DT TALK 2012: Rd 19 Bonus Episode



  • Thanks Warnie, appreciate it.

  • Great stuff Warnie

  • Cheers Warnie. The boys won’t be happy about the vest!

  • Solid lone stand. Raise the bat mate.

  • good effort warnie!

  • Cheers Warnie, top effort flying solo, short sharp and to the point. Gibbo’s actually been named last on the bench a few times lately, so yeah, feel the same way, not much to worry about there.

  • Awesome Work Warnie.

    And thank you for the heads up about Cox so I can make Tom Campbell emergency in the Rucks.
    I just need to work out which other line doesn’t need an emergency though. (Why can’t we have 4 – you should speak to them about this).

  • Nice work Warnie, solo effort much appreciated!!

  • Nice work warnie, solo effort much appreciated

  • Casually playin gibson over goodes cos i feel like it.
    And who to get, murphy or fyfe??

  • Scratch what i said before.
    I can get anyone in the mid (already have swan and ablett) who should i get??
    Heading towards murphy, boyd, watson, lids (for the dpp link), what do you recon??

  • Cheers Warnie, hopefully your slacker mates will be back next week.

  • Thanks for watching guys. Damn sickness and general soreness… wreaking havoc on DT Talk as well as well as our DT players!

    Big 4 episodes coming up for finals!

  • Cheers Warnie, nice update. also enjoyed the normalised sound….. any chance you can replicate this when the boys return? arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • OMG the sound was amazing in this video Warnie!!! Makes such a huge difference, I know you guys are only doing this purely for the enjoyment but having clear crisp sound makes the show 100% better! Keep up the great work :)

    • Yeah – something that we will work on for next year… could go all pro with some lapel mics and everything! Haha. Might have to have a Bunnings BBQ fundraiser to build a real studio!

  • Freat stuff Warnie loved the punchy format! And the happy and upbeat attitude

    • Cheers. Much easier to be upbeat when you don’t have to wankers giving you shit about your shit team next to you! ;)

  • Roster matches? what is this basketball??
    They are fixtured matches or home & away matches.

    • I have grown up calling the ‘fixture’ a roster… you’ll find the definition of ‘roster’ for American sport is much different to what you think I’m referring to. ‘Fixtures’ for our state leagues here in Tassie are called ‘rosters’.

      • Very interesting. Maybe I live in a Melbournian bubble!
        Sorry mate, to me it just sounds like another American term creeping into our game.
        Well pointed out though!