DT TALK 2012 Leagues: The Clubs


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Here are the first release of some of out world famous DT TALK Leagues. Please sign up to these leagues and remember a few simple things.

1) Talk to us… if your league is full, let us know in the comments so we can pass it onto others.
2) Just sign up to one league for now… and then after a few other people have a go, remembering that more leagues are on the way.
3) Stay committed to your league. If there are spare spots though… they will be automatically filled by ‘random’ people.
4) Represent DT TALK and smash everyone else by having a top 20 ranked league.
5) More leagues are on the way, stay tuned to the site, Twitter (@DTTALK) and Facebook.

DT TALK Crows – 649425
DT TALK Magpies – 854435
DT TALK Cats – 523657
DT TALK Bombers – 359707
DT TALK Giants – 485416
DT TALK Tigers – 785119
DT TALK Suns – 343677
DT TALK Eagles – 723694
DT TALK Dockers – 518014
DT TALK Swans – 112322
DT TALK Power – 885139
DT TALK Hawks – 742498
DT TALK Bulldogs – 687896
DT TALK Demons – 428635
DT TALK Blues – 807162
DT TALK Lions – 606351
DT TALK Saints – 936109
DT TALK Kangaroos – 672714


  • Missed out on Eagles league, must have filled up quick! Maybe DTTalk state/territory leagues might be a goer… I moved to Sydney from Perth and the only topics anyone talks about here is about their muscles or the NRL. Might be good getting to talk DT with some locals instead of the usual ‘nod, smile, back away slowly’ that I’m usually forced into

  • Saints league is full

  • Missed the bombers one, was wondering if there will be an Essendon one any time soon?

    • Warnie said Calvin may do a ‘Star player’ from each club league..eg DT TALK Dane Swan. im not sure thats how its gonna go but just an example, so if it goes ahead join the bomber one ;)

  • Is hawks leauge full

  • i am pretty sure all the leagues are full

  • Is anyone in the lions league ? I have been trying to get into it but can’t and it doesn’t say it is full.

    • If you can get in it means it’s full. Don’t worry though mate, plenty of other leagues will pop up. I hope I’ll get into one next time :)

      • Yeah I thought so but I was trying to get into the lions one from the moment the codes went up and couldn’t. Surely it wasn’t the first one full ? No one has commented on the lions league so I am wondering if there was a mistake in the code.

  • does someone not want to be in the hawthorn league so i can get in

  • Swans league full

  • seems as though they’re all full

  • yeah i cant get into any either

  • so upset i missed out

    • More will come as the guys have stated heaps of times. Relax and be patient :)

      • I joined the dttalk group. Thought I would get slotted into a league automatically. Not the way it works? I’m such a noob. Little help?

  • Here’s a Lions code: 197229

  • Can you create another hawthorn one Warnie Plz Plz Plz

  • Very important to get in the group too (link below)… this will be HUGE! An awesome prize is on the cards as well! We will confirm it soon!


  • If anyone is keen to come in…………690992. Cheers

  • In the power league straight up, so wtf I thought I’d sign up, post and cop some shit from everyone.
    Good luck for the year

  • thanks guys nice work

  • If anyone is keen here is my league:

    invite code: 102351

  • can you please flick us another dt talk freo shockers league please warnedaawwg?

  • DTTalk Blues, your reigning league champion is back to smash you all for another year. Be afraid, be very afraid!

  • Pisses me off when you just post the leagues and advise on FB & Twitter. Advantageous for people who are always online. The fairest way to do it would have been to advise that they will be up at such and such a time and give people at least 24 hours notice.
    Not happy Jan….. And yes I know you say they’ll be more leagues but I would have rathered be in a team league like Hawks or Giants that in a Buddy or Swanny league!

  • I cant believe the amount of people logging on these days, i actually was on here with my last post at 4.30 wa time, and this thread as well as my team 3.1 was not up. Thats a massive congrats to you guys however really annoying for me as i was waiting for the leagues to pop up, i even set my iphone internet page to dttalk so i could check it every so often.

  • Shit, Shit ,Shit…I missed the Magpie league, when will the next ones be posted lads ,I mean what time of day roughly I work night shift and will need to set an alarm maybe.
    On a brighter note, I have 4 spots left in my own Magpie league for any pie hards that missed

  • Very happy to have made it into the croweaters league! Who else is with me?

  • there are still 5 places left in the doggies league, not very popular i guess

  • League code 321102. Finished 124 for the 2011 season. Looking for high flyers once again

  • 2 places left in hawks league i think

  • Anyone is most welcome to join The Masterminds 393835 if you feel up to some serious competition.
    Good luck to all this year but please finish second.

  • 3 spots n the dt talk giants league