Australian Open Tennis Dream Team 2012

Join our Tennis Dream Team for this years Australian Open. This is a pretty simple competition where you set and forget it… how I see it, it’s a big tipping comp. Pretty simple to enter and gives you something to follow over the next couple of weeks leading up to the real DT starting on Feb 1.

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CODE: 691108

While you mightn’t really know what you’re doing, you’ll be able to get a bit of a look at the basis of AFL Dream Team for 2012 with some of the features there. For example, the tabs on the side, new Twitter league, and the social media like coaches box where you can comment just like Facebook.

Anyway, join us… discuss strategy, betting on the tennis or whatever here related to the Australian Open!


  • Need to analyse the draw for this comp. Make sure your players you are selecting are on different sides of the draw, so they can *hopefully* meet in the quarters.

    Females as captains isn’t a bad option for the fact they only play 3 sets.

    • You really should join Deeteeholics Warnie.

    • I’m in. No worries about DPP, KPP, G ‘n R, DEF, FWD, BE, etc….set and forget. Picked a few premiums, lots of mid pricers, will they have a breakout tournament?? Captain appears to be crucial, only bald bloke I could find is Blake, don’t think he fits the Ablett mould. Found a v. nice looking lady for my team, am applying this criteria for my Captain. Should be fun, enjoy!

  • ok i’ve had a few beers and wines and i dont know wot i’m meant to do here with DT Aussie Open!

    a basic breakdown of help please!?

    • ok so i found the rules and FAQa and that kinda helped me out but i’m not seeing much of a point to this…….

      No budget and do lower ranked players score better than higher ones? otherwise you may as well just look at the draw and pick the highest ranked players to keep scoring until the finals!?

      i’m a tennis fan so im not knocking the game and the “attempt” to get DT goin but it’s no secret that tourndaments are pretty one-sided until the finals!

      As i’ve only ever ‘AFL Dreamteamed’ and this the second ‘type’ i’ve taken a look at – is AFL the best dreamteam option out there!? I’m now real curious about how NBA – Cricket – Baseball etc…on hbow they all work!?

      It may be clearer than i am seeing……….?????????? :)

  • I liked last years photo better

  • Spewin’ that i missed Big Bash DT!!

  • OMG, how on earth do you pick the 5 26+ ranked players for the women!?!?
    Random it is.

  • Too easy! I’m in and cannot wait for the Aussie Open to start

  • I AM THE TENNIS DT CHAMPION!!! Tennis dt is alright tennis dt is alright with me OHH YEAHHH