Channel 7 to announce AFL Teams at 6:20pm in 2012

In an exclusive deal between the AFL and Channel 7, the Thursday night teams will be broadcast in the Seven News sports bulletin at approximately 6:20pm. Clubs cannot announce any changes, debutants or any selection information until 6:15pm.

While this isn’t a huge issue for Dream Team, it will be on the rounds where there is a Thursday night game. Rounds 1, 2 and 12 there are Thursday fixtures which will make team selection interesting. In both of these cases we will have a partial lockout. So we’ll know teams approximately an hour before the initial lockout.

It is unclear at this stage whether this will also be the case for final Sunday team announcements on Friday evening. That may stay at 5pm.

Watch this space.



  • Finally! This is great news. Now I can get my football fix and my ‘this isn’t news, this is cross promotional, tabloid garbage’ fix in the one place! Thank you 7!

  • I’m wondering if that will apply in every state. Those of us living in the rugby league dominated areas may miss out.

    • “Clubs cannot announce any changes, debutants or any selection information until 6:15pm.”

      I would imagine it’s based on EST/Time and the info will be online at 6:15pm EST. Meaning Ade/Darwin/Perth will not have to wait for their local news.

  • 7 Must have thought footy fans don’t hate them enough already. They should make us wait until after better homes and gardens to find out who is playing on sunday while there at it.

  • Simple solution boycott Channel 7!

  • Look at the bright side – at least now the afl and its clubs are contractually required to provide team sheets at a designated time. Sure beats being treated by the governing body as a shit-eating leech whose devotion to receiving team news is rewarded with half hour and hour delays as happened last year without apparent sanction (so frequently did it occur). I salute Channel 7 – true and inspired corporate innovators!!!

  • Weve gone from Better Homes & Gardens, to “Better Late than Never.”

  • Did they even consider the Virtual Footy Universe when they decided this???
    Instead of getting 2 hours and 40 minutes to finalise our trades and teams
    we get 1 hour and 20 minutes :|
    For Sunday teams that is

  • That means 4:15 here in WA. I’ll come here and post them at 4:15 if you like. So you guys in the eastern states get them 2 hours earlier.

    • That. Is. Genius!

    • ummmmm…4.15 Perth time is 6.15 East Coast and is 5.45 Central….they are all the same!! Or is my 5th glass of wine affecting my thought process?

      • Your fifth glass of wine is clearly affecting your thought process. You should have thought; I should keep that to myself on the odd chance that sarcasm is afoot.

        • Oh the DreamStats days when Colonel was himself and everyone else didn’t get sucked in…..

  • l will make it a point to NEVER watch channel 7 news again……the channel and the decisions they make are truly pathetic

  • I supose I should take the bad with the good. If someone at the start of last year offered me teams an hour and a half later in exchange for every game live on fox so I don’t have to watch 7 again, I recon I’d take it.