left reid concussed and out for the game in an act that had no positive effect on the contest as the ball was heading out.
    SJ bumps Hanley clearly in the play and has the positive effect for geelong in dispossessing him, whilst Hanley is fine and plays the rest of the game.
    HOW possible does Thomas get absolutely nothing for a grub cheap shot miles off the ball that severly injures the opponent and SJ gets 2 weeks fair a fair bump in the play that his opponent shakes off in 2 minutes!!!

    • Mate, I agree with you… but he’ll go. I actually reckon Stevie mis-times his hit on Hanley because of the slight change of direction following the Corey tackle. It ain’t fair, but that’s the way the MRP operate these days. Effing morons the lot of them!

    • Agreed!

  • How exactly does the captain loophole work? Is it, (for me) put stanton as vice, then put someone who isnt playing as captian on the field? Then change the captain if I decide stanton isjt up to scratch?

    Someone put it out in clearest form- dont wanna get it wrong

  • Heppell or boyd who is better to have in your team?

  • I can’t believe any experienced DT’er would say that tom mitchell is good for 80+ every week. HE’S PLAYED 3 GAMES! i could name sooooo many guys who have beasted for a few weeks the past 3 years only to hit a brick wall. but lets face it, this site is only to see what advice the masses take, so thank you for what you have suggested :)

    • Bahaha. Ok! Have you not taken a look at his DT scoring history? The kid is a ball magnet. An 80 average from here isn’t a ridiculous thing. I would love to have a punt with you on that… in this day an age of sub vests though, I’ll be a little bit smarter with my money. Rather than ‘hitting the wall’, I think the club will manage him beautifully.

      Thanks for stopping by to see what the masses will do (which I’m not sure what that is off the back of Calvin saying he’s good for 80).

      • ever heard of horsley? probably not

        • Haha. Great example! I’ll raise you Barlow.

        • Horsley is a terrible example……that bloke has limited skills hence why it took him so long to get an AFL game and why he can’t get one at the moment.
          Mitchell has many facets to his game to score in DT, which is why he will continue to score well. Can tackle, finds the ball inside and outside, hits the scoreboard, cheap marks…….all the things you need to score.

          • And as Luffy says from Champion Data, there hasn’t been a game that they’ve covered where he hasn’t racked it up.

  • listen, so you think the reason you made ground in the bye weeks was because you traded better than other teams? let me enlighten you. teams outside the top 2000 are most likely playing for league wins. the fact you are playing for overall and leapfrog a bunch of teams in the bye is hardly something to brag about, just think about that

    • Because with two trades per week, every week those playing for league wins aren’t trying to make their team better? Yes some may be stacked heavier in other rounds, but is that not to say Roy traded better than others? He scored 2020, 1927 and 1857. Is that not a great average over the bye rounds? Better than most in the top 100. Right… just think about that.

    • Obviously Johnson you have no appreciation for this site, no one is forcing you to read any articles or listen to podcasts.. Give it a rest

      • Johnson has nothing better to do than be negative. Never has he once contributed positively to any discussion. I’m glad he’s listening. Better to have a hater than no one listening at all I guess.

  • I love the Irish pirate!
    Boydy captain BANG!

    Cheers Calvin!
    Hopefully see you boys in Perth in July 2013,

    • Hmm… wait for CCs. I’ll be staying away from Boydy. Pig has the numbers to back up selection for me. Wednesday 6pm!

      • Boydy was the pirate’s rd13 bye special!
        transmission normal resumes … ;p

  • people in big money leagues trade based on schedule. so while it might not net the most overall value, you trade based on opponent. i’m sure you’ll just end up deleting my comments as that seems to be your MO anytime you encounter anything other than praise

    • No mate. Comments will stay. I noticed that these were pending (needing moderating)… because 1 year ago you just came here trolling the site. You registered to comment on things just to be a cockhead throughout Calvin’s Captains. There’s no need to delete anything, I’m up for any form of conversation – especially stuff that has some reason behind it (which you seem to be doing a bit of tonight, kudos). You previous comments were bagging for the sake of it.

    • i disagree with you Johnno, the boys take constructive criticism from what i’ve seen no sweat – trolling is a totally different issue …

    • Johnson mate, you are a joke

  • Sounds like someone had some bad bye rounds….

  • Glad I interjected there a bit.
    Like Hotties, I can’t see what your big issue is Johnno tbh – the fellas are just giving an opinion … you know what they say about those. ;p

  • actually i think my comments on the captains was valid. it was deleted a week ago simply because i highlighted the limitations of the analysis. as i said though, if you aren’t open to discussion, i’m happy to watch the masses oblige

    • Mate, it wasn’t deleted… it was pending and I didn’t have a chance to look at any of that until the weekend. Point was very valid. I just didn’t hit approve as it was probably pointless 4 days later.

      Discuss all you like mate. Your captains comments last year were trolling in anyone’s language.

      “this article cracks me up. he bombs picking captains, so he simply reverts to putting the guys with the 3 highest averages as top 3, and picking the top scoring midfielder from last week as #1.”

      “It’s simple, to see what the masses who can’t think for themselves are going to go with. Plays into strategy against an opponent.”

      That’s what you opened with in your debut post and then got into an argument. Anyway… point taken. You are better than everyone else at DT. The masses are noobs… etc, blah blah blah. Enjoy the $50K, legend.

  • That is one salty johnson

  • So Barlow 1-2 weeks? Really? His jaw is fractured, he tweeted earlier asking for soup recipes haha so Perhaps 3-4 weeks?

    • Even with all the trades, I’m not sure how anyone could afford to trade Barlow unless more than 4 weeks. Fingers crossed it is 2 weeks or so. I imagine we’ve all got decent backup there; i’ll be keeping and playing JOM while he’s out.

      • Yeah, I am gonna have to keep jaeger and t Mitchell in the starting team, hopefully ball is back from injury so I can throw him in off te bench

  • lol, exactly…you act like you finish #1 yet you criticize anyone interjecting.

    my comments were 100% the truth, you just didn’t care for the fact that it didn’t agree with you

    • “lol, exactly…you act like you finish #1 yet you criticize anyone interjecting.”
      Who are you talking about? Warnie? More like yourself

    • Hang on. So me giving my point of view is seen as not being able to take criticism? And 100% the truth? Can’t I disagree. Oh boy. Whether I’m ranked at 1 or 200K… I’m allowed to have an opinion. It’s just that you have shown in every single comment you have had on this site that yours differs and YOU criticise something you don’t agree with. Pot. Kettle. Black.

      Thanks for taking the time out of your awesome life to come and spread some joy around here. It’s clear you think we’re idiots, let’s leave it at that. Once again, thanks for stopping by.

      Here’s his last trolling effort before tonight’s yearly fun for him… (has it got something to do with that bloody big moon outside?)

      • Good stuff Warnie, what you boys have achieved with DT and this site has been awesome for all those new to the game…….hence why this game has become so competitive.
        Unforunately the more successful you become at things (this site), the more people will want to rag on you and talk crap. Fortunately these people are very much in the minority and most people on this site love what is and has been offered.
        You boys should be proud of the efforts over the year and don’t let one person here and there ruin it……cause in life there will always be someone talking rubbish about you somewhere.
        Head up & be proud mate.

      • Wow, Johnson has obviously done a course in keyboard warrior 101. All the classics…

        • This trolling tirade has been brought to you from Mom’s basement. Mom’s basement supporting disaffected internet heroes and their one manchild fight against the masses for far too long.

  • Everyone has forgotten about Vlaustin!! What is the go on him?

    I am stuck for a trade at the moment. I could trade out Vlaustin or Burgoyne…but would only have that amount of cash to spend and can’t find any decent mid-priced defenders :(

    I was considering getting in Wilson, but will wait for Jeppa’s Juniors before that…

    I could also ignore both of them and get rid of Johnson, but as I am playing for league wins, I could cope with him being out for up to 2 weeks…

    Got any advice people?

    • Wilson has very little JS in my opinion, I was very surprised he played against Hawthawn myself. Only go near if named, and desperate, would personally go to that Melbourne rookie who’s name I’ve forgotten for 15k less as well

    • Yeah, wait for Clisby. Vlastuin was having a poor game before he was injured. I would still keep him as he’s solid enough to keep around D6 or 7.

    • Okay then so maybe not Wilson…but remember that Hurn is out for the next 8 weeks with a bad ankle injury…so there could be space for him in light of that.

      Any advice you can give me on the whole?

      Was thinking of going Scooter -> Swan but also want Gibbs & don’t have enough cash for both.

      Defenders: Goddard, Enright, Burgoyne, Ibbotson, Shaw, Thurlow, (Stevenson, Frost)
      Midfielders: Ablett, S Selwood, Dangerfield, Selwood, O’Meara, Johnson, Vlastuin, Mitchell, (Cotchin, Martin)
      Rucks: Cox, Jacobs, (Nicholls, Currie)
      Forwards: Bartel, Martin, Kennedy, Franklin, Cloke, Daniher, (Stringer, Rowe)

  • That johnson guy disgraces the name of stevie j. What a dick.

  • Birchall
    Hold or fold?

    • Fold! Out for 4-6 weeks and maybe more

    • If you have the cash and don’t have Gibbs then you need I get on to him

      • I’ve got Gibbs already just gonna downgrade to Daniher through staker DPP and the get rid of Mccaffer for Boyd

  • Anyone else’s DT Elite redirecting itself until it dies?

    I can’t access my team and so am having concerns whether it’s just me or others as well?

  • I know this isn’t the right spot for this, but am I the only one who is surprised that last year’s Brownlow medalist admitting to taking a banned substance has caused nought but a ripple in today’s news. Isn’t this usually around the time when reporter’s start going ape-sh$t and camping out in front of peoples homes?

  • Heppell/Boyd/J selwood who is more important?

  • Lads, is the iPhone app twitter feed working or am I the only one with an issue?

  • Birchall out 4-6 weeks.
    That’s made alot of people’s decisions a bit easier this week!

  • Oh the early carnage!
    Stevie J,Barlow, Birchall,GoodesB,any others?
    Not sure who to trade.