Gary’s Knee: Round 16 Review

After we were all up and about with Him scoring 175, this week we are down and out thanks to a knee injury to our man, our hero Gary Ablett. There wouldn’t have been many coaches out there who have Gary and didn’t make him captain. Those who missed out last week will be happy they don’t have him – but there is no need to laugh at a players injury! You know who you are!

Copy and paste the following in the comments and fill it in!

Team Name:
Round 16 Score:
Eliminator Status:
DT Studs:
DT Duds:
On the Chopping Block:

Round 17 the Hawks have the bye, your first task this week should be to get your Hawthorn players on the bench.


  • Team Name: Lennyboy
    Round 16 Score: 2064
    Eliminator Status:gone ” overall ranking 1902
    DT Studs:Swan, Pandles, Boyd, Mitchell, Gibbs, Shaw, Scotland, Heppell,Buddy, Goodes, Chappy
    DT Duds: Ablett (c), Petrie, and Darling
    On the Chopping Block:Darling, Z Sith, and probably Gaz Jnr if misses more than 1 week
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Had a great score coming if I didnt put Gaz capt instead of Pendles with 20mins to go, am top 2000 and figured I’d follow the crowd because I missed Gaz’s great score the week b4 and didnt want to fall behind the pack further. Also making Darling start on the ground in front of Isaac Smith wasnt a great move. Still have 7 trades left and have all postions covered so will probably keep my powder dry as long as Abletts injury isnt too serious.

  • Gary Ablett Jnr

    Scans are good! Just showed some swelling…. Nothing serious! #juststrainedaheartmuscle

  • ALERT!

    Gary Ablett tweet just in.

    “Scans are good. Just showed some swelling … Nothing serious!”

    Next tweet says he will play “Hopefully this week”.

    • Ooooh yeah!

    • f**king stoked, but not really surprised there isnt much wrong with gazza’s knee. he’s my favourite player in the afl, don’t get me wrong, but after watching him through out his whole career he has always seemed a bit soft when it came to injuries. i.e he seemed really hurt or stayed down for ages when there was nothing really wrong with him at all. this isn’t a dig! just an observation. ily ablett.

    • STOKED!!!

  • I just heard about his tweets on SEN. Helps us coaches relax a bit, especially with so few trades.
    Thanks for a great week Jnr Boy Gazoli!

    • Now they’re saying if he gets through Wednesdays training session OK he’ll play this weekend!!!

  • Team Name: The A-Team (overall rank – 824)

    Round 16 Score: 2145 (1 donut)

    Eliminator Status: Eliminated in Rnd 13

    DT Studs: Gibbs, Goddard, Heppell, Boyd, REDDEN, Pendles, Judd, SWAN (C), Mitchell, Chappy,
    Buddy, N.Roo

    DT Duds: Adcock, Matera

    On the Chopping Block: no-one as I have 5 trades left for finals and LTI’s

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Happy with my score considering I had a donut in my FWD line. For once I am lucky to not be a GAJ owner.

  • going to need one of ablett bewick or wallis to play this week, what are my chances do you reckon?

    • I think Bewick may take Retzlaff’s place in the side, due to some poor performances from him in recent weeks.

  • Team Name: Infamous
    Round 16 Score: 2212
    Eliminator Status: Gone
    DT Studs: Gibbs, Shaw, Goddard, Franklin (My whole midfield captain swanny, pendles, boyd, nicky dal, mitchell and bartell)
    DT Duds: Adcock, Petrie, Lecras
    On the Chopping Block: Prestia or I Smith > Pav
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Jumped 6803 positions in the overall rankings this week so was pretty happy at that am now in the top 9% so am aiming for top 5% by seasons end.

  • Team Name:Tc Ladz
    Round 16 Score:1815
    Eliminator Status:Gone
    DT Studs:Gibbs,Goddard,Swan(V),Pendlebury,Hodge,Buddy,Mumford,Goodes, Heppell
    DT Duds: GAJ(C),Tom Lynch,Adcock, two 0
    On the Chopping Block: Hibberd,Lower, Liber, I Smith,T Lynch
    Vent/Brag/Whatever:Got Hodge in 2 weeks ago he has gone up $38,400 and has had 135 and a 120

  • Team Name: mr smoklaz
    Round 16 Score: 2236
    Eliminator Status: eliminated
    DT Studs:gibbs, shaw,goddard, heppel, boyd, pendles (V), swan (C), stanton, d.swallow. goods, chapman
    DT Duds: adcock, duncan, darling
    On the Chopping Block: duncan, darling
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: are there any rookies i can pick up for harris??????

  • Team Name: Dreamy Dream Team
    Round 16 Score: 1687
    Eliminator Status: Well and truly gone!
    DT Studs: Gibbs, Swan, Embley
    DT Duds: Gablett (C), Petrie, Waite,
    On the Chopping Block: Waite to maybe Cloke
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Two zeroes in the multibye and I thought that Gazza would have been able to cover for me… Thank god it’s the Hawks bye this week and I get Thompson and my Freeo players back! :)