Join the DT TALK Group for 2012

Play against the DT TALK Community in the 2012 AFL Dream Team DT TALK Group!

Last year we had around 2000 people join in one of the biggest DT groups in the world. We are going around once again and want you to be involved.

We are looking for a sponsor to give a prize away (otherwise it might just end up being signed Calvin’s Captains notes or maybe 2007 Prospectus). So if you have a company that would like some exposure on the biggest AFL Dream Team website, then contact us ( and we’ll try to work something out!

Signing up to the group is easy. If you’re already registered with your Dream Team, then click this link but, if for some reason you aren’t already registered, then use this link to sign up.



  • Our ‘leagues’ will be coming soon… been flat out with everything else that is going on (including Chopper’s wedding today… give him some love). Hopefully out early next week! There will be heaps, so no one will miss out!

  • Congrats Chop!

    Warnie, can we join more than one group this year?
    The prospectus ran a group aswell last year and I couldn’t join both.

  • heaps keen…. sam darley… you heard it here

  • Will the DT Talk boys be in the league and when does the Champion Data Prospectus League released???

  • Is the AFL Dreamteam record any good and does it have good information. Worth Buying???

  • I want to test myself against the best this year. So if you finished in top 1000 last year please join this league. 254998.

  • Congratulations Chop! Love your work.

    How good is the maniac’s planning! Gets married, presumably goes on his honeymoon and gets back just in time for the NAB cup. My top tip for AFL addicted newlyweds: never, ever, ever sit and watch the AFL on tv. Put a tv in your office/near your work desk, always have something on the computer screen and randomly scroll and change windows and remember, the AFL is just on in the background.

  • What are the codes to the DT Talk Leagues and is it first in best dressed???

  • Real DreamTeamers.

    This league is into its second season. Achieved a very respectable league ranking of 150 last season.
    Please only join if you are serious and finished inside the top 10,000 last season.


  • Real DreamTeamers.

    This league is into its second season. Achieved a very respectable league ranking of 150 last season.
    Please only join if you are serious and finished inside the top 10,000 last season. League code 311546.


    • looking forward to the competion jman, finished 166 last year, belted all my mates then had to listen to them tell me they don,t have the time for DT!!

  • Anyone looking at any “CASH” Leagues this year…. I’m keen to try and take other peoples money.

  • if you want to be in what will hopefully be a top 10 league this year, send me a message on this site with your ranking from last year and average, and i will give you the code :) (if your good enough ha)

  • Warnie, i cant seem to join the facebook league, is there a place on the screen where i can give the code and join because i cant, and also congrats chop

  • Im saving a league for 1 of the dtt one’s. Only 1 i got into last year was the cash league (best 1 to be in really). Any way i started a NSW CHAMPIONSHIP league & still got 2 spots open if any1 is interested >> 307501<<

  • When will the dt talk leagues be out.. i dont wanna miss out!!! I go to skool on monday :/

  • Can we be given a heads up as to when the leagues will be releaed so we can be around to sign up?

    Last year I rocked up a a day later than the release and every scrub and his dog had taken all the slots.

    • Similar story, finished around 100 and was in the worst league ever! Does anyone have a list of last years placings? I forgot exact positions as lost interest when realised i couldnt win it and in front of league by about 5000 points!

  • Hello there ;)

    I’m BACK

  • Anyone looking to join a league are welcome to join mine if you wish.

    Code number is 649118

  • Was in a league last year – “16 Guns” and finished around 140 (wasn’t my league – so thanks to who organised it). I have sent code to 8 who gave me their email address but if you were part of that league and want to go again, the code is 812213.

    Take care,


  • Sorry – code for previous message is 652183


  • hey guys,

    My mate and I have started up a league for people on dream team talk.

    if you wanna join code is 143420

    Hopefully we can get a few serious dreamteamers


  • Bombers league 650539 needs some teams.