Lest We Forget: Round 5 Review


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  • Team Name: The ASBO 5
    Round 5 Score: 2040
    League Results: WLW
    DT Studs: Ablett, Mayes
    DT Duds: Hoff, Cloke, Gibbs, Hodge, Cotchin, Goodes, Dwyer (So many!)
    On the Chopping Block: Hodge and Goodes/Cloke
    Round 5 trades: Not sure yet.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Traded Reiwoldt for Cloke. Worst decision ever.

  • Can we still reverse our changes?

  • Team Name: Pigs in Space
    Round 5 Score: 2,211
    League Results: www
    Votes: 3 Scooter; 2 O’Meara; 1 Mayes
    Spuds: The goal umpires
    On the Chopping Block: Moloney
    Round 5 trades: Vanilla. I traded Mayes and Evans in for Kommer and Viney.

  • Team Name: G-Train Station
    Round 5 Score: 2158
    League Results: WWW
    DT Studs: Hartlett, Mayes, O’Meara, Rockliff,
    DT Duds: Cloke, Mundy, Gibbs, Rowe
    On the Chopping Block: Mundy,
    Round 5 trades: Should I keep Mundy?
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Kicking myself that I traded Fyfe to Mundy after round 1. What was I thinking!?

  • Team Name: Big V Superstars
    Round 5 Score: 2122
    League Results: WLWWW
    DT Studs: Mayes, O’Meara, Rockliff, Mitchell, Heppell, Goddard
    DT Duds: Westhoff, B. Goodes, Buddy
    On the Chopping Block: Westhoff
    Round 5 trades: Westhoff-Stevie J; B. Goodes-Hartlett.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Mitchell as a unique and is one of my favourite players.

  • Team Name: The Red Vests
    Round 5 Score: 1964
    League Results: WWLL
    DT Studs: Swan, Stanton, Hartlett, O’Meara, Rockliffe (Mayes)
    DT Duds: Here we go… Gibbs, Atley, Mullett, Daw, WESTHOFF, Dwyer
    On the Chopping Block: Westhoff, Mumford/Moloney/backline rook
    Round 5 trades: Hoff>Stevie J and either Mumford>Gawn, Moloney>Ablett/Swallow, Pittard/Heath/Gibbs to Birch. B/e’s to be considered.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Have 1000 words to say here but tbh three are enough. Lest We Forget. Ever grateful.

  • Team Name:C.J Heat
    Round 5 Score:2092
    League Results:WWWW
    DT Studs:Swan, CAblett, Heppell,Goddard, JOM, Swallow, Mayes, Rockliff, Watson, Cox
    DT Duds:Deledio, Goodes, Cloke, Dwyer, Hoff
    On the Chopping Block:JPK-Stevie J and Hoff-Buddy
    Round 5 trades:^^^^^
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Won all my leagues after copping a donut

  • Team Name: Future Injury List
    Round 5 Score: 2069
    League Results: W-W-W
    DT Studs: Mayes, Rockliff, Swan, O’Meara, Watson, K Jack.
    DT Duds: Rowe, Westhoff, Gibbs, Monfries.
    On the Chopping Block: Rioli, Westhoff, Goodes, Rioli (sadly).
    Round 5 trades: Deledio -> Swan, Kommer -> Mayes
    The round started very well for me but Rowe, Gibbs & Westhoff banded together to sabotage my week! Unfortunately I’ve been struck by another injury (Rioli) which means once again I wont have much choice in my trades this week.

  • Team Name: The Muppets
    Round 5 Score: 2193
    League Results: WWWWW
    DT Studs: Ablett, O’Meara, Rockcliff, Mitchell, Riewoldt, Selwood
    DT Duds: Gibbs, Buddy, D.Pearce
    On the Chopping Block: Redden, Gibbs
    Round 5 trades: Gibbs for Hartlett, Redden for Stevie J
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Nick Riewoldt

  • Team Name: Koalas
    Round 5 Score: 2060
    League Results: WWWWW
    DT Studs: Mayes(On the bench, last time ever I field Whitfield), Rockliff, Swan, O’Meara, Goddard, Pendlebury, Ablett, Cox, Leuenberger, Moloney, Kennedy, Martin
    DT Duds: Rowe, Westhoff, Gibbs, Dangerfield
    On the Chopping Block: The Hoff and Blicavs
    Round 5 trades: Hoff> Zaha or Stevie J…..Blicavs>Gawn…
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Am putting the wrong players on the bench, something that is costing me valuable points…

  • Team Name: Under The Sea
    Round 5 Score: 2149
    League Results: WWWWW
    DT Studs: Swan, Rockliff, O’Meara, Leuenberger, Zorko, Martin, Mayes
    DT Duds: Gibbs, Viney
    On The Chopping Block: Bartel
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Brisbane players pulled through to get me 5 league wins despite playing with a donut

  • Barely cracked 1800 with a 0 instead of Stevenson. Terrible!

    BUt with 600K in the bank even after two trades this week I’m not too fussed.

  • Team Name: have no clue
    Round 5 Score: 2146
    League Results: WLLWW
    DT Studs: Swanny, Gaz, Mayes, Rocky, O’Meara, Cox, Luey, Kennedy
    DT Duds: Westhoff, Gibbs, Cotch
    On the Chopping Block: Westhoff, one of the port rooks
    Round 5 Trades: still unsure but want to upgrade one of the port rooks
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: happy with that score and for once my benching decisions weren’t too costly

  • Team Name: The Brak Show
    Round 5 Score: 2165
    League Results: WWWWW
    DT Studs: Ablett, Swan, Stanton, O’Meara, Rockliff, Cox, Mayes, Goddard, Heppell
    The almost studs: JPK, Moloney, Leuenberger, JJK
    DT Duds: Cloke, Gibbs,
    On the Chopping Block: Pittard, Brown, Viney
    Round 5 trades: need some cash but will wait for injuries, suspensions, rested players etc.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Traded Stevenson to Birchall. Birchall scores 80, Stevenson is late inclusion and scores 82

  • Team Name: Hardly Athletic
    Round 5 Score: 2108
    League Results: W
    DT Studs: Gaz, O’Meara, Mayes, Rocky, Zorko
    DT Duds: Westhoff, Buddy, Gibbs
    On the Chopping Block: Westhoff, Rowe, Gibbs, Goodes, Crouch
    Round 5 trades: Probably Hoff to Stevie J
    Would like to bring in either Gawn or Laird
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: I was hoping to double downgrade rookies this week, then double upgrade next week. As usual, injuries/suspensions/large BE’s have altered my plans. Such as life in DT.

  • Team Name: CoyneE1991
    Round 5 Score: 2126
    League Results: WW
    DT Studs: Rocky, Swan, O’Meara, Mayes
    DT Duds: Gibbs, franklin
    On the Chopping Block: Gibbs? Depending on injury
    Round 5 trades: ^^^^

  • High scoring round.
    Scored 2116 and dropped from 1,105 to 1,187 position.
    Gonna be hard at the pointy end.
    Got the cash for all you early upgraders though. :P

  • Team Name: Dead Last
    Round 5 Score: 2098
    League Results:LLWLW
    DT Studs: Mayes, O’Meara, Barlow, Ablett, Swan
    DT Duds: Hoff, Hodge, Goldstein
    On the Chopping Block: Hoff & Hodge
    Round 5 trades: Watson in

  • Team Name: ‘The DreamTeam’
    Round 5 Score: 2153
    League Results: WW
    DT Studs:heppell, goddard,swan(c), jack, O’Meara, rocky, cox and mayes
    DT Duds: gibbs, cotchin
    On the Chopping Block: goodes
    Round 5 trades: No idea yet
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: happy i chose mayes over evans and put him on the field, got me over the line in one of my head to head matches

  • Team Name: Dreamteam United
    Round 5 Score: 2037
    League Results: W-W-W-L
    DT Studs: Rockliff,Barlow,Ablett,Swallow,Pendles,Mayes
    DT Duds: Dwyer,Plowman
    On the Chopping Block: Bartel,Stevens,Plowman,Blicavs
    Round 5 trades: ???
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: 2 guns in this week that has bumped my projection over 2200 for the first time this season. Hoping to build on it. Disappointed couldn’t squeeze Gawn in this week for Blicavs, but with some luck he might get dropped for Vardy depending on how he went in the VFL over the weekend, because he’s not looking good to break even @ 44! Hannath or maybe Currie’s time is near?
    Btw im looking to bring in Wellingham in the coming weeks (based on form also) for O’Meara or Viney when they peak. Thoughts anyone? $424k seems ok for a player I think will avg.95+? Im an eagles fan, yet no other player in that price range has appealed to me yet?

    • Cant see wellingham averaging 95+ personally. It’s rare for me to ever find a player that appeals in that price range. Personally I’d take Moloney over Wellingham for 50k less and I would suggest similar averages.

      • Wellingham will play predominately in the Eagles Midfield I reckon, Luke Shuey and Masten Back to that High half forward role that Wellingham played at the Pies. With Sharrod working in and outside i think he can avg.95 easily, Got 28 touches in the WAFL on thursday and if my theory is correct it wont be any surprise he’s brought into teams as that 5th FWD. Altought Daisy might drop to around $400-420k mark pre-round 8.
        Moloney is gone out of my team for mayes last week!

  • Team Name: BROga
    Round 5 Score: 2056
    League Results: W W W L
    DT Studs: Rocky, Ablett, Swanny, Cox, Leuey, O’meara, Heppell, Martin, JJennedy
    DT Duds: THE HOFF. Gibbs, M. Jones, B. Goodes, Dangerfield
    On the Chopping Block: Dangerfield, Bartel, Lids, JPK
    Round 5 trades: Dangerfield and Patton to Murphy & Paparone
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: i have yet to crack the 2.1k

  • Team Name: SD
    Round 5 Score: 2149
    League Results: WWW
    DT Studs: GAJ, Rocky, The Pig, Jaeger, Willie Mayes, Hartlett
    DT Duds: Buddy, Gibbs, Dwyer
    On the Chopping Block: Blicavs, Dwyer, Wines
    Round 5 trades: Moloney to Mayes & Viney to Evans
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Mayes, great cash grab. Wines upgrade … anyone dare to pull the trigger this early?!

  • Team Name: SouthBeachTalents
    Round 5 Score: 2087
    League Results: W
    DT Studs: Dixon, Stevenson (saved me from Pittard’s 0), Ablett, O’meara, Mayes, Luenberger, Rockliff
    DT Duds: Gibbs, Goodes, Cotchin, Fyfe, Rowe, Robinson, Dwyer, Westhoff
    On the Chopping Block: Blicavs, Westhoff, Robinson
    Round 5 trades: Westhoff/Robinson – Johnson, Blicavs – Cox/Goldstein
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Having $729,600 sitting in the kitty and getting a W feels great. Big moves this week and will still have between $250k and $350 to make another big splash next week. Fyfe is only a dud because he was on 51 at half time. He went missing way too easily under a tag from Jackson.

  • Team Name: Savages
    Round 5 Score: 2165
    League Results: WLWWW
    DT Studs: Ablett, Swan, Rocky, Mayes
    DT Duds: Dangerfeild, Gibbs, Goodes, Whitfeild
    On the Chopping Block: Dangerfeild. Not good enuogh for prem mid, given him 3 chances now hes out
    Round 5 trades: Potential trades: Blicvas to Gawn & Dangerfeild to Watson
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: What worries me is the port 3 defence rookies and goodes omitted for a few rounds. perhaps early cash cow culling is on the cards. should be interesting to see how it plays out this week. Happy with the result none the less

  • Team Name: M.I.A.
    Round 5 Score: 2155 which picked me up nearly 4k spots to 6211
    League Results: Wins across the board
    DT Studs: Captain GAJ, Rockliff, Swan, Goddard, Heppell, Watson, O’meara, Mayes & Cox. Special mentions to Kennedy, Berger and Martin
    DT Duds:Buddy, Giibs, Goodes, Monfries, Danger. Bartel lucky to escape inclusion
    On the Chopping Block:Danger/Bartel
    Round 5 trades: Lets wait and see what the MRP says first.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: My FMDT moment of 2013 – trading out byrnes two weeks ago and crying while he averages 112.5 since.

  • Team Name: Victorious Secret
    Round 5 Score: 2059
    League Results: WWW
    DT Studs: GAJ, Swan, Rockliff, O’Meara, Mayes
    DT Duds: Hoff
    On the Chopping Block: Chaos in the backline, so considering Gibbs, Goodes, Pittard but also have Mullet, Libba & Hoff
    Round 5 trades: with Gibbs injured and Goodes most likely to be suspended…thinking to trade one of those and a port rookie, probably Pittard – bring in Hartlett and Laird. With Gibbs’s 54 to be in his system for a couple of weeks after his return – thinking to get him after his price drop, so trade Gibbs and Pittard for Hartlett and Laird, then later upgrade other Port rookie to Gibbs
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Backline malfunction, need to inject some new blood. Glad did not invest in Hodge after the cracker he had against the Pies!!!

  • Who to get rid of Cloke or Buddy?