Round 17 Round Review

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Round 17 Score:
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On the Chopping Block:

Round 18 the Power have the bye… surely no Port player is in you best 22?! We should be looking ahead to a massive round where our best 22s are playing!!


  • Team Name: Useless FC
    Round 17 Score: 2346
    Eliminator Status: No
    DT Studs: Everyone but particularly Petrie, Broughton and Lower.
    DT Duds: None
    On the Chopping Block: None. Team is finished. Premiums in all positions. Trades for injuries/Heath Shaw brainfarts only from here out.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Moved up into 700ish overall which isn’t bad considering after the first few weeks i was out to 16,000 odd. I left my run too late to have a crack at the car but I’ve got my sights set on a top 100 finish. Long shot but you never know, I’ve clawed my way back this far after all and I think I’m doing better with trades than most.

    Round 17 Score: 2301
    Eliminator Status: ACTIVE
    DT Studs: Lower, Petrie
    DT Duds: Rawlings
    On the Chopping Block: No one
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Cracked the top 100 – up to 93rd overall. Happy to get through my eliminator. Decision for this week is which forward to bench out of Rioli and n.volt. Also considering upgrading an extra backman, but the defenders seem so random i might just be better sitting with what I have.

  • Team Name: Evil Weevils
    Round 17 Score: 2026
    Eliminator Status: Long gone
    DT Studs: Lids (finally), Pedersen (damn good rook), Bart, Sylvia, Coxy, Pee-tree, Prestia
    DT Duds: B Smith(Adel, sub), JHowe(sub), GC Lynch (sucks)
    On the Chopping Block: BSmith, Lynch, I Smith (BE of 95…)
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Only just managed to scrape in the 2k mark, 2011 is over, so might as well use up the rest of my trades, see what happens – KAMIKAZE TIME!!!

  • Team Name: Norfolk ‘n Chance
    Round 17 Score: 2315
    Eliminator Status: Long Gawn
    DT Studs: (100+) Petrie, Lower, Pendles, Bartel, Delidio, Cox, Sylvia, Goddard, Gibbs, Judd, Boyd, Swan, Ablett.
    DT Duds: (-100) Pavlich, Goodes, B Harvey, Scotland, Enright, Z Smith, Adcock, Mzungu, Gamble
    On the Chopping Block: None this week
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Only 9 players who were sub-100 this week, who all are very capable of scoring over 100. A few more in the studs group and 2400 would have been quite easily achieved. Can’t complain though I guess!

  • Team Name: Slappers
    Round 17 Score: 2010
    Eliminator Status: gone
    DT Studs: LOWER, Bartel, Deledio, Sylvia, Cox
    DT Duds: Chappy, Johnston, Duigan, Howe
    On the Chopping Block: Shaw, Duigan, Sandi
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Should i downgrade sandi for a cheap ruck and upgrade Shaw to Goddard? this will leave me with 2 trades left.

  • Team Name: Son of Goddard
    Round 17 Score: 2412
    Eliminator Status: Out
    DT Studs: All my team except the duds below. Lower, Joey, Daisy, Petrie
    DT Duds: Chapman, Stevie J, Goodes
    On the Chopping Block: None
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Ranked 39th for the round. Oh Yeah. Tassie represent!!

  • Is trading Shaun Higgins for Leigh Montagna a good trade?

  • Whoever write the article forgot to add in league results

  • Team Name: Team Punishment (Overall 603)
    Round 17 Score: 2,062

    DT Studs: Broughton, G

    DT Duds: Howe
    On the Chopping Block: none
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: happy with Harper, K 65pts , had to get in Broughton because of H. Shaw
    how good is Stanley, D :) , will this week i get back all my Hawthorn guys so yerr that hurt me big time with out 4 to 5 guys

    • Team Name: Innocent Criminals
      Round 17 Score: 2230 – ranked 3022 overall
      Leagues: WWWWW
      Status: Married
      DT Studs: 3. Broughton; 2. Petrie; 1. Bartel
      Spud of the Week: A lot of average efforts but no real breakers, Chappy & SJ20 both a bit crap
      On the Chopping Block: No one this week
      Vent/Brag/Whatever: Had a big weekend. Not feeling real good.

    • Broughton’s my best trade all year Zano. Bought him in real, real cheap and haven’t looked back.

      And then I paid top dollar for Adcock and it’s been all down hill lol. Oh well.

      • thats life hay.

        my Best trade was Conca to Shiels , round 4 , Lucky I had money in the bank back then

  • Team Name: Victorious Secret
    Round 17 Score: 2284
    Eliminator Status: Gone
    DT Studs: You all know them – Petire, Goddard, Delids, S Martin
    DT Duds: Jack Riewoldt, Chappy
    On the Chopping Block: Jack Riewoldt GONE
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Really happy this week, Swanny 101 as skip could of been better but can’t complain. Had Lower as EMG on the bench as well. 7 Trades left and 61,900 – primed for a big finals assault.

  • Team Name: Toms Thrashers
    Round 17 Score: 1837, not bad for a first year dt’er
    Eliminator Status: Outsky
    DT Studs: Deledio, Pendles, Lower, Petrie
    DT Duds: Dan Nicholson, Tendai Mzungu, Charlie Dixon, Chappy, Matthew Watson
    On the Chopping Block: Dixon, Sammy Day, Daniel Pratt, Mitch Duncan???
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Had Pendlebury captain, nick lower amazing, happy to get buddy and shane savage back this week, i dont have any port payers !

    • Team Name: Steven
      Round 17 Score: 2207
      Vent/Brag/Whatever: Want to get Birchall in this week, I could upgrade Adcock or Hibberd to Birchall, not sure which one to do.

  • Team Name: Absolute Peaches
    Round 17 Score: 2226
    Eliminator Status: Long gone.
    DT Studs: Gibbs, Goddard, Stanley, Lower, Boyd (c), Fyfe, Bartel, Cox, Sylvia, Petrie
    DT Duds: Adcock, D.Swallow, Chapman, Higgins
    On the Chopping Block: No one, coasting till finals.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Got the highest score in my league, also glad I didn’t get Shaw in a few weeks ago.

  • Team Name: Team Curtis
    Round 17 Score: 2190
    Eliminator Status: Eliminated first week
    DT Studs: Gibbs, Delidio, Fyfe, Cox, Montagna, Pendlebury, Goddard, Broughton, Lower
    DT Duds: Higgins, Foley, Darling
    On the Chopping Block: Nobody
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: In the top four.

  • Team Name: Devious FC
    Round 17 Score: 2310
    Eliminator Status: out long ago
    DT Studs: Lower, Petrie, Montagna, many premiums scored between 90-120 which was great
    DT Duds: Chapman and Stevie J
    On the Chopping Block: No one

    1 – Won all the league matches, including DT Talk Bombers. Now ranked 1,711 overall. Hope by year’s end to break top 1000, which I’ve never done.

    2 – Great trade to bring in Fyfe for Dawes, not so great to bring in Stevie J for Harvey (whom I thought would be a late withdrawal). But anyway, I have no Port players, so looking forward to another potentially high-scoring round (barring injuries or gambling-related withdrawals)…

  • Team Name: Phil Ken Sebben (overall rank: 208)
    Round 17 Score: 2340
    Eliminator status: ha ha ha….elimination.
    DT Studs: Avatar, Stanley, Colin & Travis
    DT Duds: Harris…even tho he didn’t play! Spud!
    On the Chopping Block:

    Set up very nicely for a run at the top 10, fingers crossed The General and LTI’s don’t claim too many of my warriors in the run home.

    • …how could I forget big Drewy!?! Thanks champ, loving your work.

  • UmpiresRFu#ked!!!! 2332
    only got this score cause of shaw otherwise never would of played lower .

  • Team Name: The Unemployed
    Round 17 Score: 2106
    Eliminator Status: Long Gone
    DT Studs: Peetree : Broughts : Gibbs : Goddard : Monty : Pendels : Cox : Sylvia
    DT Duds:Chappy
    On the Chopping Block: No one
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Only my first year of DT. Have learnt alot this year. Looking to finish top 1k next year. Feel sorry for the people that traded out Peetree last week.


    The unemployed

  • got 1970, with two donuts. not a bad result considering…

  • Team Name: freo4flag

    Round 17 Score:2378

    Eliminator Status: scrapped a win by 7 points, still in :)

    DT Studs: bartel, montagna, petrie,

    DT Duds: duffield

    On the Chopping Block: time to milk howe for some cash

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: with the money from howe and what is in my bank trading bewick to abblet next week giving me an extra premium in every position

  • Yes unemployed im serious. I wouldn’t have posted it if I wasn’t.

    Is it a good trade??

    • Its simple, if thats the only problem you have and have a few trades left then do it, if its not your biggest problem then do something else, you will lose your dpp

    • Were you playing Higgins in your Mids?

      I wouldnt be trading out Higgins at this stage of the season. Maybe there is another upgrade that will be more valuable to you in the long run?

      I would keep the faith with Higgins at this late stage of the season, hard to tell with out knowing how many traes you have left and the make up of your team.


      The Unemployed

  • Cheers for that,

    I wont do it as I was thinking the same thing that I will lose my DPP.

    I have 3 trades left so I might hold off this week or I will downgrade Hibberd to Callinan if Playing then upgrade A. Krakourer to either Thomas or Ablett????

    I would have one trade left but would have Didak, I.Smith, Darling, Nicholson and Jacobs for cover for any LTI..

    Do u think that would be a risk 1 trade going into Finals…..

    • Its hard to say without seeing your complete team one trade is pushing it. I would hold off

  • Team Name: RedNBlack Attack
    Round 17 Score: 2158
    Eliminator Status: What???
    DT Studs: x11 with 100+
    DT Duds: Darling (long story read below), McEvoy, Chappy with 71.
    On the Chopping Block: 3 trades left and sitting tight (long story read below)
    FMDT…broke my own “don’t trade til Fri night” rule and traded Lower to Shaw on Thu night and we know the rest of that story…aaarrrggghhhh!
    Does it get any worse, well yes it does, I was tossing up between Broughts (low BE, tough run home, been consistent) and Shaw (low price and F@CK knows why else) and went for the cheaper “F@CK knows why else” option, as Sam would say,’ You IDIOT’!
    I was also considering a FWD upgrade with Darling to ROK, but went for the DEF upgrade instead arrrgghhhh!!!
    Does it get any worse, yes it does this stoopid move cost me 2 trades (5 now 3) and my best score for the year (currently 2170).

    On the bright side I have lost one game all year from 2 leagues so my 2nd season has been good, next year I might concentrate on not gambling on gamblers.

  • Team Name: BEATBOX4
    Round 17 Score: 2400
    Eliminator Status: ?
    DT Studs: 15 players with 100+
    DT Duds: H Shaw, Adcock, Chappy
    On the Chopping Block: Shaw