DT TALK 2013: Rd 5 ANZAC Day Special Edition

With the ANZAC Day games this week, Round 5 gives us a partial lockout. The boys take you through all you need to know ahead of Thursday and the weekend. We also get a visit from our masked friend, Chopper.

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  • +1

  • Great stuff guys!!!
    I can’t speak highly enough of the work u put into this site.
    Keep it up

    • Oh and YES!!! More chopper
      Haha always gets a smile out of you for all the pain the players he has talked about have done to you.

  • Calvin, can you tell me about the loophole?

  • Hi guys gr8 stuff.
    Can someone tell me am I better getting Gaz in the Mids or Birch in my backline.

    • Get Gaz!

      • I’m faced with the same dilemma.. I’ve gone Birchall for the reason that Birch is going to increase in price, Ablett is still dropping and at this stage Birch has just as much scoring potential (hasn’t missed a tonne yet against 4 quality sides). Birch is also soon to come up against GWS, GC and Melb ! Ablett’s b/e is 133 so unless he pulls out a 150 this week (he is playing gws so who knows), he is most likely to drop another 10k this week.

  • *insert whole team, 14 possible trade scenarios, ask for advice without adding any of own input and finish with token gratitude here*


    Scott Selwood ($526,800 BE: 48) or Kane Corns ($549,600 BE: 47)

    • Tough one ! Cornes is a lot more consistent but Port have played GWS, GC and Melb so that could change.. in saying that, Selwood has had 2 good scores but they were against Melb and scored well against Carlton running with Murphy. I would personally choose Cornes based on the fact Scott Selwood is a tagger and there will be games where he sacrifices DT points to keep his opponents quiet.. Cornes has always scored well, not this well but he is fairly consistent. So Cornes for me

  • Awesome ep. boys.
    I have finally lost it, putting Danger on the bench as emergency and going with Wines, O’Meara, Viney and Mayes on the field. Cannot decide between the last 3 (Wines is staying on field all year). Danger has an average of 82 against Carlton and will get the Carrots tag, but worst of all he has a 62 average at the MCG!!! If someone can think of a reason to put him on the field I’m all ears. (Traded JPK -> Mayes but thinking I should get rid of Danger instead)

    • Is Danger really your most pressing problem right now?

    • Mate, your team so do want you want. No-one cares if you want to drop down the ranking. :-)

    • Why not just trade him then? For you not to start a premo is crazy. Either trade him or start him.

    • Because the stats you quote are from the past and players grow and improve and learn how to deal with tags, and even if Danger has a shit game he will score 60/70, if he deals with the tag or if they move the tag to Thompson he’ll pull off 80+.. If Danger plays shit he’ll score 60/70, if Mayes/Viney have good games for their standard they’ll score 60/70 .. surely that makes it obvious …. if your going to have Danger on the bench you may as well trade him for a premo

  • Feedback would be great will do the same:

    DEF -Goddard,Birchall,Gibbs,Heppell,Goodes,Pittard(Stevenson,Terlich)
    MID -Swan, Pendles,Fyfe,Danger,Moloney,Wines,O’Meara,Crouch(Viney,Mitchell)
    RUCK – Cox,Berger(Daw,Blicavs)
    FWDS – Rockliff,Bartel,Dusty,Robinson,JJK,Dwyer(Macaffer,Neade)


    • Looks like my team a few weeks ago .. What trades have you done ? Either upgrade some mids like moloney who won’t earn much more, to premo’s .. or look at swapping Neade to Mayes .. try and get Mitchell out of your team too he isn’t earning any more points this year

  • Love your work guys!
    What do you think about trading Dusty Martin to Stevie J?

  • Heard Clokes BE of 2 mentioned…what are peoples thoughts on an upgrade to Cloke, then next week trade down to Mitch Robinson. Would net 60k after Cloke’s price rise, Robinson plays Melbourne next week and I still think he can be a top 6 forward this year (so a price of around 415-420k is extremely underpriced). Thoughts?

  • Josh J Kennedy out for buddy or not, im wanting to do that this week so i can go westhoff to stevie j and goldsetin to mcevoy as next weeks trades.

    • Yes ? all makes sense to me why not

    • Depends on how the rest of your team is doing, If there is nothing you need to change then this could be a good move. It will be nice to see how Westhoff goes this weekend, Could prove to be a keeper. I still think it’s a good time to keep bringing in rookies and making what money you can while they are available as they will slowly run out of stock.

      • Heppell,Gibbs,Goddard,Goodes,Piitard,Stevenson

  • Good show lads!!

    My team at the moment is:

    DEF: Heppell, Gibbs, Goddard, Goodes, Pittard, Stevenson (Heath, Frost)
    MID: Swan, Ablett, Cotchin, Pendles, Watson, Wines, OMeara, Crouch (Viney, K.Mitchell)
    RUC: Cox, Berger (Rowe, Blicavs)
    FOR: Westhoff, Rockcliff, Martin, Bartel, Mayes, Dwyer (Neade, Macaffer)

    Cash: $152,800

    Brought Mayes in last week and paid off. Still got my two trades for this week.

    First Trade LOCKED is:

    Was thinking of as Second Trade:

    Thoughts on 2nd or other suggestions?? Thanks!

    • Cloke’s definitely worth it this week. I’d expect Bartel to have a better game than last week against the Dogs though.

      I’d say that’s a smart trade though.

      • what about trading ablett out (cause of the injury) then swapping mayes to mids then bringing in cloke?

  • What Do i Do with JPK? Boak? Cornes?

  • I was planning on trading waters -> birchall but now waters is likely to be named, should i just stay with waters and downgrade someone?

  • Help please!




  • I’m in serious trouble with my team right now.. I need to get rid of Broughton (in the backline that is), but I have three other people I’m seriously considering trading. (Mitchell, JP Kennedy and/or a forward for Cloke.)

    This is my team right now:

    DEF: Gibbs, Goddard, Pearce, Goodes, Heath, Broughton (Stevenson, Terlich)
    MID: Swan, Ablett, Mitchell, Wines, Mundy, Kennedy, Moloney, O’Maera (Viney, Crouch)
    RUC: Cox, Leuenberger (Rowe, Blicavs)
    FOR: Rockliff, Kennedy, Franklin, Monfries, Neade, Macaffer (Karnezis, Lee)

    With only $51,800 left over.

    A few trades I’m considering are..

    Mitchell/JP Kennedy > Boak – This wouldn’t allow me to get Heppell.
    Broughton > Heppell – This would take place after downgrading a midfielder or forward.
    Karnezis > Mayes

    I was also considering getting Cloke for Buddy or maybe Monfries.

    Any suggestions on what trades I should go for, or other trades I could use?

  • Thoughts on westhoff as captain. Against the eagles at adelaide??

    • Good idea, but perhaps as a backup via the loophole to either Swan (VC), Pendles (VC), or Stanton (VC) who play tomorrow.

      • Only have cloke or watson as options for tomorrow?

        • Either seems fine to me. Clokes ceiling is around 145..I feel Watson can do that to, but on a more regular basis, but one day he’s gonna join the likes of Selwood, Swan and Ablett by pumping out a 170.

          But on form for now, i’d be going with Cloke

  • Brad Crouch to miss a couple of matches.

    Will be back in time for those of us who failed to pick him up already to get on.