Proven Power – A Come-back Story

After round 2 I was sitting at an average of under 2000, struggling to the say the least. ranked 41,508th overall. 1 trade used. I looked at the gambles I had taken with alot of mid pricers. It almost made me weep.

When ur 41,508th overall things need to change. like Matthew Primus i started cutting (I wish 6 at a time) and i’ve told myself until i’m in the top 2,000 i’m trading hard.

Rd 3

OUT Houli ($255,100) IN Swan ($511,200)
OUT Foley ($235,900) IN Curnow ($96,400)
Things started going well, so i thought lets trade some more! 23,676 over all Better

Rd 4

OUT Buckley ($97,600) IN McKenzie ($97,600)
OUT Krakouer ($169,100) IN Pitt ($92,500)
Now after this Krakouer scored a 40 (after 2 48’s) and Pitt hit his 3rd game, Buckley was out and mckenzie looked like a great cash cow. 22,345 overall, after a terrible week of selections 100’s on the bench i hardly moved. still way outside I kept trading

Rd 5

OUT Prestia ($162,100) IN Riewoldt ($263,900)
OUT Everitt ($263,900) IN Adcock ($293,100)
Luckily for me Everitt had snuck in a 100 against the WCE and kept his price just high enough to get in adcock whilst prestia was being dropped i picked up the Jumping Jack. the next week things started kicking into action Jack made his BE and blasted out 100 adcock smashed 100, and i smash 2141 finally a decent score. 10,612 ovall and i could almost touch a 4 figure ranking, so i kept trading.

Rd 6

OUT Richardson ($136,700) IN Harper ($92,500)
OUT Higgins ($374,800) IN Riewoldt ($371,800)
Both Arguably sidways trades, but it really was patch up this week had 5 0’s in the forwards with Pitt, Franklin and Johnson. watched the scores get worse and worse and worse. Sitting on 1812 before lockout ended and i was sure that i couldnt go forward, i thought this revival might end there and then. but i log on after and BOOM 8,237 overall, i almost chocked, somehow i was in the top 10,000 i was excited my trade where working, i looked at my team for the first time i saw some strength i felt like i was in with a chance at the car. Soooooo i kept trading!!

Rd 7

OUT Fraser ($256,400) IN Tippett ($114,400)
OUT Duigan ($217,500) IN Hibberd ($92,500)
Fraser had covered Cox and Sandi’s first byes so i could make some money Duigan was maxing out and hibberd was fresh meat, neither effected my teams purely some money making. And then i watched Rawling and Petrie out score bartel and chappy, grimes injured, knights score lowly, and by the end of monday night i watch gibbs, tags, goddard, and reiwoldt push me through the 2000 even with the 13 from curnow. I sat up all night waiting to see if i could move forward a little more keep creeping my way up and there it was 3,817 overall. that is 37691 places in 5 rounds and now i have $319,100 in the bank and guess what. I’m gonna trade!!!

Hard Trading Early. One of the worst moves a Dream Teamer can make in the wrong circumstances but now thanks purely to Hard Trading (and a little luck) this no hope wishy washy team is starting to look like it can make a run at the car, I might have 6-8 trades less then most teams, but I am doing 10 times better then 5 weeks ago, what would of you done in my position? If I have 8 trades left by round 12 but my final team all but finished with a little luck, this no hoper might just be driving off in a new FJ Cruiser at the end of the year!

By Jack Saunders


  • Kenny Powers. Legend

  • Kenny F#king Powers – great show!

    • no need to swear!!!!
      Fellow user called : ‘TheRavelle’ lets his children read dt talk and might get mentally scared for life. And we dont want that happening cause he may sue dt talk and thats bad.

  • Great story. I love Kenny Powers as well – a true champion!!

    My only concern is there aren’t 40 trades in DT. You are going to have to scratch your trade bug somehow otherwise you might end up falling over the other side of the cliff twice as fast as you climbed on the way up!

    • hoping to finished most trades within 2-3 weeks, should have atleast 6-8 trades for multi weeks and finals at the end of the season, as i said a bit of luck is needed :S (if i dont get any injuryies i should be ok)

    • He did say he will have his team nearly finished and 8 trades left by Round 12, interesting if he doesn’t get smashed with LTI’s (ie Grimes) and his Premo’s keep averages up, believe whatever you want but when it all comes down to it there is a lot in DT that is about luck and good timing.

  • This Guy is a TRADER!!!! :)

  • I have also traded like crazy….

    ROUND 6
    OUT Richardson ($136,700) IN Riewoldt ($264,900)
    OUT Hale ($196,800) IN McCauley ($80,400)
    ROUND 5
    OUT Watts ($211,300) IN Franklin ($397,800)
    OUT Suban ($270,100) IN Adcock ($293,100)
    ROUND 3
    OUT Everitt ($281,700) IN Enright ($381,300)
    OUT Kennedy ($306,200) IN Embley ($383,700)
    ROUND 2
    OUT Hurley ($264,900) IN Tapscott ($97,600)
    OUT Shuey ($280,300) IN Curnow ($96,400)

    Likely trade for this round will be:
    ROUND 6
    OUT Yarran ($136,700) IN Smith ($92,500)
    OUT Oten ($197,000) IN Shaw ($358,700)

  • I want my 2 minutes of my life back…

  • Boy I know the feeling of too many early trades Im in same boat:

    ROUND 7
    OUT Otten ($197,000) IN Hibberd ($92,500)
    OUT Duigan ($217,500) IN Smith ($216,500)
    ROUND 6
    OUT Krakouer ($171,000) IN Tapscott ($176,900)
    OUT Hurley ($253,900) IN Riewoldt ($264,900)
    ROUND 5
    OUT Hibberd ($92,500) IN Fyfe ($333,100)
    OUT Broughton ($310,800) IN Toy ($97,600)
    ROUND 4
    OUT Smith ($92,500) IN Curnow ($173,400)
    OUT Warnock ($253,800) IN Smith ($106,400)
    ROUND 3
    OUT Pavlich ($380,700) IN Pendlebury ($442,300)
    OUT Spencer ($124,600) IN McCauley ($80,400)

    Now with Grimes gone for season & Curnow for 4-6 weeks I need to trade more as I still have Richardson & Prestia just sitting there doing nothing.

    • Wow, thats some interesting trading.
      Suggestions for your trades this week:

      Grimes OUT, Broughton IN
      Curnow OUT, Krakouer IN.

      Just trying to continue with your “Revolving Door” theme!!! :-)

  • I did the same thing. only didnt get as high

  • I am a little shocked by this article, do you really think you are better off? Houli and Foley are both coming off a great run [I know, I have both] and looking ripe to trade soon whereas Curnow is out [bad luck I know]. Krakouer is coming good, at least for a helathy price rise in the near future. Higgins to Riewoldt was a bad trade; Higgins may return this week and is in form while Riewoldt is set to reach a record low price. A lot of your rookie trades have been premature and Hibberd is uncertain at best while Duigan is one of the better backs. Adcock, J Riewoldt and Swan seem to be the only solid trades for my money. I think you won’t reach the 2K with this sort of strategy and will struggle later in the year.

    Big fan of the site but this article should be classified in the ‘reason to avoid panic trading’ section.

    • Ok so ur telling me that houli and foley have scored me more then swan and curnow over the past 5 weeks?? curnow becomes boyd this week, krakouer to pitt has made me more money then i could of and allowed me to go from higgins to reiwoldt trade, reiwoldt 43 (knocked out) and 95 is alot better then 0 and 0, price doesnt mean shit if they score well, gibbs is low as all hell for scoring over 100 average. duigan and hibberd was probably not the best but made me money to get boyd this week. none of them where panic trades, i thought about them for a week and really i’m 3817, i’m happier then 41,000 and until i get stuck with 0 trades so be it but atleast i am turning shit around, with what are good trades for their own reasons.

      • Actually they have – 465 and 443 compared to 398 and 347. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have traded Curnow in, but if you had waited till now to trade in Swan he would have cost you a lot less and after the bye is a good time to get him. I am making some assumptions as I don’t know your team – presumably you have pendlebury to take the C if you didn’t start with Boyd? And I understand your point about Higgins, and again without knowing your team can’t be definitive, but shouldn’t you have used rookies to cover the short term?

        • Sorry – 447 for Swan

        • but when i got 130’s as captain i would never go captain to foley and houli. that was the reasoning for swan i needed a sure 100 for captain

          • Hmmm, some of the cracks in your initial selections are becoming clearer… Look, I’m not bagging out all your selections – Swan is a gun – and if it worked it worked. I just feel you had a strategy to get Swan in later at low cost and you reverted before what would of been a great move. I wish you all the best in your climb up the ladder, and will be waiting to see the follow-up article which mentions a wait and trade strategy – and the flack from your supporters!

    • Pav,
      Don’t be upset by other people trading like this………it can only help your overall situation at the end of the year.

  • looking forward to seeing the end of season story (or sooner) to see how this trade method has worked out for you…

  • I hope you get some good luck and finish the season ahead of all these trading pro’s on here.
    Lets just all follow the exact same path so we can all share the car together. It almost like this guy has insulted some of you in some way.
    Some people are saving trades in preparation for hiccups along the way, smart move, if they eventuate.
    Others are getting there teams sorted asap and are hoping for a bit of luck to come there way.
    It will only take one of the later to get a lucky run, and all those who held 20+ trades for 10+ rounds will be sucking dust all the way home.

  • Hey champion, you’ve got your own article!

    Good job on jumping up in the rankings!

  • Using that many trades to get to a decent ranking sounds very Dr-Dt-esque. You should be more careful with your starting squad, 16 trades left with 17 rounds to go is a worry.

    • Understand the starting squad comment, but quite a few quality DT’ers who had good pre-seasons have been ratsh!t so far (thus my early trading history below).

      I still have way too much cash sitting around from my rounds 3/4 downgrades. Please feel free to laugh about my R Gamble gamble and B McCulloch selection (hit the wrong B Mc!!!).

      ROUND 7
      OUT Richardson ($136,700) IN Lobbe ($126,000) – NB allows Petrie to move forward
      OUT Duigan ($217,500) IN Rawlings ($332,400)
      ROUND 5
      OUT Gamble ($157,000) IN Riewoldt ($263,900)
      ROUND 4
      OUT Gwilt ($279,900) IN Stanley ($106,400)
      OUT McCulloch ($80,400) IN Smith ($106,400)
      ROUND 3
      OUT Kennedy ($306,200) IN Curnow ($96,400)
      OUT Milburn ($382,900) IN Heppell ($132,500)

      • Whilst you may back a player to improve after a decent Preseason, I’d prefer to pick a player who is more safe and also durable(and not changing their role).A consistent role and history are the most important for premiums.

        Forwards this year have been difficult to pick. People were either getting on in age, changed clubs or had a terrible injury history. Take a look at a few players this year who have hurt coaches, they are often people who have bad injury history.

        Hello ‘Missy Games Higgins’
        Frank Grimes- Most games he has played a season has been 14…
        Broughton- Has had a somewhat elite Average for the 2 years he had played,still an unproven ‘Premium’, and also misses plenty of games.

        People take way too many risks in their starting squad. On another related rant why do people burn trades like that? I’m sure people struggled with 20 last year, and that was without the 2 extra rounds and byes. 3 things are needed to be sucessful In DT.
        1-Great starting squad
        2-Great trading
        Luck is by far the least relevant of the 3.

  • great article :)

    Sadly u jumped over me in that process :(

    I dont see any problem with trading… get a stronger team in sooner.. the longer u wait for people like swan, pendulbury, bartel, Boyd, Chapman- the longer their scores hurt u

  • Till now I though was the only person stupid enough to have Foley AND Houli. Likewise I traded Houli out for Swan. But I think that’s where similarities end.

    Foley into Chapman next week will be my 8th trade.

    • Nah, you’re not alone on the Foley band wagon. Just keeps on tempting that something good is going to happen. I assume he plays a tagging role most weeks so he’ll have to get the chop before year end.

  • ahaha nice article jack saunders. but wow some of the worst trading if seen but if its got you up to 3k overall… well something must be working.

    • i know right :D

      • Average trades and at this rate one or two injuries and your in trouble boy. Watch your ranking drop off each week as people who use trades smartly overtake you. Plus no extra trades for those byes during DT finals so you will lose in leagues too.

  • rd3 out Foley in Curnow, out Dunn in Tapscott
    rd4 out Bruce in Smith, out Derickx in Smith
    rd5 out Coad in Toy, out Krakouer in Higgins
    rd6 out Richardson in J.Reiwoldt
    rd7 out Duigan in Adcock

    $150,000 in bank overall Team Value 9,721,000

    Starting Position 10,462 rd1, 17,090 by rd4 currently sitting at 4984

    Dumping Krak for Higgo has been a mistake, maybe dumping Foley for Curnow has been a mistake as well, however Curnow has made me more cash. Very happy I dumped C.Bruce early, should never of picked him in the beginning. Team selection in the beginning is part skill, mostly luck.

    Current Team.

    B.Deledio, D.Heppell, J.Adcock, B.Goddard, B.Smith, D.Stanley, N.Lower, B.Gibbs, S.Mckernan, J.Toy
    D.Swan, S.Pendlebury, M.Boyd, L.Montagna, E.Curnow, D.Harris, P.Dangerfield, T.Liberatore, S.Buckley
    D.Cox, A.Sandliands, Z.Smith, J.Tippet
    A.Goodes, L.Franklin, N.Reiwoldt, J.Reiwoldt, S.Higgins, J.Darling, D.Petrie, L.Tapscott, B.Matera, D.Prestia

    Having the DPP has been very useful and has allowed me to cover some players during the Multi Bye Rds so I did not get any zero scores.

  • ROUND 6

    OUT Krakouer ($171,000) IN Petrie ($244,400)
    OUT Atley ($143,900) IN Smith ($92,500)

    ROUND 4

    OUT Boak ($378,700) IN Pendlebury ($450,100)
    OUT Bewick ($137,400) IN Hibberd ($92,500)

    ROUND 3

    OUT Morton ($315,300) IN Duncan ($278,200)


    OUT Grimes ($306,500) IN Adcock ($368,600)
    OUT Otten ($197,000) IN Puopolo ($92,500)

  • LMAO @ “Higgins > Riewoldt – arguably a sideways trade”.

    There’s no argument mate. You brought St Nick in precisely one week before shitlaods of people got off him. Missy’s giving me the shits but I suspect that he will play another game or two this year, that he will score near 100 when he does, and I can bring him into my team without using a trade because – he’s still in my squad. There’s a place for injured guns – it is called the bench.

    Pissing myself that this has been portrayed as a ‘bad team makes good’ story, not a ‘I’ve realised the error of my trigger-happy ways’ story. Did you read the Sideways article? I reckon your trading history is an even better set of evidence for it.

    Dudes you’ve burned that I’m glad I still have: Foley, Krak, Buckley and Higgins. Jury out on Prestia – kid needs to get a game. But you’ve missed two hunjies from Foley and one from Krak, and plenty of associated price increase. You sold Foley for 235K – now worth 317K.

    Next year, I would recommend that you steer clear of mid-pricers altogether. You do not have the patience to find out whether they can do the thing you hoped they’d do – recover from injury, find a lease of life at a new club, revel in a new role, etc. Foley ate a bad kebab and you ditched him for it!

    Dunno where you think the finish line is, but the one thing that your story does demonstrate is that overall ranking can be improved quickly. It will get steadily harder as the total number of points builds, but it will remain true because the weekly scores will also get higher, and the difference between the astute traders and the spuds will widen. Guess which category I think you belong in?

    I’d say ‘see you at the finish line’, but I’m not sure you’ll get there

    • I fin it funny how much u care and how much I don’t lol say what u want I am having fun and better satisfaction out of getting a bit of fun article put on my fav footy website, what did u do?? Be a douche good for you. I have i get lucky not to with te car but to show u that I was just taking a punt having some fun :)