Finals chances over?: Round 18 Review

Before you start preparing for next week, it’s time to review your squad’s effort this weekend in the DT TALK Round Review. Every Sunday night when the last game finishes, jump on here and let the world know how you went!

Copy and paste the following in the comments and fill it in.

Team Name:
Round 18 Score:
League Results:
Eliminator Status:
DT Studs:
DT Duds:
On the Chopping Block:
Trades this week:

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  • Team Name: Devious FC
    Round 18 Score: 2134
    League Results: LWW
    Eliminator Status: –
    DT Studs: Ablett, Gibson, Treloar, Baguley on debut
    DT Duds: Boyd (C), Jacobs doughtnut, Thompson for pucking up Johnson, you’re on the same team mate!
    On the Chopping Block: One trade left, need to be careful here
    Trades this week: Hargrave to Baguley
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: My DT Talk opponent was simply awesome

  • Team Name: Wyllie’s Wildcats
    Round 18 Score: 2493
    League Results: Win in both (2nd and 4th)
    Eliminator Status: Gone ages ago
    DT Studs: Swan Ablett Whitecross Gibson
    DT Duds: Stevie J Boyd and Franklin and Sidey for not playing.
    On the Chopping Block: Nobody!
    Trades this week: I’ll try to get Fyfe
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: 897th in comp. Traded in Swan and made him (C) in the perfect week!

    • I think the perfect week for that trade may have been Round 4, but a very nice score.

  • Team Name: The Shirtfronters
    Round 18 Score: 2,346
    League Results: L
    Eliminator Status: Pushing up daisies
    DT Studs: Most of my team
    DT Duds: Would it be harsh to put Stevie J in here?
    On the Chopping Block: Nobody
    Trades this week: None planned
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Scored 2,346 but lost my league match by 20 points! Have now dropped to 9th (oh my God, I’m Richmond!) and a big chance to miss out on DT Finals. I just can’t buy a trick; even made some risky trades this week to cover for 3 donuts. Still, happy with that score… especially with a donut AND a (1) from Stevie J.

    Overall rank is 2,556.

  • Team Name: Bombers Legends
    Round 18 Score: 2125
    League Results: WWWWW
    Eliminator Status: Eliminated
    DT Studs: Scotland, Goddard, Hayes, Pendles, Giles, Bugg, Dangerfield, Martin
    DT Duds: Sam Jacobs late withdrawal, Birchall, Dempsey, Stanton for not touching the ball in last 1/4
    On the Chopping Block: Ahmed Saad
    Trades this week: Ahmed Saad with 179,800-> ???? Possibly Fyfe
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Happy witht the score after a horrible friday night.

  • Team Name: Boyd’s Doggies
    Round 18 Score: 2232
    League Results: WW
    Eliminator Status: Out
    DT Studs: Almost everyone, but special mention to GAJ, Hayes, Waters and Treloar.
    DT Duds: Stevie J, Jacobs, Hanley & Lake.
    On the Chopping Block: Lake, Shaw or Bootsma
    Trades this week: Probably best to save trades at this stage of the game.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: In a week where only 5 players scored less than 90 (including a doughnut and a 1 from Stevie J, can’t be too unhappy with that score. Also regretting trading Gibson, would been a very handy price rise.

  • Team Name: Hillbilly Tigers
    Round 18 Score: 2329
    League Results: W / W / W / W / W
    Eliminator Status: What is Eliminator?
    DT Studs: Swan, Ablett, Cloke, Giles, Goddard, Treloar (Covering for Buddy) and Smith (Cover for Robinson)
    DT Duds: STEVE JOHNSON (I know he was KO’d after 5 seconds), Dempsey, Ward and Townsend (Cover for Darley/Shaw
    On the Chopping Block: No one, only have the one trade left
    Trades this week: ^^^^^^^^^^
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Highest ever score so pretty chuffed about that, espicially with a 1 from Stevie J and a 44 from Townsend. (Darley and Shaw on the bench0

  • Team Name: B4GN Raptors
    Round 18 Score: 2,095
    League Results: WWWWW
    Eliminator Status: Gone ages ago..
    DT Studs: GIBSON, Giles, Ablett and Goddard.
    DT Duds: Birchall, Johnson, Hanley and Boyd (Expected more from him).
    On the Chopping Block: Was going to be Giles, but after his performance this week, he lives for
    another week.
    Trades this week: Contemplating trading in Swan, as everyone seems to have him.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Not happy with my team this week. Premiums didn’t perform and copping a
    Robinson donut didn’t help. AND not to mention having Gibson outscore all but
    one of my midfielders whilst sitting on my bench!