NAB Cup AFL Fantasy Hype Team

I posted a sample team before the NAB Cup started to spark some discussion and give coaches a bit of a guide as to some thinking heading into this season. Anyway, that was a month ago… we’ve seen 4 weeks of NAB Cup action and there are a fair few players being hyped up around the place. So I thought I’d pick a team based on that.

Anyway, the premise is pretty simple… I’ve picked a team – under the salary cap – which can be a bit of a guide of players that people have got a little excited about over the last few weeks. There are definitely players that aren’t in this team that you would pick, but that’s not the purpose of it. Also, no thought has been put into the byes.


Alrighty… this is far from my current team. Probably half of the players are in there at the moment and the structure is hella different. But this is what I’ve come up with.

Of course Brendon Goddard and Bryce Gibbs are there. They have done nothing this pre-season to justify not selecting them; the opposite really. Dyson Heppell will go bang this year. Get on him while he is still a defender! Swan Tony Armstrong makes the cut after his last two weeks scoring 92 and 89 – could be a huge bolter this year. Richmond’s first round draft pick Nick Vlastuin looks set to go for Round 1 and gets a gig on the ground as a result along with Brett Goodes, who is a sure thing to get upgraded off the Bulldogs rookie list. Goodes has pumped out some impressive scores and will be an integral part of the Western Bulldogs back line; and hey, he even kicks it to himself out from full back. Lewis Stevenson and Sam Colquhoun make up the bench but could also be interchanged with Power team mates Jasper Pittard or Campbell Heath.

I have Dane Swan in my starting team, but with this structure I couldn’t fit him in. So it’s Gary Ablett (who hasn’t really missed a beat and is warming up nicely for Round 1), Matthew Boyd (averaging 115 points per 100 mins in the NAB so far), Patty Dangerfield (smashed the Cats with 124 points even when they got thumped), Nat Fyfe (despite a shoulder injury worry on the weekend, still had 30 touches and 107 DT points to be an underpriced gun) and Nick Lower (who switched over from Freo to the Dogs… had an awful game on the weekend, but prior to that was pumping out 108 points per 100 minutes to be the better midpriced option). I had enough money to get in Koby Stevens who has always been hyped, and is ok at the moment… but is probably lucky to get a gig here really. It’s probably just because of his job security he makes this list. Ollie Wines and Kane Mitchell looked locked for the Power while Brad Crouch and Jaeger O’Meara sit on the bench, but have probably posted numbers that warrant a position on the ground.

Dean Cox and Matthew Leuenberger would have to be the most popular ruck combo this pre-season so that’s why they’re there. We haven’t even seen more than half a game from the ‘Berger, but we’ll stick with it for now. Majak Daw and Daniel Currie are the bench boys. You’d think at least one will play every week. Currie has especially been a hype player of the NAB after his 38 hitouts and 78 points on the weekend while Goldstein was playing in the twos.

In the forward line Paul Chapman has been looking good – even though there was a groin worry a couple of weeks ago, along with Brisbane duo Dayne Zorko and Tom Rockliff. Rocky will be definitely spending more time through the midfield… so lock him in to be a 100+ average this year. Crow Matthew Wright was going at 100 points per 100 minutes but his stocks dropped slightly after a tagging role this weekend. Of the mid-pricers, I have Josh Kennedy and Patty Karnezis as the most hyped guys (Varcoe just misses out here).  With few forward rookie options, I have put Brent Macaffer and Matt Spangher on the bench. Maybe Neade gets a gig or Sam Rowe, but these are probably safer. Spangher might be fortunate enough to slip into the Hawks side.

Anyway, there it is… not my finest work, just something whacked together to provoke some responses. I want to hear about who you think are the big hype players of the NAB Cup this year.  Get chatting in the comments. Who should be in or out based on ripping up the NAB. Start posting now!



  • Nice work Warnie, only Karnezis and possibly Spangher work their way into my team this week.

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  • Nice right up, it is good to see the hyped up ones haha ;)

  • what about Jarrad Mcveigh?

  • I don’t know who to pick – fyfe or mcveigh?

    • It depends what you want. You’d select Fyfe to be a keeper, barring injury he’d average 105+ Whereas Mcveigh could get off to a bolter with the Swans early fixture, but I don’t think he’ll be a keeper.

      • I think the concept of being a keeper is somewhat blurred this season with an extra 20 trades available

  • nice team warnie i like the unique picks!

  • Sam Mitchell is one for me that I keep bringing in to my team then trade him out for Stanton, then brought him back in after his last game, still very undecided. Fyfe somehow made it into my team where Ball used to sit (M5)and i like the improved look. Ball and Embley seemed to have fallen out of favour but thank goodness we have 10 mid spots to try and fit all these mid rookies in this year. I have both Ablett & Swan so I feel my midfield is quite strong.

    Also would like Heppell over Broughton but don’t have the cash yet, the rookies I pick will dictate how much cash I have for these changes.

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  • I’m seriously thinking of forking out the extra cash and bringing in Koby Stevens. But to do that, who drops out? Mitchell, Wines, O’Meara or Crouch?

  • Omeara maybe

  • Dont drop omeara, either wines or crouch imo

    • crouch is going to be a gun

      • in an adelaide midfield of Thompson, Van Berlo, Dangerfield, Wright, Reily,Vince, Sloane, Mackay, you would think that Crouch may not get all of the ball….
        Compare to Port adelaide: Cornes, Hartlett?, boak, ebert, maybe wingard… you’d think wines and mitchell are pretty safe.

  • Just not sure how the sub rule and capped interchanges will affect the rooks TOG this year.
    Everyone knows first year players can’t maintain the pace.

    Are the Wines, Crouches, Omearas etc destined to be subbed all year?
    Even if they stay on the field, the capped interchanges might mean their 3rd and 4th qtr points dry up from losing steam.

    Much to think about in the next 2 weeks. More mid price mayhem (2nd and 3rd year players) in place of guns and rooks?

    • Yeh but omeara is going to score better this year, coz crouch is going to get ‘vest affected’ because of adelaides strong list

    • The capped interchanges aren’t in the regular season for 2013 (will be in 2014 according to Vlad)

      Still, I agree that a lot of the rooks are gonna be sub affected more regularly than people are expecting. I think we’ve been spoilt the last 2 seasons with the GC and GWS rooks that our expectations are a little high.

      Apart from O’Meara and Goodes, I think almost all the popular rooks are going to victims or either the green/red vest much more often than we’d like.

  • Andrew Swallow is going at like 160 points per 100 minutes

  • Who has better pionts per 100 min, Brett Goodes or Nick Vlastuin???

    • Dont know but Goodes looks like a winner and being older hopefully may avoid the vest

  • Forgot about Hamish Hartlett. Is the hype around this guy warranted?

  • Why didn’t Leuenberger play Sat night?

  • Dean Terlich, Oliver Wines and Patrick Karnezis come on in!

    Ill have a look at N.Vlastuin as well.

    Looking for serious DT’ers for a league 215934 scoring is a bit different from DT 12 for a goal etc. Please serious/experienced people only.

  • Bagueley or Ellis not worth consideration? I’m tempted to pick Ellis over Vlaustin.

    Thoughts on Blair too?

    • I think everyone would pick Ellis over Vlastuin. The $150K price difference might hurt a bit though.

      • Thanks Warnie, yeah I think it’s well worth the expense though! As long as Ellis has shaken off that vest it’s good to go.

        While I have your attention: I’ve currently got DT Talk’s man Tom Rockliff, with two other lions up forward, Cornelius and Karnezis… Overkill? I honestly think the latter two can punch out higher scores than what they’re priced at this year – purely from NAB Cup form though. Rocky gave me a roller coaster ride last year but I’m hoping my loyalty toward the Gun pays off this year.

        • Same Alexi. I’m unsure on Rocky’s consistency if he plays forward. There’s no doubt he’s a gun. But Zorko for me this year.

        • When the Lions are being brutally violated by superior opposition, as they frequently will, Cornelius will be standing around with his hands on his hips. No DT points for that. Karnezis is your bloke (along with Rocky obviously)

  • Mitch Golby? Had a ripping NAB Cup campaign and seems set to lock himself into the Lions best 22.

  • I’d be working on getting Leuenberger out of there!!!

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