Searching for DT scores: Round 2 Review


Round 2 has been run and won… it wasn’t an easy round and plenty of us were embarrassed by some of our decisions and vests. Others were embarrassed in other ways – hello Ricky Henderson. Anyway, the round is over so it’s time to discuss our teams. Again, it wasn’t the best of rounds, so here’s your outlet to vent, brag or whatever. Let us know who your studs and duds are and your plans this week.

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  • looking to make 2 trades to get quick $$$ and trade some back to the team.

    1) Hibberd > Dixon ($40k price rise & GCS next 3rnds looks good)
    2) KMithcel > Mullett or Merrett (cash generation)
    3) Zorko > The Hoff (154 looks attractive for 2-3rnds) or JJK
    4) JPK or Swan > Libba

    thoughts of which 2?

    • Look to get in JJK. Has scored well in two tough matches, so you’d imagine he’ll have no problems against the Dees this week. In fact, his upcoming opponents before the bye look to be overall fairly favourable. I’m swapping Karnezis to him. Because I also own Sylvia and Robbo, there’s a fair chance the Hoff might get a look in. Not expecting constant tons against the more difficult opponents, but should at least get a few decent price rises. Might be a nice swap to Stevie J after round 4 or 5.

      • Cheers. Agree with you there. He will have a good run and even better once WCE improves on their Inside 50s. I also have Karny but might give him one more week before thinking of trading him out in Rnd4. Zorko’s price looks set to plummet which can’t be overlooked.

    • Look, cash generation is great and all, but you shouldn’t go overboard with this shit. We’ve got rookies for that. You forget that the most important thing is scoring points. Dixon, Mullett, The Hoff and Libba might jump in price, they are more likely to stink it up compared compared to premos like Zorko, JPK and Swan.

  • for those asking for breakevens, buy assistant coaches you tight asses

  • hot news…
    lecras a chance to play this week..

    • i doubt it stimpy, no point risking him against casey scorpions this week

      • straight from the mouth of woosha

        • Woosha may have said it but not worth the risk, highly doubt he will actually play or if he does you’d think he is almost guaranteed a vest…

  • Who is Aaron Mullett and how has this guy slipped under my radar?!

  • Team Name:dale”s dynamos
    Round 2 Score: 2043
    DT Studs:Watson o”meara Whitfield
    DT Duds:karnezis watts
    On the Chopping Block:Karnezis watts
    Trading watts for Dixon two great scores he looks good and trading Karnezis for JJK he’s looking good also!

  • what does everyone reckon about JPK?
    Keep him or trade him

    • You can trade him to Libba if you are looking to make some cash or trade him to a higher premo like Pendles.

      • yeh not sure hey, i ahve 800k tho

        • ? @twobeemee

          • woah!! 800k? awesome job. I’d go for the higher premos like Pendles or Cotchin (assuming you have Swan or Ablett or both already). Watson also but might get Crowley tagged this week. If you want a safe option, pick a WCE mid against Dees

          • @twobeemee sorry i hafto reply here it wont let me reply below, i have cotchin so maybe pendles or swallow?

            or do you think i should upgrade karnezis to dusty or some other trade?

          • If you have other weaknesses to patch up.. I’d go with that first before trading JPK. Karnezis to Dusty is a better trade. Maybe also consider NRiewoldt against GWS this week.

          • oo yeah sounds good, but i donno do you think riewoldt is not consistant enough?

  • Ok lads, serious stuff. Any advice welcome and much appreciated as always. In the mix (at this very early stage) do I:

    1) Swing Cox into the FWD line and trade Karntgetakickzis > Leuey? FWIW I’ve been totally against Leuey all preseason.
    2) Trade Karntlips to Dwyer and upgrade Danger and bank $100k
    3) Trade K. Mitchell to Dwyer and upgrade Danger
    4) Downgrade Danger > Moloney and upgrade Karnezis

    • id have to say option 4 however option 1 is also very good, mate purely up to you, depends on who you upgrade up fowrard. ie rocky, chapman, bartel should all treat you well

    • Got 250k left so doing similar to option 1. Already got Leuey so its Cox to fwds and Kreuz into ruck. Hands up those who would swap Hibberd for Heppell also !

    • number 1 I think, I thought 95 against Raines was a good effort from Danger, he has some big hundreds in him.

      I was hesitant about Leuey too, but at least you know he will get a full game, it takes away the stress of hoping Karnezis doesn’t get dropped or subbed

    • Depends on your depth, I think Dwyer is a great cash option but I’ve got a feeling Daisy is knocking on the door so job security may be limited. Personally I’d keep danger and go for option 1.

  • Team Name: Triplejjj96
    Round 2 Score: 2068
    DT Studs: Hepps, Goddard, Cotchin, JJK
    On the Chopping Block: KARNEZIS > Dwyer
    JPK > Watson
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: 2068!!! WITh KARNEZIS 7 POINTS ON THE FIELD GRRR & JPK AS CAPTAIN :(

    • $231,800 IN THE BANK!

      • Harsh to put Vines as DT Dud.. 60 for a rook is decent.

      • why would you have 231 grand in the bank?

        You have Karnezis dudding it up when you could of afforded to turn him in to a premium

        Cash not used = lost points

        Say for example instead of having Karnezis, a mid pricer, you had Dusty Martin, you would of scored 93 instead of 9.

        Your score could of been 2152

        There is no point saving cash

  • kobe stevens was sub and got 41 in one quater. Should i keep him?

    • I’d ditch him, unless you’ve got bigger problems.

    • I’m keeping him. In his time on the ground he scored very quickly, not to mention his price of 200,000 means he will make some cash over time.

      I think once he gets some full games he should be a good scorer

  • downgrade fyfe to cooney and upgrade zac smith to kreuzer/goldstein?
    or downgrade fyfe to liberatore and go smith to griffin? id prefer liba however i just miss out on kreuzer by 1k haha got to love that

    • Is there no one else to downgrade apart from Fyfe? If you have to, Fyfe to Libba and Smith to Griffin looks good. Griffin has been great.

      • thanks boys but i just need to generate some cash, i know he is a gun but i have too many mid pricers and a shit ruck. i do have leunberger as my other ruck. So from downgrading fyfe im hoping to upgrade karnezis

    • Do you have Leunberger? If not I would just go Zac Smith to Leunberger.

      Fyfe is a gun

      Cooney has had injury troubles in the past, Liberatore I would want to see prove himself over more games

      • I def wont be bringing him in, but the only reason you would get Libba in now is because he is cheap, waiting a few rounds kind of defeats the purpose of getting him in…

  • which one should i trade for jjk, Varcoe or Jetta

  • DT Studs:JJKennedy
    DT Duds:Karnezis
    On the Choppigh Bloc:Karnezis
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: y is nab cup hardly ever a good season proper indication. Karnezis was disma 9 as a sub, k mitchtite terrific nab formellwill struggle to even break even at his low average despi

    • NAB Cup is never taken seriously by most clubs. Teams play most of their fringe players. Docherty, Vlastuin, KMitchell, Karny are just the ones that played well in NAB Cup because most of the teams’ premo players didn’t play

  • Team Name: Vicsteel
    Round 2 Score: 2091
    DT Studs: The Bombers (particularly Heps) & O’Meara
    DT Duds: Karnezis & Varcoe
    On the Chopping Block: as above, traded them out for Neade & Monfries. Will be looking at downgrading Lewis next week and finding a way to get Campbell Heath onto my bench.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Happy to break the 200, hopefully the DT gods smile upon me going into vs rounds. Am a little worried that half my team is made up of Port players…

  • Team Name: Stumpy’s Stalwarts
    Round 2 Score: 2051
    DT Studs: HepD, Cotchin, Goddard, O’Meara
    DT Duds: Karni, and me for having Whitfield on the pine over Viney
    On the Chopping Block: Zorko
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Pretty happy with my score, going to do some tidying up though

    Zorko > JJK and T.Lee > Cox from RUC and bringing in Kreuz Missile.

  • Do you people actually watch the footie, or do you just look at the stats. Amazing decisions being touted. Fyfe to Cooney…….?!?

    • Haha couldnt agree more, I got Fyfe to be a keeper and have high hopes for him yet. I will be bringing Westhoff in though because after watching that game I think he is in for a great year.

    Dangerfield (-$28,000) to Moloney (+$39,000)
    Karnezis (-$9,000) to Westoff (+$51,000)

    And saves me $70,000
    All my rookies are good so just trying to make money this week.
    In two weeks it could be Moloney to Ablett and Westoff to Franklin
    for about an extra $70-90,000.
    Just gonna sideways trade till rookies rippen.


    • I like it. Running a similar game myself, and this is the week to do it. I am going Libba instead of Moloney as feel there is more upside to him and he is a real breakout candidate this year

  • OK, looking for some opinions.

    I’m thinking of trading out Karnezis and brining in JJK, but for that to happen I’ll trade out K Mitchell and bring in Dwyer in the midfield, which means that he’s on the bench and with 90 last round is a waste, so I’ll put Viney on the bench and put Dwyer on the ground, due to cash or lack off this is the best way I see it, thoughts?

    • OR…

      Do I take out Rowe and Karnezis, bring in JJK and put a real cheap rookie on the bench, that way I’ll have Macaffer and a cheap rookie on the bench and JJK on ground and more cash in the bank for later.

    • Yep, looks good. Kennedy will shoot up in price and takes away the stress of having Karnezis. Mitchell unlikely to rise in price, if at all, and Dwyer should see at least a couple of price increases.

  • what are my priorities?

    trading out options: karnezis, dangerfield, varcoe, rampe, zorko….

    trading in options: wines, jjk, heppell, stanton, dwyer, goldstein…..

    with little to no money to contribute to any trades….

    • btw, any other players that are trade in targets before this weeks price rise, i probably already have….

      • you have to get wines in your team

      • Maybe look to get Dwyer > Rampe or maybe Karny > Macaffer or Neade to free up some cash. Then get Wines or Varcoe > JJK.

        • rampe>wines & karnes>dwyer leaving me with $82,600, but no jjk?

          • or zorko>jjk and rampe> wines, leaving me with $148,900. zorko’s price will decrease. i can always get him back in later…

  • JPK to who ? Thinking jelwood Mitchell swallow or Libba as he will net me bulk cash??

  • Trading out zorko, who should i trade to???

    Also thoughts on Danger to Libba for cash and then upgrade to either watson/swallow nest week as well as downgrade jacobs to luenberger

  • Righto folks, here’s my team:

    DEF: Heppell, Goddard, Gibbs, Goodes, Pittard, Stevenson, (Vlastuin, Terlich)
    MID: Swan, Ablett, Pendlebury, Dangerfield, JP Kennedy, Wines, O’Meara, Viney, (Whitfield, Kommer)
    RUC: Cox, Leuenberger, (Blicavs, Daw)
    FWD: Bartel, Zorko, Rockliff, Martin, Karnezis, Macaffer, (Neade, Lee)
    Cash: $59,700

    I scored 2025 points this week, and definitely have room for improvement.

    Now I’m looking at a way to make quick cash, and I’m thinking of either:
    Trading Karnezis + Zorko for JJ Kennedy and Dwyer, leaving me with an extra $365,000, thus $424,700.

    Or: Trading out Dangerfield for another premium midfielder (Watson/Mitchell/Cotchin) plus offloading either Karnezis or Zorko this round.

    I do know that Karnezis, Zorko and Dangerfield will decrease in price, not sure how much though.

    Thoughts anyone??

    • i dont understand why people are willing to risk losing 70-100 points to make a bit of cash. it doesnt make sense. dwyer has played 1 good game. he will be out of the side once one of thomas, krakour, beams, didak or fasolo return.

      seriously?? its not about making money its about getting most points.
      if you havent learnt already, every player will have a good or shocking game sooner or later. karnezis has had his bad games just like vickery has had his one good game for the year. if he is named on the field this weekend then he is staying in my team.

      • everyone wanted to swap heppell for hartlet after his 120 game, everyone wanted to get rid of whitfield for viney after his 47 point game.

      • I dont think anyone would trade Dwyer in unless he gets the green light, so realistically compared to Karnezis you are only really risking around 20-30 points IMO and thats if Karnezis avoids the vest! Bring him in on the bubble, makes you a quick $50k and if one of those you listed takes his place next week, you trade him out.

        Karnezis BE is 64 so even if he isnt vested he wont make you much or score that much higher. The point of the game might not be making money, but unless you consider Karnezis a keeper, the whole point of having him in your team IS to make money.

    • Can’t say I agree with Mina 100% this is the one time of the year you can analyse your team and take advantage of price rises. In the short term, it is about making money, because if you don’t, you can’t upgrade! Yes you may lose 50-60 points or maybe more, but you will take advantage of making cash quicker and having more premos in your side quickly, hence long term better off. Just my opinion, and is a fine line, because as Mina said you can lose serious points chasing cash.

    • Zorko will drop the most, but for mine i would look at Karny > JJK and Lee to Dwyer, i think Dwyer should get another game and $52k rise. I’m in the same boat but i already have JJK, & Bolton instead of Martin. I’m giving Karny another week.

  • Team Name: Pimp My Side
    Round 2 Score: 2012
    DT Studs: Heppell, B Goodes, Goddard, Swallow, Pendlies, Moloney, O’Meara, JJK, Fyfe
    DT Duds: Z Smith, Karnezis, K Stevens
    On the Chopping Block: Z Smith, Karnezis, K Stevens

    Z Smith > Westhoff (Rowe to R2 for a week

    K Stevens > Wines

    Will get Leuy next week before his price rise but need Smith out ASAP. Will probably be in for Karnezis who hopefully avoids the vest and hits his BE.

    Westoff sure to make $$$ and if he starts to slide he is straight out. Would rather get rid of Karnezis than Stevens, but want to get Wines in for the $$$ and have no DPP link in the mids :( Other option would be get Dwyer in but im a bit hesitant…

    Seem like decent trades?

    • I am thinking of jumping on Westhoff as well. Best case, becomes a keeper, worst case, makes you some decent cash over the next 3 weeks.

      Can you trade someone else for stevens? I am holding stevens. I recon he will lose the vest adn start pumping out some decent numbers. Just seems a waste to trade him before he makes some cash.

      • I could trade Kommer out instead…Got plenty of spare cash so can still get Wines in and I think Stevens is def capable of some nice scores, just need him to dodge the vest. That said Kommer is a lot more likely to get the vest than Stevens so prob not a bad idea…

  • round 1 score: 2006
    round 2 score: 2035

    i didnt make any trades last round as i wanted to see how the boys would settle after the first round.

    am now thinking of these 2 trades..
    zorko > kruez (cox DPP)
    varcoe > jjk

    $74.8K remaining

    gonna give karnezis another week. will try upgrade to the likes of stevie j, thomas or wellingham in the near future with possible downgrade options in ruck.

    im a first time dream teamer, any thoughts would be great! :)

    • Sounds solid to me. take advantage of the price rises and Kruez could be the real deal? Not sure why you didn’t trade last week, you didn’t miss any rookies? If not well done

      • i dont think ive missed any rooks, you think im okay with these rooks..

        def: goodes, pittard, stevenson, terlich
        mids: wines, o’meara, viney, kommer & mitchell (want crouch eventually)
        ruck: blicavs & daw
        fwd: neade & macaffer.

        but thankyou, just needed the okay from someone else for those trades! :)

  • Team Name: Brentus Maximus
    Round 2 Score: 2008
    DT Studs: Heppel, Swan, Goddard
    DT Duds: Karnesis,Dangerfield, Stevens, J Kennedy (Sydney)
    On the Chopping Block: Karnesis, Dangerfield

    Thinking of going a bit risky with Dangerfield to Libba; Karnesis to Westhoff.Thoughts anyone??? Both look like breakout candidates and worst case they have a few average weeks and can trade tehm out to a premos after they have made 60k each. I have all the main rookies and still have 200k in the bank for upgrades next two weeks.

    would love feedback, positive or negative

    • BM Im gonna go Swan to Liba and Karnezis to Westhoff. Im think along your lines. Too big a cash making opportunity to pass up!
      Smart move I reckon. Provided both don’t disappear of the face of the planet this week we will have made $100,000 easy!

  • Team Name: Vermin’s Awesome
    Round 2 Score:2190
    DT Studs:Heppelll. O’Meara
    DT Duds:K.Mitchell
    On the Chopping Block:Rich. Mitchell

  • Danger to watson or stanton

  • Team Name: Big V Superstars
    Round 2 Score: 2042 (despite GAJ as C and Karnezis’ 9)
    DT Studs: Heppell, S. Mitchell, O’Meara, Cotchin, Bartel, Goddard
    DT Duds: Karnezis, GAJ (C), Viney, Zorko
    On the Chopping Block: Karnezis, Zorko
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Pretty happy with my score despite me putting Ablett as C this week.
    Thinking of going Karnezis > JJK and Zorko > Westhoff and will have a $118,500 surplus after doing this trade.

  • Tell me wat is better

    Get rid of zorko and get westhoff then get watson

    Or get rid of wright and get westhoff then get stanton

  • DT review round 2 video is up o youtube

  • Team Name: The Piglets
    Round 2 Score: 2067
    DT Studs: Heppel, Swan, Goddard, Moloney, Whitfield
    DT Duds: KARNEZIS, Robinson
    On the Chopping Block: Karnizes, Robinson, Kennedy (swans)
    I am pretty happy with my score but not sure who I should trade, I need to get rid of Karnezis cos he does my head in… Robinson isn’t playing up to his price and neither is Kennedy.

    • Team Name: Dan HasTheBerry
      Round 2 Score: 1947
      DT Studs: Swan, Goddard, Fyfe, O’Meara, Whitfield, Jenkins, Hannerbery
      DT Duds: Plowman, Karny, Mitchell, Grimes
      On the Chopping Block: Plowman, Karny, Grimes, Robbo

      Can’t make a decision on who to drop this week… Grimes and Robbo are going to drop the most from my ‘premium’ crop so would love to drop both of them, but I dont particularly want to carry Karny or Plowman through another game… Although, they are less likely to lose money this week!

      At this stage I am leaning towards:

      Robbo -> Dwyer
      Grimes -> Birch / HepD

      Leaves me with about $500k for upgrades over the coming weeks


      Robbo -> Dwyer
      Grimes -> Campbell Heath

      Leaves me with about $850k!

      Other option is to go full Premo with both of these trades and ignore the cash grab opportunity of Dwyer and co… or of course look at dropping Karny and/or Plowman this week.

      Thoughts??? Really struggling with coming to a solid conclusion either way…

    • I also have all of those 3… holding onto JPK at the moment since his B/E isnt entirely outrageous – plus he also has a tendency to actually score much higher against quality opposition. I am going to give him another 2 weeks to start improving I think… Will see how he goes.

      Robbo really needs to move hence why I’m keen to get him gone before he loses some valuable cash.

      Karny is a tough one. Clearly has the ability to score better (re NAB cup) but really not looking like it. If he manages to hold a spot in the senior team this week one can only hope that he steps it up. Again, his b/e of 60ish isnt entirely unacheivable for him.

      I would def be looking at off loading Robbo but maybe hold off on the others if you have any other areas to play with

    • I also have all of those 3… holding onto JPK at the moment since his B/E isnt entirely outrageous – plus he also has a tendency to actually score much higher against quality opposition. I am going to give him another 2 weeks to start improving I think… Will see how he goes.

      Robbo really needs to move hence why I’m keen to get him gone before he loses some valuable cash.

      Karny is a tough one. Clearly has the ability to score better (re NAB cup) but really not looking like it. If he manages to hold a spot in the senior team this week one can only hope that he steps it up. Again, his b/e of 60ish isnt entirely unacheivable for him.

      I would def be looking at off loading Robbo but maybe hold off on the others if you have any other areas to play with