West Is Best – Round 1 & 2

As Aki Mentioned yesterday, 2012 is the dawn of the first ever East v West DT Talk League Challenge. Like any great rivalry, the ultimate prize on offer is bragging rights, which I’m pleased to say that the West currently holds!

The 2012 West Is Best squad:

The two conferences went it with very different recruiting strategies. You might recognise many of the names on board in the East, with Molly and Impromptu the big names getting involved, and more than a few DT Talk contributors in the line-up. Out here in the West though, I chalked up Dunny (a West asset if there ever was one), my brother (guess which team name is his), and then opened it up to my followers on Twitter. We’re not full of big names or well-known DT champions – we’re in the process of making them. I also took the step of putting up a prize; an AFL guernsey to the highest scoring Westerner – just for that extra little bit of incentive to smash the East.

It’s working so far.


Round 1:

The West ran out to an early lead, with all but two members topping 2000. Kevin of the Dawks was our big contributor, posting 2257. Newkas Guns, Dunny’s Destroyers and Look At My Guns provided great cover fire, while carrying the likes of yours truly, as Tbetta Than You only managed 2014 in Round 1.

League Ranking: 86th

League Average: 2089

Team of the week: The Dawks (2257) are a well-balanced team with a 4-Gun midfield, 1-3 ruck structure and the popular DPP forward line. Still carried Broughton to that big score.

Needs to lift: The Mean Mess Machine (1971) boasts a capable side, but was let down by a few unlucky rookies benching decisions. They also had to drag Shaw and Broughton along.


Round 2:

The West showed that once again, big names count for nothing in a new season where anything can happen. We had a big spread this week, with 3 coaches topping 2200 and 3 dipping into the 1900s. Not to worry though, as we are still the 89th ranked league overall – it’s fair to say that the Twitter-powered recruiting drive unearthed some gun DT coaches. After we all, we have two teams (Newkas Guns and Dawks) ranked inside the top 700, and plenty more ranked inside 4 digits. I should mention that Mean Mess Machine responded after last week, posting a 2118 after some bench decisions went their way and despite Bryce Gibbs’ weak effort.

League Ranking: 89th.

League Average: 2105

Team of the Week: Newkas Guns (2260) is ranked 190th overall for a reason. 6 of his backmen average over 85, and the mid-price gambles in Malceski, Ebert and Kreuzer have paid off so far. Obviously, no Shaw or Broughton to be seen.

Needs to Lift: The Angry Pirates (1968) has averaged 2016 points this year, so is unlucky to be getting a mention here. It should come as no surprise that Shaw, Broughton, Golby and Mumford all stunk up his side in Round 2. I fully expect a fix-it trade or two and a much better effort next week.

Guernsey Leader: Ian of the Newkas Guns, averaging 2225.5 per round.


Retort of the Week:

Jacko, hitting us where it hurts – our mining stocks, and whatever an entrepreneur actually is… Anyway, check out the AFL ladder (you’ll see WEST Coast on top), the Perth Wildcats won the NBL last year and the fact that Perth is generally credited with having the hottest women in Australia…

Oh, and we’re winning the East vs West DT Talk League Challenge. For the second time.

After 2 rounds I have learnt that pre-season trash-talking and gung-ho recruiting isn’t a sure recipe for success, is it Aki? Get on board with the banter with the #WestIsBest and #BeastsOfTheEast hashtags!



Twitter us at @tbetta9 and @Aki_DT.


  • cmon WA, interesting to note that all the top ten overall rankings have a least 4 premiums in the mids, i wonder how many the winner would have started.

  • ‘Better Than Tbetta’

    LOL – Gold.

  • Great concept. Might have to organise a full state of origin next year!

  • Gotta love sticking it to #BeastsOfTheEast lads. Going to be a fun season of quality banter.
    For the #WestIsBest lads, keep the good start going lads!! Its a long season ahead and we are sure to be on top when it counts.

    To the #BeastsOfTheEast HAHA. You may have a team of champions but we have a champion team!!

  • Very funny write up tbetta and somewhat inspirational! So much so I’ve dumped those duds in Broughton and Golby and am looking forward to a nice 2300 this week!
    Well…. A good score anyway! Haha
    So time to raise the bar once again and show the East, West is Best! ( well West Melbourne ) haha.

  • Ouch! I came 23rd overall last year and write a blog that is at least partly successful – that should just about rate as a big name right! :P

    Top work tbetta, do you want me to give you my size for the guernsey now or wait until the end of the year?

  • I was lucky to avoid the “needs to lift” section there!

    Mumford’s late withdrawal (plus Broughton being Broughton) hurt even more than spending the whole long weekend visiting the in-laws in GWS territory. Hopefully I will be able to offer a much more meaningful contribution this weekend from the comfort of my own home. Time to undo those rage trades, I think.

  • Ben FC is from Canberra, not WA. I should be in that league.

  • Yer get around the West!!!! Keep it up
    Why is it that the east lion has a dockers guernsey??

  • Carn the west

    one quick note though, the wildcats didnt win the nbl last year nz did, however the wildcats play nz in the first game of the gf series tonight and are looking good to win it this year! Also Glory looking good to take out the A League.

  • Ah, is that what a Sandgroper is supposed to look like?

  • Proven Power = Plenty O’Power for the 2012 season. very happy to be sitting inside the top 8, looking for a huge week this week to put my stamp on round1!!!

  • I’m originally from Vic and now live in WA and we have had a east V’s west comp for the last three years. Not DT player origin, but plenty of banter all the same.
    east 2, west 1