All-Stars League Update: Round 20

The final round is here and the 8 isn’t quite set. It has been pleasing this year to see that the All-Stars we have selected this year have known what they’re talking about and are looking pretty good!

Daniel Harford and Nick Maxwell have both been pretty good this season… beating quite a few other so called experts. We’ll be helping Brodie Smith and Nathan Grima in the off-season to help them become DT superstars, on and off the field.

Monty and Molly from the Coaches Box Podcast are traveling alright, with Molly currently 3rd overall, but fighting to make the 8.

The man who had a lot to say early in the season, Dr Dream Team, will miss the 8 and battle for the Tit-ed Cup. What a shame.

The fixture is there for this week with the ladders below. Who do you think will take out the DT TALK All-Stars League?

All-Stars League Ranking... after Round 19



All-Stars League - OVERALL rankings