Reaching new heights: Round 18 Review

It was a thumping round of Dream Team this week. Most teams racked up big scores where 2300 looked to be about par. Looking down team lists, there were a lot of 110+ scores. A couple teams were affected by the vests and the late withdrawal of Steve Johnson. How did you fare?

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Team Name:
Round 18 Score:
Eliminator Status:
League Results:
DT Studs:
DT Duds:
On the Chopping Block:

Next week is the last of the multi-bye rounds. This one features Sydney, Richmond and Brisbane.


  • Team Name: What a Krakouer
    Round 18 Score: 2374
    Eliminator Status: gone
    League Results: WWLWW
    DT Studs:Deledio, Goddard, Gibbs, Dal Santo, Boyd, Pendlebury, Swan, Bartel, Goodes, Petrie, Cox, Riewoldt
    DT Duds: Birchall, Rawlings, Fisher, Sylvia, Johnson (for pulling out), Abbett (for get 97 dt with 36 touches :\ )
    On the Chopping Block: not enough trades left to chop people
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: should have scored way higher, due to some failing premiums

  • Team Name: Harrisons xxii
    Round 18 Score: 2452
    Eliminator Status: out
    League Results: wwwww
    DT Studs: goodes, swan, cotch, cox, nvoldt, cloke, the list goes on
    DT Duds: talia, daisy (soft cock subbed for a corked thigh), lower, pav
    On the Chopping Block: talia,
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: only brought in daisy thomas on friday! Pretty pleased with the result, but didnt even crack the top 2000 for the round. Plenty of dt sluts this week. Plus i nailed myself in the top 4.

  • Team Name: The KC_Badgers
    Round 18 Score: 2,559
    Eliminator Status: Eliminated
    League Results: WW
    16 100+ players
    DT Duds: Sylvia, Z.Smith

    On the Chopping Block: no one
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Round 18 score rank 12.

  • Team Name: Harry’s heroes
    Round 18 Score: 2299
    Eliminator Status: out
    League Results: WWW
    DT Studs: Goodes, Cox, N.Voldt, Pendles, Swan, Boyd, Gibbs, God, Lids, Mitchell
    DT Duds: My 3 most unique (Rischitelli, Natanui, Fisher) along with Heppell, pav, sylvia
    On the Chopping Block: No one
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: 2278 is my worst score in the last 5 weeks.

  • Team Name:TC Ladz
    Round 18 Score:2270
    Eliminator Status:Gone
    League Results:WLWLL
    DT Studs:Gibbs,Lids,Godd,Pendles,Swan(C),A Swallow,Hodge,Bartel,Joey,Cox,Mumford,Buddy,GOODES!!!!!!!!
    DT Duds:I Smith,Enright,Poo,Pav,Sylvia and On the pine(T Lynch,Talia)
    On the Chopping Block:

  • Team Name: Dean;s Destroyers
    Round 18 Score: 2396
    Eliminator Status: gonski
    League Results: LWLWL
    DT Studs: goodes, nreiwoldt, juddy, coxy, fanklin goddard, gibbs…. i could go on and on
    DT Duds: jreiwoldt, enright lower
    On the Chopping Block: only got 4 trades left so no one hahah

  • Team Name: Aleks’ Advertisers.
    Round 18 Score: 2326.
    Eliminator Status: Lolno.
    League Results: WWLW.
    DT Studs: Cox, Petrie, Franklin NWoldt, Swandlebury.
    DT Duds: Enright, Rawlings (again!), Pavlich, Sylvia, Stevie J (you prick).
    On the Chopping Block:
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: What the crap is wrong with this shitty team? It’s perfect, full of premiums, but just under-performs every week. Dropped to 2,712 overall. :(

  • Team Name: Aciid_tr0jans
    Round 18 Score:2260
    Eliminator Status: Gone Rd. 2
    League Results: Win / Loss
    DT Studs: Gibbs, Pendlebury, Swan, Judd, Goodes, Thompson, Cox, Cloke
    DT Duds: Duffield
    On the Chopping Block: No one…. 0 Trades left haha…
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Annoyed i didn’t score higher ): but such as life set the highest score of the year, and happy with the results considering this is my 2nd year of doing DT (:

  • Team Name: All Class
    Round 18 Score: 2437
    League Results: WWLWL
    DT Studs: Goodes, Cox, Reiwoldt, Franklin, Petrie & Pendles
    DT Duds: ME for playing I. Smith over Gu, Fisher & Zmith
    On the Chopping Block: Zmith
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Might replace Zmith with Petrie and upgrade another forward. Hurry up and return Didak! If you’re not playing this week you’re gone buddy.

  • Team Name: Alex’s All Stars
    Round 18 Score: 2,362

    Eliminator Status: No good.

    League Results: WLWLL

    DT Studs: Goodes, Cox, Voldt, Franklin, Pendles, Buckley,

    DT Duds: Puopolo, Shiels, Enright, Sylvia

    On the Chopping Block: None

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Had a good round up until Sunday arvo. Was looking like I would get close to 2500 until some normally reliable players (See Duds) failed miserably. I benched Gilbert for Buckley which paid off, but I expected much better from Puopolo against Melbourne only to be proven wrong… Overall rankings slipping away, now at 578th… Hopefuly a good week during this multi-bye will get me back up around the top 200. But everyone’s teams are pulling big scores now so it’ll be interesting to see how I finish up this year.

    Round 18 Score: 2,436
    Eliminator Status: ACTIVE – TOP 64
    DT Duds: Rawlings, Heppell, Pavlich, Lower. Will forgive Pav & Lower (derby is always a tough game)
    On the Chopping Block: Rawlings. Will depend on my eliminator matchup this week. Particularly frustrating to have Stanley on the bench.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Ranked 75th overall. Still 4 trades and even with the multi-bye this week my team looks to be in pretty good shape. Let’s see what happens…

  • Well, as my lucky streak continues in round 18, I even finished the the week as the highest state winner, which will mean that I’ll win a synthetic football as well as an AFL certificate. Where can I claim the prize and will it be delivered to my home address?

  • For people thinking of dumping Rawlings (like me), Johncock is a smokey I am going to throw out there.
    NO byes.
    Chip kicks to himself tons of times when kicking in.
    Before that injury against Essendon he was on 50 halfway through second qtr and the 5 games before that he averaged 85.6.
    I think I am going to do that trade

  • Team Name: Space Goats
    Round 18 Score: 2491
    Eliminator Status: out
    League Results: Wx4
    DT Studs: Everyone but the likst below
    DT Duds: Stevie J (but Howes 83 was handy), Suckling out meant i had to play Poops 45 :(
    On the Chopping Block: No-one at the moment
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Ranked 575 for the week and dropped 2000 spots to around 6000 overall

    • Dropped 2000 spots? I don’t think that’s possible if you’re 575 for the week… I was 25,000th for the week and only went down 1000 spots.

    • Think you have miss read something mate. How can you get the 575 best score for the week and drop 2000 spots (it means only 574 scored better than you but SOMEHOW 2000 went past you).
      IMPOSSIBLE!!!! :-)

    • Gavin to help you out, you were ranked 8339 last week and up to 6324 after this week!!!
      Up 2000 spots not down.

      • well i was going for ‘i dropped 2000 spots off where i was’, sorry about the confusion ;)

  • Team Name: Hanson’s Heroes
    Round 18 Score: 2475
    Eliminator Status: gone
    League Results: WW
    DT Studs: STANLEY, Cotchin, Cox, Goodes, N Reiwoldt
    DT Duds: Syliva, Stevie J’s Corky
    On the Chopping Block: possibly Issac Smith to free up cash for finals
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Just missed out on the top 1000 this week ranking, but good week all round

  • I Know it isn’t Trade talk tuesday but I can’t wait to see if this is worth doing it…. I have 4 trades left for finals but only $20k… My plans are:

    Trade Bartel to Mitchell when bartel has his bye… But I won”t have enough money! So im thinking to downgrade someone… Im thinking Hibberd down to Callianan? The I will have 179k in my piggy for the finals but 1 less trade… In my forwards im thinking to trade chappy to someone… leaving me 1 more trade to trade Heppell to Birchall or Broughton?

    Well if I don’t downgrade Im going to have to diagonally downgrade Bartel to a shter player….

    Please tell me more options or if I should do it or somthing like it… Cheers;)

  • Slappers

    Team Name: Slappers
    Round 18 Score: 2099 (With 2 Donuts)
    Eliminator Status: gone
    League Results: Win – and 1st
    DT Studs: Cox, Swan, Goods, N.Rewolt, Gibbs, Boyd, Mitchell
    DT Duds: Pav, Sylvia, Duigan, Lower
    On the Chopping Block: none as i only have 4 trades.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: was pissed when i saw s.johnston not play. but happy with the league win and score with 2 donuts.

    • Mate:( 2099 … enough said…

      • Slappers

        im not bragging about my score no way.. was just saying with 2 donuts that were players that were projected to score over 120+, i was happy to just get over the 2000 mark…

        but was seriously pissed at sylvia, pav and duigan for their crap scores…

  • Team Name: The Magoo’s
    Round 18 Score: 2431
    Eliminator Status: Gone Rnd 2
    League Results: WWW
    DT Studs: Big mention for the Voldt, so glad my faith in him is starting to pay off. GCS this week to,look out.
    DT Duds: None
    On the Chopping Block: Just sweating on Dids atm, he’ll have to perform as soon as he gets back otherwise he’s goneski
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Awesome week all round but have that sinking feeling that it will be the Penthouse to the Shithouse this week. Delidio, Adcock, Rockliff, Goodes and ROK all out, got cover but it’s not gunna be pretty.

  • Team Name: the big lads
    Round 18 Score: 2029
    Eliminator Status: out
    League Results: LLWW
    DT Studs:Gibbs, Goddard, SCARLETT(lol), Judd, Swan (c), COTCHIN, Bartel, Cox, Petrie
    DT Duds:Newman, Enright, Puopolo, Sylvia, J Voldt, Smith
    On the Chopping Block: no one
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: was going for 2300 at one stage then i was like yep i’ll be happy with 2100+ and then i had to settle with just over 2000.

  • Question: who runs DT? IF you have a problem with your account who do you call?

  • Team Name: The Kings of Leon (1049 overall)
    Round 18 Score:
    Eliminator Status: 2362
    League Results: Shite
    DT Studs: Same as most
    DT Duds: TKOL
    On the Chopping Block: No one, only 1 trade left

    I never thought Id be dissapointed with a 2300 + score. Well done to PKS on his score, what a star!
    Thankfully EPL has opened so i can work hard on preseason there. Looking forwar to DT 2012 :)

    • now now, look at how far you have fallen from your lofty heights (which wasn’t that high)

      • you are rubbish tkol!!!

        all that talk the previous few weeks and you are still outside top 1k

        i got 2499 and rank 170ish so far….

        remember me and join my league in 2012 , so i can personally smash you all the way to the bottomless pit of shitville.

      • Dont hate the player, hate the game. Im still the best, its just the multi bye season is the worst!
        I will win DT overall next year, death taxes and TKOL premiership!

    • What was PKS’ score?

    • Cheers for that #5, you’ll bounce back next year…just say NO to Sam Gilbert and Brady Rawlings! ;)

    • Cheers for that #5, you’ll bounce back next year…just say NO to Sam Gilbert and Brady Rawlings! ;)

  • Name: Steven
    Score: 2251
    Rant: Daisy captain :/

  • Team Name: Absolute Peaches
    Round 18 Score: 2311
    Eliminator Status: Long gone.
    League Results: Win.
    DT Studs: Gibbs, Goddard, D.Stanley, Adcock, Boyd, Redden, Bartel, Swan, Montagna, Cox, Goodes, Petrie, Franklin, Krakouer
    DT Duds: Enright, Shiels, Sylvia
    On the Chopping Block: No one really, maybe Lower or Heppell, they may have peaked.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Highest score in my league this week, secured a top 4 spot. Debuted Montagna this week after trading out D.Swallow, was pretty happy with the result.

  • Harbrow, Adcock or Johncock for Rawlings?

  • Anyone starting to plan finals trades yet?

    I’m assuming lots of people have Petrie, are you going to trade him or just stick him on the pine?

    If I lose first week of finals I will probably trade SJ to Cloke or Lecras aswell.

    • I’m keeping Petrie (unless Sandi comes into contention) but I already traded A.Swallow to Monty and am considering Enright to Waters but probably not.

  • Team Name: Team Punishment (overall 526 , car club 56)
    Round 18 Score: 2426
    League Results wwwLL
    DT Studs:same
    DT Duds:Shiels, Enright
    On the Chopping Block:none
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: had Howe with the E (83 yer baby) – luck because S.Johnson did not play, wow Stanley ;)

    I hope Suckling and S.Johnso come back this week

    • I still got you covered in our league Zan! =)

      • haha, I luv it

        • dude, we gotta open our own league next year for those who finish within top 1000 only and aim for no.1 league

          • Done mate :)

            we would kill it

          • Nice work on the scores guys :)

            I would love to be part of that league next year!

          • Me too, if you guys are up for it. Im equal 1st (2nd on percentage) in the 40th ranked league and two dudes are dragging us down. I’m up for shooting for #1 league.

          • For those who are interested –

            I (KAZKAGE) will my hand up and organize this league. To qualify, teams must take a screenshot of their final team’s ranking (<1000) and send over email for code (activated when 2012 season open).

            Being in the ultimate competitive league will make dt relevant and interesting all season (even if you are out of contention for the major prize)

          • I’d be keen on that Kaz- my main league is ranked 26th with the top 6 teams all inside the top 1000 (inc myself). Hope to run out the rest of the year on a high note!!

          • I am deffinetly up for this, my leagues are shit. whats your email?

  • Team Name: Phil Ken Sebben (overall rank 126)
    Round 18 Score: 2529
    Eliminator Status: I’m f*ckin OUT!
    League Results: N/A
    DT Studs: Goodesy + the usual crew…
    DT Duds: Sam Fisher and Colin Spudia
    On the Chopping Block:

    *fingers crossed* Suckers plays this week!

    • kick a$$ ;)

      come on suck, you can do it

    • PKS is fkn IN!!!

      Good job mate.

      • oi tooler did you see my overall ranking?


        —— 126——–

        No kidding!

        The chances of that happening according to everyone on dream-stats would have to have been about, oh, 126,000,000 to 1!!

        • haha, that’s a classic.

          Me and boomer were equally ranked about 8 weeks ago.

  • Team Name: BigCox LittleKerr (overall rank 179)
    Round 18 Score: 2512
    Eliminator Status: n/a
    League Results: lwwww
    DT Studs: Most the team
    DT Duds: Just Sylvia and Heppels 72 wasn’t great but passable
    On the Chopping Block:none
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Can’t believe I lost a league match with a score of 2500+

    I also think it would be a good idea to have divisions of leagues based on this years score – top 200, top 500 ect ect
    Then next year can get some DT talk leagues in the top 20, I’d be up for that

  • Team Name: Innocent Criminals
    Round 18 Score: 2418 – overall ranking 2665, not quite cool/elite enough for Kazkage’s 2012 elite league, but maybe a miracle will happen and I’ll finish 998 or something
    Marital Status: Married
    League Results: WWWWW (some good leagues too, one ranked 58)
    DT Studs: All the guys who scored over 100
    DT Duds: Suckling and SJ20 (at least he apologised on Twitter)
    On the Chopping Block: no one this week, saving last trades for finals
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Whatever