DT TALK Live 2012: Rd 15

Bit of a failure tonight with the internet and our live stream… so here’s the first 25 minutes. Enjoy that. Hopefully we’ll be back bigger and better than ever next week… bring on the NBN!


  • Terrible.

    Bring back WastedOpportunity and DT plus.

  • The Interwebs SUCKS!

    Can no longer access DREAMTEAM website from work!

    Back to pen and paper I say.

  • Need help Bad !

    Backs: Deledio, Goddard, Broughton, Waters, Gram, Hargrave, Darley ( ellis, s.shaw )
    Mids: Swan, Ablett, Boyd, Jelwood, Scotty T, Mitchell ( gibson, J Mac )
    Rucks: Cox, Giles ( campbell, redden )
    Fwds: Franklin, Chapman, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, Martin, C.Pearce, Zorko ( treloar, d.smith )

    Not sure whether to trade or hold Dusty as I need to win my next two league matches.

    a) Hargrave > Carrazzo, Martin > Beams
    b) Hargrave > Carrazzo, Ellis > Scotland bench goddard, bench dusty
    c) Ellis > Carrazzo

    Please help me out by choosing 1 of the above option. I will be happy to help you out with one of your own problems. Thanks

    • Getting Beams is a good move.

      Probably A

    • If your priority is to win your next 2 league games..

      Do you next 2 opponents have Beams?
      Do you next 2 opponents have Martin?
      Do you next 2 opponents have Scotland?

      The answer to those questions is what you should base your decision on.

      • opponent this week has Martin. Not Scotland or Beams. also we have the same forward line.
        opponent next week has beams and martin, not scotland.

        • Then I’d keep Martin. Assuming they both hold onto him he won’t hurt you, and your forward line isn’t full of guns so you can ill afford a luxury trade. (unless you’re a freak and sitting on 10+ trades).

          If you back your Mid/Def/Ruck to beat your opponents this week then I’d go Hargrave -> Carrazzo so you don’t miss out on Carrazzo at his current price. Then leave it at that.

          If you don’t back your Mid/Def/Ruck to beat theirs this week then I’d consider also doing the Ellis -> Scotland trade. Not sure on your trades/$$ situation, but if you could upgrade Pearce/Smith/Treloar to Beams I’d do that instead of the Scotland trade.

          Then I guess next week depends on which decision you make this week.

          Beams has averaged 120 in the last 4 weeks since Pendles has been out (up from 108) before he went out, and while he is in ripping form I wouldn’t imagine his price is more likely to decrease than increase over the next few weeks leading into finals, so if you can’t get him this week it’s not the end of the world, but if you can he’d make your forward line look a lot better.

          • my opponent this week has Pendles. has marley williams or gibson to cover.
            if i go hargrave to scotland, ellis to carrazzo leaves me 42k and 5 trades

          • Post your opponents Def/Mid/Ruc

          • Def: Deledio, Goddard, Waters, Johnson, Birchall, Carrazzo, Hargrave ( s.shaw, l.spurr )
            Mids: Boyd, Swan, Ablett, Scotty T, Jelwood, Pendles ( m.williams, s.gibson )
            Fwds: same as mine

        • Well…. Very similar teams. Assuming you do the Hargrave -> Carrazzo trade and they don’t trade. And also assuming Darley/Hargrave play.

          You would be looking at… projected;

          Backs: Broughton (83), Gram (79), Darley (62)
          Mids: Mitchell (104.00)

          Total: 331

          Backs: Johnson (85), Birchall (93), Hargrave (68)
          Mids: Gibson (65)

          Total: 311

          If you to do the Scotland trade (Projected 90), then you’d be 48 points better off on projected scores. But anything could happen. Captain choice could well make the difference for you this week..

  • opponent this week has martin and same forward line. no beams or scotland
    opponent next week has martin and beams. No scotland

  • Should i trade Big O to Tom Campbell with 4 trades left. I am left with Giles & Zorko on my field so i could go Giles – Maric. Thoughts

  • Hey Warnie.
    Thanks for all of your efforts.
    Is there no part B? :(
    I look forward to your show every week, keep it up. :)

    • Bloody internet connection kept cutting out….grrr! The rest of the show wasn’t worth saving, too many disconnections.