Monday night footy… is lockout over yet?


milneyIt feels like it’s been a very long round. The Saints v Blues finishes the round on a Monday night and lockout will finish well after midnight. Discuss the last game and your scores while waiting for DT to open.


  • Wines > Priddis

    Should I do

    Jaeger > Johnson or Ablett ?

  • Lockout is over!

    Gone up to rank 516 overall (even with Hartlett, Neade, Stevenson & Co. on the field for me), and have a team value higher than all but one in the current top 10. Long way to go yet, but I’m hoping this is my year for a best ever finish!

  • Sitting inside top 250 and really stoked after a rough couple of rds. Plenty of coin in the kitty as well but where to spend? Priddis comes in for wines, his price is too tasty and wines with a BE of 99, he has done his job and done it well. Is lonergan worth bringing in for viney? Will be taking up a bench spot, or laird for pittard, also on bench

    • There’s money still left in Pittard and since you’ve hung onto him for this long…

      Not sold on Lonergan. I’m angling towards a sneaky re-pickup of Brad Crouch(!) If they both play the same amount for similar scores of course Lonergan will make more money, but I reckon Crouch will score better and have better JS which may give him the edge overall in the quick buck stakes.

  • Hanley or Ellis? Surely Ellis is safe from the vest now?

    • Ellis is not cheap anymore. Hanley surely gets the most +6’s in DT….

      • Is Laird playing. Also should i dump Hartlett, Neade or Stevenson. If so who to?

    • Hanley is as good as they come in terms of DT defenders.

      Also, this is the last week his year low score of 62 is in his 3 week rolling average. With a BE of 60, I don’t think you’ll find him any cheaper from here onwards.

  • Ranked 1300, and a double upgrade this week lads……. #B0000000M

  • who would you pick out of danger, dusty, priddis and Thomas for wines money no object but these guys all won’t be this cheap for a while with low break evens. already have Watson, ablett, swan, murphy and barlow

    • Hard choice. I allready have danger, brining in priddis this week and thomas next week. But dusty does play melb this week too… short term dusty good option. Long term i think danger is better.

      Priddis is propally not as good as danger but still solid.

      Thomas plays geel next week so im holding one more week on him his price wont rise too much.

      My predictions for next week are dusty 140, danger 120, priddis 100, thomas 80.

      Long term average. danger 110 pridis/dusty 100, thomas 95

  • DEF:Goddard,Heppel,Hartlett,Shaw,Terlich,Thurlow (Stevenson,Pittard)
    MID:Swan,Watson,Pendelbury,Cotchin,Wines,Dangerfield,Mayes,Omeara (Neade,Goodes)
    RUC: Cox,Leunbeurger (Currie,Blicavs)
    FWD:Rockliff,Martin,Bartel,Kennedy,Sylvia,Thomas (Mcaffer,Rowe)
    1k in bank

    option 1; Wines>Hutchings Sylvia>Ablett
    option 2; Wines>Hutchings Sylvia> Reiwoldt/Johnson
    option 3; Wines> Hutchings Stevenson> Birchall/Scotland

    Trade suggestions, do i need a forward or midfielder?

    • I would be careful of bringing hutchings (eagles) in.

      Players to come back -> masten, kerr, waters, embley… all are meant to be fit for next weeks match.

      Players likely to be dropped -> Dalizell, Smith, Brennan, Hutchings, Maybe sheppard and Brown.

      Not great JS

    • You need ablett

  • Should I trade out Hartlett, Stevenson or Neade. If so who? Also who should i trade out for wines? 180,000 in the bank. Ranked 3,000