Round 22 AFL Dream Team Review

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Team Name:
Round 22 Score:
League Results:
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DT Studs:
DT Duds:
On the Chopping Block:

Geelong have the bye this week.


  • came 6th now top 4!!!!!!

  • Team Name: Aleks’ Advertisers
    Round 22 Score: 2171
    League Results: W, already waiting in the other three.
    Ladder Position: 4/4 into prelims.
    DT Studs: Gibbs, Sylvia, Boyd, Ryder, Mzungu.
    DT Duds: Sucking, Pav, Petrie.
    On the Chopping Block: 3 trades left. After this week will off-load Ryder to Sandi and Heppell to someone. Might drop Gibbs/Marc for the added boost this week.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Sylvia you God! Needed 116 from him to get up against Maxy.

    Also not a bad effort I thought with Bartel, Enright, Stevie J and Chappy out.

  • who to get in for Gibbs? already have Goddard, Deledio, Adcock, Fisher, Stefan Martin

  • Team Name: Alex’s Lads
    Round 22 Score:2247
    League Results: B W W W W
    Ladder Position: Meh – It’s Prelims
    DT Studs: Rocky Ablett Stanley Gibbs God Sylvia
    DT Duds: Petrie Monty Fisher S.Martin
    On the Chopping Block: Gibbs?
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Gambled and brought in Didak this week. It worked for the first week at least. Still in all 5 leagues!
    Thanks Pav, Krak and Dalhaus for messing with my emerg but stuffing everyone else up more.

  • Team Name: Rock’n’rollas
    Round 22 Score: 2345
    League Results: W
    Ladder Position:
    DT Studs: Heppell, Boyd, S.Thompson, Swan, Ablett, S.Jacobs, Harvey, Didak, Sylvia
    DT Duds: Fisher, Puopolo
    On the Chopping Block: No trades
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Pretty good week… hoping Sylvia doesn’t get rubbed out!!

  • need some help here

    ive got 1 trade left and got gibbs/scotland and carrazzo
    im trading carrazzo but hes in my defence and i have no dpp’s to swap him into the mid for
    so here are my options

    1. Birchall – vs the doggies and gold coast should do well against doggies a=but fade out against the suns do to their lack of attack

    *2*. Fisher – vs north should get 80+ then vs carlton another 80+

    3. Enright – vs swans @ skilled should ton up then vs pies so maybe about 80

    ************************NEED HELP***********************************

  • Had the rest this week, have Nick Maxwell next week, Thompson, Shiels, Riewoldt x2, A. Swallow, Knights, Lower….this is your time!!

  • Team Name: Neums DT
    Round 22 Score: 2046
    League Results: W B W
    Ladder Position: Prelims all round
    DT Studs: Boyd Swan Gibbs Ablett and Stanley
    DT Duds: Only had 7 players ton up so lots. Pav, Petrie, ROK and Broughton get special mentions
    On the Chopping Block: Not sure. Only 2 trades left but will need one for Ryder next week.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Lucky to get wins. Strange week for scoring, never thought I would knock out Dermie and Tom Harley with that sort of score. Wasnt too perturbed though, had the week off in my main league.

  • Very annoyed I followed advice on here to play Howe instead of Lobbe. I knew I could trust the new Port ruck! Everything went bad for me this week. Opponent brought in Mumford who pulled a massive score, played the rubbish Pederson who had a massive score, and I traded Heppell for Suckling (Heppell scored better).

    Was away from comp all weekend, checked at 3 quarter time and saw I needed a massive score from Sylvia to win and knew I was sunk. His 2 goals in the last couple of minutes saved me! Won by 10 points in the end.

    Facing Nick Maxwell next weekend..

    • @stewart
      “I knew I could trust the new Port ruck!”
      Why are you blaming anyone but yourself……….grow some balls!!!
      PS: You don’t deserve the extra R!!!

    • Then again, apparently rucks don’t have a big influence anyway!!!!
      Unless it Cox, Mumford, Luey, Goldy, Jacobs etc.

  • Team Name: juddy
    Round 22 Score: 2312
    League Results: W/B/B/W/W
    DT Studs: Gibbs, Swan, Boyd, Ablett, Mumford, Cloke, Sylvia
    DT Duds: Hodge, Fisher, Suckling, Broughton
    On the Chopping Block: No-one
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: hey

  • Team Name: clakkas crew

    Round 22 Score:2109

    League Results:WLB

    DT Studs: Boyd, Jacobs, S. Thompson, Gibbs, Stanley, Swan

    DT Duds: Broughton

    On the Chopping Block: NIL

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Can’t wait till next year when the byes aren’t an issue anymore. Happy with my score considering i had to take 2 goose eggs for being too Geelong heavy. My cross to bear though, can’t blame anyone but myself. I’m in the top 4% of the whole comp which I’m also pretty happy about considering this is only my 2nd year doing DT.

  • Team Name: Smosejes
    Round 22 Score: 2203
    League Results: BB
    Ladder Position: Prelim, eliminated
    DT Studs: Boyd, Swan, S. Thompson, ablett, Gibbs, Goddard, Stanley, Leunberger, Cox, Dids.
    DT Duds: Petrie, Broughton, Fisher Hodge, Joey.
    On the Chopping Block: pav
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: gonna have 2 trade pav out for someone cause i have yarren and roo aswell :(

  • Team Name: First Choices
    Round 22 Score: 2110
    League Results: WIN!
    Ladder Position:
    DT Studs: Sylvia, ABLETT, Swan, Boyd, Stanley, M Murphy
    DT Duds: McEvoy, Darling, PAVLICH, D Swallow
    On the Chopping Block: Darling
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: 1st year DT player. Made the preliminary finals. wow

  • Any forwards with a high ceiling other than Stevie J, Goodes, Franklin & Cloke

  • hey guys my team for this week will look like the following with 2 trades and 30k in the bank:

    fisher, goddard, delidio, adcock, broughton, jacobs, puopolo (golby(E), scotland, hibberd)
    swan(V), pendles, boyd, ablett(C), bartel, redden, (mzungu(E), prestia, gibbs)
    mcevoy, cox (j,tipp, mccauley)
    goodes, n.voldt, chappy, fyfe, petrie, buddy, sylvia (didak(E), i.smith, howe)

    1)should i trade gibbs or scotland or both?
    2)should i sit and keep the team i’ve listed?

    • i dont think sylvia voldt or howe will be playing this week so you may need a forward move

      • Dissapointing that as soon as Sylvia finds form, he is suspended

      • Playing Jacobs and the Poo in a prelim?

        I would be looking to strengthening that back line if i were you.

        All depends on who is not playing in your forward line too?


        The Unemployed

    • Also cox will be rested this week!
      Looks like a lovely carnaged week ahead!

  • Team Name: Hanson’s Heroes
    Round 22 Score: 2315
    League Results: w/w
    Ladder Position: Prelim’s this week
    DT Studs: gibbs, stanley, boyd S thompson, cloke, sylvia
    DT Duds: broughton and petrie
    On the Chopping Block: possibly D Swallow
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: cracked the top 500 this week

  • I stayed exactly the same overall ranking this week – 9620 or something

  • Sorry to hijack but there is a survey on the AFL website for you to comment on the sub and advantage rule.

    Please comment. The more people that tell Andrew the fat piggy with the money addiction that he is single handedly ruining this great game the better.

    Note* Be careful how you put your answers. They appear to be asked in a way which makes both answers make the rules appear to be better for the game regardless of how you answer.

    There is a comment box where you can and should show your disgust with the advantage rule…..if you feel it is actually a bad rule….

    • Yeah, they frame the questions so the rule looks good. E.g. is finding out the sub surprising. Well, yes, but in a bad way

      • Hit the nail on the head there Matey. They’re all the same. They simply aren’t asking the right question.

        Warnie, Calv and Roy, I know this is a DT forum and you guys are/might be affiliated with the afl but could you possibly post a “New rules are ruining the game” discussion? Would be great to hear everyone’s pov.

  • have surged into the top 1000, ranked 749.

    Finishing with a flurry of points…

    Luke’s Legends are coming! 2nd year in DT, next year will be massive!

  • Team Name: Space Goats
    Round 22 Score: 2152
    League Results: W, B, W, L
    Ladder Position:
    DT Studs: Stanley, Gibbs, Scotland, Swan, Ablett, Thompson, Boyd, Rockliff
    DT Duds: Broughton, Pav, Petrie
    On the Chopping Block: No trades left :(

    Probably couldnt have picked two worse guys to trade in this week for a do or die game….Pav and Leon Davis…haha. How i won 2 league games is beyond me.

    Going into the Melb vs Rich game i was up by 139 in one of my leagues with my opponent having Silvia vs Howe (me)….thought i was home safe considering Silvias recent form… wrong i was!. Howe couldnt have played a shitter game if he tried, managed to scrape through by 7 points

  • i lost my semi by one measly point. one.
    That caps off the year when i lost my eliminator by one measly point. one.

    plus the dees got done by the tigers. bummer.

    oh well.. DT is over for another 6 months.. time for EPL and IceHockey Fantasy for me.

  • Team Name: Liam’s Legion
    Round 22 Score:1745 ( Four Geelong players and Joseph Daye on the field and J. Howe got 2)
    League Results:B B B B B B :P
    Ladder Position: All Bottom 8
    DT Studs: D.Swan (C), S.Pendelbury, G. Ablett, B. Gibbs, T. Cloke,
    DT Duds: C. Judd, A. Fasolo, B. Jacobs, J. Howe
    On the Chopping Block:A. Christensen ( B.E. 191)
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Luckily I had a buy when Geelong did. Im in the Prelim. in all five Leagues :)

  • I lost on a draw!!

    I hate this game right now.

    See you all next season.

    Good luck to all of those in your prelims this weekend.


    The Unemployed

    • That’s pretty annoying.

      They should settle the tie with a 5 a side shoot out or something.

      • Nah surely finishing higher on the ladder has got to count for something. Unlucky though mate, it’s a dirty way to go.

  • Team Name:
    Round 22 Score:2251
    League Results:WWWBB
    DT Studs: PEDERSON, Sylvia, Leuenberger, M Murphy, Stanton, B Harvey
    DT Duds: Montagna, my unique dud as well as others
    On the Chopping Block: 0 trades
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Stoked over my Zmith to Leuenberger trade got me another 60 point boost over my opponent, Pedo! what a week for you to step up! was worried when Stanley got 112, but you smashed him.
    Sylvia, never while melbourne is struggling will you be in my team again, but happy to have crests like this while the ride continues

  • Team Name: Buttsy’s Vixens
    Round 22 Score:2077
    League Results:B B B B B B
    Ladder Position: Top in all 5
    DT Studs: D.Swan (C), G. Ablett, B. Gibbs, C Sylvia, A Didak, Goddard, Boyd
    DT Duds: C. Judd, D Petrie, G Broughton, M Suckling, M Pavlich, S Fisher + many other sub performances from the premiums.
    On the Chopping Block:Pav if he doesnt play this week or sylvia if he is suspended. Maybe andy Krakeour as a straigh swap for Mundy to cover Judd this week.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Terrible week after consistent high scores. Just lucky I had the bye in all 5 leagues!

  • Team Name: JungleMuffin
    Round 22 Score: Something shit.
    League Results: B/-/-/W
    Ladder Position:
    DT Studs: Prestia, Didak, That scrub GC ruckmen who got a game this week.
    DT Duds:
    On the Chopping Block:
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Was a ding dong affair all weekend. I was miles in front on Friday, he came back and overtook me on Saturday, leaving me a few hundred points to chase down with only two players more going into the last 3 games. Fish/ROK/Howe stunk it up enough for him that I came home like a boss. Tyvm Howe.

    Have a higher season score and score last week than my two opponents this week, so It’s mine to lose. Only problem is I had to burn a trade too many to get into the the finals in my last league, meaning I’m stuck with and extra Carlton player on the bench than I wanted. Should still field a full 22, but the fillers aren’t looking too flash hot. Should be a couple of cracking matches this week.

  • Team Name: Phil Ken Sebben (overall ranking 79)
    Round 22 Score: 2322
    League Results: n/a
    Ladder Position: n/a
    DT Studs: Gazza, Rocky, Swanny & Sylvia
    DT Duds: Petrie!! I mean, cmon!!
    On the Chopping Block: Syyylvia…grrr!!

    Drew: Any possible f*cking chance you could get a kick in a 100point demolition?

    Colin: Words cannot describe my hatred for you right now….

    • Aww yeah, forgot about Travis. Shit back-tatt, awesome DT score this week. Cheers big fella!