DT TALK 2013 – Offseason Special Edition

Join us for a special episode of DT Talk as we look at the busy offseason with some trade news and what it might mean for AFL Dream Team. We chat to Jesse Lonergan fresh from the Draft Combine. He is a chance to go fairly high in the draft when it rolls around in late November. We also chat about some of the bargains of 2013 as well as some changes to the game.

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AFL Dream Team 2013 Radar – Roy and Calvin look at some players who they have already shortlisted for their teams next season. These include some discounted players, some rookies and some guys who they think will step up. Click here.

My Team 2013: Version 1.0 – Already people are using the FanPlanner to start their teams. Have a look at some of the sides being put together already and some very good AFL Dream Team 2013 discussion. Click here.

2013 MBR Study – The multi-bye rounds will be back in 2013. McRath has a look at what we learnt this year and what we can take into the new year. Click here.

The Game – AFL Dream Team 2013 – There will be some changes to the game in 2013 off the back of this great discussion. Put your two cents worth in. Click here.

Don’t forget the Deck of Dream Team will start on December 11 featuring 52 players in 52 days leading up to the opening of AFL Dream Team 2013. An array of DT Talk writers will pen their thoughts on some players that should be considered for the new year. There will be plenty of other stuff floating around during the offseason and into the preseason right here on the number one AFL Dream Team website, DT Talk!


  • Great work guys! Nice!

  • Good work guys!
    Just one thing, Berger averaged 92 in 2011…not 98.

  • Great stuff guys, much appreciated. The awkward silence was funny

  • Thanks for putting in the effort when you could justifiably take a few months off. I think J. Lonergan, O. Wines and J. Viney are the most AFL-ready players in the draft. Hopefully Jesse slips a few spots and becomes 104K. Pumped for Deck of Dream Team, but doing my own research in the meantime. Thanks again boys.

  • Like the idea of Bock, Ball, Embley, Leuenberger, Lecras.

    But, what about possible money makers – Staker, Ellis, Varcoe, Dale Morris.

    Or am I just “dreamin’ “.

    • I have Bock, Ball, Luey and Lecras at the moment.

      I dont think the others have any real value, maybe varco if he get a midfield role. Dont think i am interested in the others at this point.

      • Embley has huge value. Just a matter of fitting him in or not with limited Midfield spots available.

  • Jesus, hitting up the pre season already :O

  • lol…. my school has blocked ONLY the myteam post…. really??????????

    • Haha that’s pretty weird. At least the whole website isn’t blocked, like it is at mine.

    • lol mines fine :)

    • Well lucky for me, I’ve got one wireless for my school banned and another school wireless that allows everything. Rather strange. However, I’ll take that every day of the week.

    • My school allows everything literally, it doesn’t block a thing.
      From porn to dating sites.

    • My school blocks FanFooty, so I can’t show off my Team Planner team at school:(

      • If you go to a private school I understand that they would do that. But if you go to a public school, I bave no clue as to why they would do that, you can do anything on at my school except for Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, not fair:(

        • well for some reason it actually worked today… weird shit.

          but our school allows youtube as it ‘can’ be used for education purposes :)

  • Brent Staker is another to look at gents .. rock bottom price ready to go after his injury last season good for a 65-75 average i reckon

  • Lock in Koby