Where’s Buddy? Round 11 Review

Round 11 has been run and won… and all without quite a few premiums, including Buddy Franklin who is one of the most selected premium forwards this year. This put a bit of strain on a lot of teams. How did you end up in Round 11?

Copy and paste the following in the comments and fill it in!

Team Name:
Round 11 Score:
League Results:
Eliminator Status:
DT Studs:
DT Duds:
On the Chopping Block:

Don’t forget that Port Adelaide have the bye this week, so make sure you sub your best 22 onto your field.


  • No more “they know we’re coming…” WE”RE BLOODY WELL HERE!!!
    Go the mighty Blues!!!

  • Is there any news on chappy this week?

  • Team Name: U Should Aim 4 2nd
    Round 11 Score: 1,950
    League Results: WW
    Eliminator Status: won by 2 points :O
    DT Studs: Stevie J, Bartel, Pendles, goddard, Cox and Petrie
    DT Duds: Fwd line got smashed. Buddy, Sylvia and chapman all gone in the one week. adcock
    On the Chopping Block: Matera, Stanley
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: cant believe i won eliminator considering the guy i was playing didnt have adcock or sylvia

  • Team Name: Modern Marvels
    Round 11 Score: 2041
    League Results: W,W,W,W,L
    Eliminator Status: Active!! won by 2 points :)
    DT Studs: Cloke, Bartel, Pendles, Rawlings, Cox, Smith, Goodes, Goddard
    DT Duds: Boomer, Shiels, Stanley, Volt, Sylvia
    On the Chopping Block: NIL
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Won Elimintaor by 2 points, So happy!!

  • Team Name: Stockholm Syndrome
    Round 11 Score: 1986
    League Results: WLW
    Eliminator Status: Eliminated this week
    DT Studs: Cox, Z Smith, Goddard, Petrie, S Johnson
    DT Duds: A lot. Midfield a combined total of about 150 below average. Adcock, Stanley, Didak, Knights.
    On the Chopping Block: Duigan or Stanley for a downgrade in a couple of weeks as I think they’ve peaked but won’t move much in value, so I don’t think I lose anything by holding them. Trying to assess whether Harris to Pendlebury is worth it, knowing the pies have the bye the following round. I can do it this week money wise, but not after that given the BE’s in play, hence the dilemma
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: You would think a midfield of Swan, Boyd, S Thompson, Mundy, Selwood and Fyfe could muster a ton somewhere.

  • Team Name: Alex’s All Stars
    Round 11 Score: 2011
    League Results: WLLLL
    Eliminator Status: Active – thought i was doomed but scraped through.
    DT Studs: Cox, Pendles, Murphy, Shaw, Goddard
    DT Duds: Franklin, Buckley and Chappy all not playing, Sylvia (harden up boy), Bewick (bench but still an epic fail)
    On the Chopping Block: Sandilands & Bewick (to GAJ, Mitchell or Scully)
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: dropped back 113 places in the rankings… now sitting at 297th overall.
    This week was disappointing, Duigan to Birchall was a good move for the rest of the season. My team looks good on paper and with 3 premiums not playing (or scoring 21 Sylvia I’m talking about you…) and one rookie late withdrawl with enough bench cover to avoid a donut I think i scored quite well.

    Running dry on trades though, after this week’s upgrade of Bewick that’s it for me and trades for a while.
    Don’t care about leagues, I’m in it to win eliminator and push for top 100 overall.

    • I hope Buddy, Chappy and Sylvia are fit for next week, Assistant coach has me lined up for a big week next week, hope it’s on the money could do with a score of 2291pts after this week’s sub standard effort.

  • Team Name: Hellborn Demons

    Round 11 Score: 2264

    League Results: WWW

    Eliminator Status: Out in round 2 :(

    DT Studs: A. Swallow, Cox (C), Bartel, Ablett, Broughton

    DT Duds: Stanley (Duigan and Hibberd on bench :( ), Mzungu (had krak as emergency instead)

    On the Chopping Block: Might cool off this round with the trades. Got 12 in hand with $232k in the bank. Will see what happens in the coming week

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Highest ever DT score after playing for 3 years and a weekly rank of 206 :) Could have been a shade higher (early 2300’s) but can’t be greedy ;)

  • Hey guys,

    Should I trade Andrew Krakouer, Robert Murphy or Jack Darling? Am leaning towards Darling + 104k bank to either O’Keefe or Goodes. Some help would be great.

  • Team Name: Roosy’s Rebels

    Round 11 Score: 2,272

    League Results: wwwww

    Eliminator Status: active

    DT Studs: Cox(C) – Thanks Vin!, Ablett, Pendles, Shaw, GOD, Bartel, M Murphy (first game in), Goodes, Petrie, Z Smith and Stevie J!

    DT Duds: Adcock (has been great for me all year until the last two weeks…), Stanley and Knights (below par)

    On the Chopping Block: No-one really. Am thinking of getting broughton in to finish my backline and Swan looks ripe to pick up after his second bye to complete my midfield (under $400K!!!)

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: My best ever ranking at 157 for the round which has pumped me into the top 1,000 overall. Super psyched with that! My decision to go with Pendles ahead of Swan at the beginning of the season looks to have paid off (due mostly to dumb luck!)
    Hoping Chappy and Buddy are back in next week as, with no Port players, I’ll be at full strength!

    DT’s alright with me, ohhh yeah!

  • Round 11 Score: 1,955
    League Results: WLWLW
    Eliminator Status: Active
    DT Studs: Cox, Pendlebury, Shaw, Smith
    DT Duds: The rest of my midfield – not a single ton between them
    On the Chopping Block: Stanley
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: I heard from a mate about Buddy possibly being out very late Friday evening, about 20mins before lockout, but thought he was jsut being a knob to wind me up and didn’t move Mzungu from my mids to fwds to cover him.

    So I copped Sylvia’s 21 and Buddy’s donut this week from my forwards, all the while my midfielders each chose to phone it in. I have no idea how Geelong wins by that much and Selwood doesn’t go 100+.

  • Is Didak even worth it as a straight swap for darling?

  • Hello ROK Hello Fisher

  • Team Name: Aciid_tr0jan’s
    Round 11 Score: 1999
    League Results: Win / Loss
    Eliminator Status: Eliminated Rd 2
    DT Studs: Cox, Smith, Scotland, Shaw, Goodes & Cloke…
    DT Duds: Adcock, Swan…
    On the Chopping Block: Dangerfield, Liberatore,

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Whilst a little under half my team actually scored well, it wasn’t enough to get me a win in both leagues, and to be honest 1999 as a score this far into the competition is a little bit concerning, and only having 8 trades left I think I’ll be leaving myself short at the end of the season, so I’ll have to trade out 1 per f/night until round 20… Cox scored well and I’m glad I put the C on him this week, I had a feeling he would destroy the GCS midfield… That is all Thank you ☺

    Round 11 Score: 2098
    League Results: WWWWW
    Eliminator Status: ACTIVE
    DT Studs: Fisher, Goddard, Pendlebury, Bartel, Goodes, Cox (c), Smith, Stevie J
    DT Duds: Sylvia (injured), Lynch, Harper(emergency for buddy), suckling, Knights, Pav, Hodge, Swan
    On the Chopping Block: Depending on who I verse in Eliminator this week, might hold the trades.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: I am now ranked in the top 1500, despite having Sylvia, Lynch and Harper!

  • Team Name: OLD SALTY’S

    Round 11 Score: 2148

    League Results:WWWW

    Eliminator Status: RD 2 out

    DT Studs:Stevie J Capt Cox Jimmy

    DT Duds: Mundy Thomo Swan Knights

    On the Chopping Block:Not sure maybe bring in broughts to finish backline

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: 2 unique mids scoring 75 not cool

  • Team Name: Blues_FC
    Round 11 Score: 2,261
    League Results: WWWWW
    Eliminator Status: W
    DT Studs: A Swallow, Petrie, H Shaw, Cox, SJ, Z Smith
    DT Duds: Danny Stanley
    On the Chopping Block: SANDILANDS
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Managed to rank 200ish for the round, despite missing Sandilands, Chapman and Franklin. Would be nice to have a week where all my premiums actually play!

  • Team Name: Westy’s Warriors

    Round 11 Score: 2075

    League Results: WWL

    Eliminator Status: Eliminated

    DT Studs: Goddard, Broughton, Pendulbury, Cox (captain), Z. Smith, S.Johnson, Goodes, Petrie.

    DT Duds: Adcock, Swan, Boyd, Mundy, Montagna, D. Swallow, Sylvia, N.Riewoldt.

    On the Chopping Block: Montagna (injured), D.Swallow, N.Riewoldt.

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Cox as captain was a good move.
    I could’ve had a much better score with Franklin, Sylvia and Montagna!
    Alright week…



    • Mate I’m planning on getting through the rest of the season after the pies 2nd bye with 4 trades. I’ll have 22 guns and 4-5 very solid depth players, and a full network of DPP links between def, mid and forwards. Remaining trades will be strictly for LTIs. Copping more than 4 LTIs from my best 25 players would mean more than 20% of them cop one – on that ratio, there’d need to be over 100 LTI’s in the league between now and the end of the year. Or, I may be very unlucky. One way or another in this game, you need luck to be successful and you can’t ‘bad luck-proof’ your team anyway.

      Plan ahead for the byes, dodge blues and bombers and make sure you have a quality bench and lots of DPP and you’ll get by with a handful of trades IMO

  • Team Name: InsomniaxAnonymous
    Round 11 Score: 1804 (hanging my head in shame)
    League Results: WLL
    Eliminator Status: Eliminated this week.
    DT Studs: Dean Cox, Zac Smith, Brendon Goddard, Adam Goodes
    DT Duds: Suckling (only just brought the bastard in), Judd, Adcock.
    On the Chopping Block: Brodie Smith, Libba
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Libba, Franklin, Chapman, Richardson and the richmond bye really hurt me. Two donuts… I brought in Matt Suckling this week and of course this would be the week when he gets his first sub-70 score since round 1. Jed Adcock you shit-truck, enough said. All these factors contributed to my lowest score of the season.
    FMDT! D:

  • Team Name: Rock’n’Rollas
    Round 11 Score: 1966
    League Results: W
    Eliminator Status: Smashed- out.
    DT Studs: Shaw, Goodes, Cox, Gaz
    DT Duds: Harvey (again), Swallow D, Lynch.T
    On the Chopping Block: Swallow D (-> Boyd/Watson)
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Having Sandi out is killing my already average team, Bailey is never gonna rack up tons

  • Team Name: Innocent Criminals
    Round 11 Score: 2,055
    League Results: WWWWW
    Eliminator Status: Did ok in the 2009 season, no luck since
    DT Studs: 3. Bartel; 2. Pendlebury; 1. Hibberd
    DT Duds: Adcock – and I paid too much for him which hurts.
    On the Chopping Block: Batchelor; Matera
    Brag: A big hello to anyone who “upgraded” Bartel last week to a “real gun.” Nice one lol.
    Vent: Picked the wrong captain this week in Selwood. Captain Choices are becoming more critical each round, especially with the Swanny situation.
    Shame about Buddy: I had no fwd bench cover either. Oh well, that’s DT.
    Sitting about 7,000 overall so trading aggressively. Will bring in Broughton and Murphy this week – byes be damned.

  • Team Name:Lee’s Beasts
    Round 11 Score:1931
    League Results:WWLW
    Eliminator Status:ELIMINATED
    DT Studs:Cox, Bartel,Petrie,Smith
    DT Duds:Suckling, Swallow, Knights (worst 3 only named)
    On the Chopping Block:Swallow – you are the weakest link
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: This was shit. Forgot to change my captain and would have gone selwood and boyd actually scored 2 points more. These 60’s, 70’s and 80’s from good players just makes me sad

  • Team Name: First Choices
    Round 11 Score: LW
    League Results: 2034
    Eliminator Status: Active
    DT Studs: Stevie J, Cox, Goddard, Marc Murphy, Zac Smith
    DT Duds: Adcock, Motagna, Knights, Danny Stanley, David Swallow, Swan
    On the Chopping Block: no one yet.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Crap week with buddy and chapman out

  • Team Name: Cuz’s Drug Policy
    Round 11 Score: 2074
    League Results: WWWWL
    Eliminator Status: Active
    DT Studs: Cox, A Swallow, Petrie, Gaz, Broughton, Goddard, Zmith
    DT Duds: Selwood (C), Jedcock, Swan, Boyd, Sylvia, N Roo
    On the Chopping Block: Lower, D Swallow, Matera
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Lower – Enright, Matera or Swallow to Chappy to be used as the swingman. Very happy with the decision to go Duigan to Broughton for 291k.

  • Team Name: Gift of the Gaff
    Round 11 Score: 1879
    League Results: LLWLL
    Eliminator Status: OUT
    DT Studs: Shaw, Goddard, Pendles, Cox, Smith, Goodes, Petrie
    DT Duds: Sylvia, Adcock, Suckling
    On the Chopping Block: nil
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: What a sad week for Gift of the Gaff!!! Great bench depth was tested with 3.6 million dollars worth of talent on the bench. Deledio, Watson, Rockliff, Sandilands, Chapman, Frankling, J. Reiwoldt!!

    Hoping for some good news Thursday 5pm with lots of Ins!!! Dropped out of top 1,000 thanks to this sad sad week!!

  • Team Name: Sneaky Casserole
    Round 11 Score: 2109
    League Results: WWWWW
    Eliminator Status: Active
    DT Studs: 3 D. Cox 2. B Goddard 1. D Petrie
    DT Duds: Adcock, Buddy, Nick Maxwell (for being a cheat)
    On the Chopping Block: Not sure if I should move on Stanley or Lower for the upgrade trade.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Yeah fairly good week, moved up too 55th overall. Only did the Matera – Gu trade so sitting on 11 trades with just under 200k in the bank.

    Team now looking like:

    Goddard, Gibbs, Deledio, Adcock, Rawlings, Heppell, Lower (Stanley, Puopolo, Jacobs)
    Pendles, Boyd, Judd, Bartel, Goodes, Hodge (Swallow, Hibberd, Bewick)
    Cox, Petrie (Z Smith, B McCauley)
    Chapman, Buddy, Fyfe, N Voldt, ROK, Pav, Knights (Darling, Mzungu, J Tippett)

    Looking at a possible Stanley – Broughton/Suckling & Bewick – Didak


  • Out Of Curiosity?
    What would be the best option?

    1) Micthell
    2) Hodge
    3) Redden
    4) Thompson
    5) Bolton
    6) Montagna

  • Any feedback would be appreciated :)

    This week trade-

    Harris > Mitchell
    Lynch > J Tippett (need the DPP link)

    Then team will look like this-

    Goddard, Gibbs, Carrazo, Delidio, Suckling, Heppell, Lower (Jacobs, Duigan, Kraks) will upgrade next!!

    Selwood, Bartel, Boyd, Pendels, Mitchell, Pavlich (Swallow, Hibberd, Prestia)

    Cox, Ottens (Bailey, J Tippet)

    Franklin, Rioli, Chappy, N Riewoldt, Higgins, Petrie, Knights (Darling, Mzungu, Smith)

  • Team Name: HOT2TROT
    Round 11 Score: 2178
    League Results: W
    Eliminator Status: W
    DT Studs: cox petrie swallow priddis pendlebury shaw johnson okeefe lecca
    DT Duds:stanley jacobs (chappy and franklin :P)

    On the Chopping Block: SWAN! – i totally want to but will ride it out

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: franklin didnt play and i had no forward emergency.

    i’ve got $693k and 11 trades left, so i need to sit on my trades for a while.

  • Team Name: Loughtons Legacy
    Round 11 Score: 2147
    League Results: win x 3
    Eliminator Status: in
    DT Studs: stevie j!! bartel ablett boyd pendles big cox smith goddard petrie cyril to a degree
    DT Duds:rievoldt wtf
    On the Chopping Block: darling/harris for an upgrade
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: very pleased

  • Team Name: Team Punishment
    Round 11 Score: 1997
    League Results: w w L L L
    Eliminator Status: out thanks to Frankling out sandi out , rock out, buckley did not play?
    DT Studs: COX had the C, and Johnson
    DT Duds: LOT’S
    On the Chopping Block: Rockiff
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Rockiff to Mitchell I’m think’n

  • Team Name: FootyBoots

    Round 11 Score: 1914

    League Results: w w w

    Eliminator Status: out l/w

    DT Studs: Cox Pendles(CAPT) Goddard and ROK

    DT Duds: Sylvia Buckley Ryder FRANKLIN :”(

    On the Chopping Block: Ryder Harris

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Lucky I had Hibberd on the bench for Buckley but no one covered Buddy FFS
    Four good price rises from rooks means $300,000 in the bank for tradez

  • Team Name: Neums DT
    Round 11 Score: 1931
    League Results: LWW
    Eliminator Status: Long gone
    DT Studs: Goddard, A Swallow, Bartel, Goodes, Z Smith, Petrie
    DT Duds: Gibbs as (c), Adcock, Stanley, Zaharakis, Stanley, Lynch (Franklin emerg)
    On the Chopping Block: Ryder and/or Sandi
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Wanted to bring Cox in and put the (c) on him last week, missed out by $1k. FARK.

  • Team Name: Flying High
    Round 11 Score: 2068
    League Results: WWLLW
    Eliminator Status: Inactive
    DT Studs: Cox, GAJ, Bartel, Murphy, Shaw, Goddard, Z Smith, Goodes
    DT Duds: Sylvia, Adcock, D Swallow, Lynch (for Franklin)
    On the Chopping Block: Stanley, Darling
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Looking to upgrade Darling to either Chapman or Stevie J. Not sure between the two, thoughts? Also contemplating downgrading Sandilands to Vardy to make some cash. Would leave my rucks as Cox, Z Smith, Bailey and Vardy.

  • Team Name: chappalenkoubeauty
    Round 11 Score: 2058
    League Results: wlw
    Eliminator Status:been torched
    DT Studs: Capt Cox Stevie J Andy Swallow (knew ya had it inya mate)
    DT Duds: Tom Lynch Danny Stanley Chris Knights (all forgiven)
    On the Chopping Block: Bewick goes for Gu this week
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: 2 fwd line donuts, Buddy and C-Rich. Knew about C-Rich but wanted Broughton and Marc in the side forsaking Gu’s first price rise. Broughton 117/Gu 59. Win for me.
    Lousy weekly score but rose 859 places to exactly 7000 nationally. Coached a good week.

    My gut feel is a lot of higher ranked sides have been trading their heads off. I have 11 left after this week and hope to field a full side with Gu onfield for Swannie or C-Rich/Buddy if they don’t come in/up.

  • Team Name: Suma United
    Round 11 Score: 2157
    League Results: WWWW
    Eliminator Status: Still kicking
    DT Studs: Cox, Bartel, Pendles, Shaw, Stevie J
    DT Duds: Adcock, Franklin, Sylvia
    On the Chopping Block: Stanley (should have ditched him last week), Darling
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Regretting trading out Broughton early in the season. Want to bring in Chappy for Darling but am concerned about his ongoing fitness problems.

    • Thinking also of trading in Stokes instead of Chapman, mainly because I could trade out Prestia and therefore keep Darling as 8th forward.

      Any thoughts on Stokes? He’s been tonning fairly frequently. Any better buys sub 353K? Roughead?

  • Team Name:Kyles Flyers
    Round 11 Score:2054
    League Results:WWWW
    Eliminator Status:Eliminated
    DT Studs:Cox, Swallow, Le cras, Redden, Ablett, Goddard
    DT Duds:Sylvia, Dangerfield, Knights, Harris, Swallow, Jacobs
    On the Chopping Block: Duigan, Harris, Bewick
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: I want to get rid of my rookies but it would leave me low on trades.