Royally Screwed: Round 6 Review

Finally, the pain of these multi-bye rounds is over. We don’t have another until Round 16 now, so back to normality with league games again next week. What a cranky round we just had. People would have been copping donuts and a lot of guns were down a bit. How did you fare?

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Round 6 Score:
DT Studs:
DT Duds:
On the Chopping Block:


  • On a side note, some DT-relevant VFL snips…
    – C-Rich among best for N Ballarat
    – Zeph Skinner kicked 2 goals and was among best for Williamstown
    – Cam Pedersen kicked 3 goals and was among best for Werribee
    – Isaac Smith among best for Box Hill

    • thanks for the info, I need richardson to start for me this week or I’m facing a dirty donut with higgins out again. Give him a game!!

    • Look out for Smith or possibly The Poo to come in for Bruce

      • Smith will be a gun I need poo and Dick to make my team better.

        Dick to Cox tackled by ryder picked up by poo wayward handball picked up by dick, dick protected by Cox, falls over poo, free kick paid Cox Ryder with the ball. Messy piece of play there.

        Pitty Chris Lewis is not around anymore he could bite Dick, Cox or even poo.

  • Team Name: thanx4coming
    Round 6 Score: 1785
    DT Studs: darling, adcock, curnow, cox, murphy
    DT Duds: matera. dawes, goodes, gibbs
    On the Chopping Block: roo, otten
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: worst score in many a year. couldve finished 113 higher if I’d even just put the big “E” on kraks. Still only dropped back a bit and am still ranked 1708 overall

  • Isaac Smith and Paul Puopolo a chance to play for Cam Bruce and Cyril? The Australian thinks so.

  • Osama Bin Ladin is dead. He has been replaced by General Soreness!

    • I thought we would see less general soreness this year with the sub rule. I thought we would see Osama bin subbin but we continue to see Osame bin sore

      • How do you guys rekon bin laden’s death will affect he Magic Number?? Might have to hold out on my chappy trade now… just not worth it.

        • the*

          • If you are able to get chappy get him, if he does have a small price fall it will not be for long.

          • was only joking. im getting chappy in without a doubt… but this is DT- somethings bound to happen within the next few days to throw a big spanner in the works.

    • So glad that fucker is dead, hope it was excruciatingly painful.

  • wheres tbetta’s bullets?!??

  • 1741 and I moved up the rankings – freakin’ hilarious

  • Team Name: “Gift of the Gaff”
    Round 6 Score: 1957
    DT Studs: Adcock, Watson, Curnow, Rockliff, Cox, Darling, Krakeour, Jumpin Jack
    DT Duds: Goodes, Gibbs
    On the Chopping Block: Bruce
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Ranked just outside top 1000, looking to downgrade Duigan (to either Hibberd, Thompson or Cripps) as i dont think he will reach BE and with bye in Rd 8. Upgrade Bruce (out for a month) to (Murphy WB, Deleds or Suckling as a unique pick.

  • whats happened to montagna and goddard?
    is gibbs playing a defending tagging role now should we trade him out?

    • More apt question would be ‘what happened to the Saints?’

      • At the beginning of the year everyone was talking about Goddard and Voldt being absolute must haves. A lot of people debated Boyd vs Montags, luckily I went Boyd however like many I am stuck with Goddard and Voldt. I believe Goddard will turn it around however I’m not so sure about Riewoldt. The scores of the saints reflect the way they are playing. Their reliance on their superstars “Hayes, Dal, Riewoldt, Monty and Fisher” is coming back to bite them as they don’t have a good batch of youngsters to step up and fill the void.

        • goddard to adcock ?
          anyone know what is happening to gibbs started the year with 140s a free mid now a defending tagger?

        • Riewoldt did get knocked out he would have scored another 30 odd if he was on the park for the full game, he’s the only saint I have and he is not going that bad if you take the 43 out he is averaging 86, with that sort of score and his current price you would be mad to get rid of him.

          Montags and Goddard I don’t have either of them but If I had them both I would get rid of Montags maybe for Boyd/Sewell/Martin

          Goddard probably for a cash cow and try to make some of that $70k back that’s if you have enough trades. Otherwise leave him he will still be a keeper averaging just over 90.

    • As a wise DT Coach once said(3 weeks ago)…
      Without Lenny Hayes in the midfield Joey Boom Boom will struggle this season with the added tight checking from the opposition and as a result his average will drop quite substantialy.

  • anyone gonna jump on scotty thompson soon? could be a unique pick for the midfield with the saints mids all falling into a heap this year

  • Libba > Wallis
    Swallow > Isles

    You reckon these are silly?

    • Libba has a B/E of 31, just came off playing the best team in the comp do not trade him yet if you want wallis get rid of someone else or look at getting Ellard if you can aford. Wallis has had one good game and JS might not be there.

      • According to the FFGenie predictions, Libba will have a decent price rise next week around 20k before hitting a bit of a plateau after that. So I’d at least wait till next week, and he may even get another 100+ which could change things slightly.

  • All together now!!

    Good ol Cur-now for ever
    Rising to DT fame
    Keeps stringing decent scores together
    and he’s only played 6 games
    See the DTers are happy
    He’s giving us all a big wood
    Now if only some would pull their finger out..
    like Reiwoldt Goddard and Goodes

  • if the trade of your two rooks to another two rooks nets u two premiums in the process then i dont see why these are silly.

  • who has got a good feeling on winning the eliminator?

    • well I’ve got a good feeling on going far but theres 1707 people ahead of me that probably have a better feeling than I do

    • That starts this week eh? Sounds like fun, though I reckon a bit of it will come down to luck. Someone is gonna smash out a fantastic score only to be beaten by an even better score.

  • duigan to poopoolo
    otten to cock 40k left
    duigan to poopoolo
    harris to redden

    any other ideas?

    • wait till poopoo is named to play his THIRD game some better options may come up later especially if you done have Goddard/Broughts/Duffman.

  • if im ranked number 1 overall, do i verse the 131072 placed team? in eliminator

    • It goes on weekly rankings I think, so if you had the highest round 6 score, you player the 131072th highest score in round 6. I think…

  • So this is what I’m going to do this week

    Laidler to Thompsom.L and with the $$$ and $$$ in the bank

    Lib to Chapman!!! :)

  • I have actually got a better idea.

    N.Voldt – Chappy


    Prestia – J.Voldt

    But then I wont be able to trade Duigan this week and I will have to wait another week to get Enright. Is it worth it? Or is J.Voldt not the man to average around 90-95? I am planning to keep him as a keeper if I trade him in.

    P.S I cant trade in both Enright and Chappy this week.

    • J.Volt is not the man. Get Chappy for sure though

    • You should have got jack in the box last week like me
      Prestia has a be of -14 why not trade him for someone that is nearly cooked, Gold Coast will have to bring him after last week what other rooks/mid pricers do you have?

      I wouldn’t trade big Nick if the saints midfield stays this bad he will have to lead further up the ground and play more time in the mids which would mean more points hopefully. Try trading someone else for him if you have the cash.

      • I had Tapscott, Darling, Harper ( and Krakour but he is in my mids for now). I am thinking Darling might even be a keeper but I doubt it. Tapscott is someone I could trade for. But I don’t know any other forwards to get as Keepers when I already have Didak, Franklin and Knights.

        • If I really needed to make the trade I would Trade out Tapscott for little Roo but either way you will be trading rooks that are not cooked yet.

          You have to get chappy in some how he is pretty cheap ATM.

          Big Pav is worth considering as well, will be spending more time in the midfield.

        • Darling is looking more and more like the keeper every week. He is becoming a go to target for the Eagles and they are playing some good footy. If he can pump out consistant 80+ games i will keep him. 100 and 98 the last 2 rounds have put some other so called premiums to shame.

      • Another option could be to get Chappy for Roo now, then keep an eye on him and the Saints, when there season gets to that vital crossroads id expect the big names to get absolutely stuck in, and that may be a great time to upgrade and get him back. If you get the timing right you should pick him up near rock bottom and then watch him start pumping out those 100+ scores. He aint going to get anything near Chappy in the next month so i reckon do it now.

  • Marc Murphy suffered a knock to his shoulder during Friday night’s victory over the Swans at the SCG and had precautionary scans yesterday. Murphy played the game out against the Swans and the results of the scans will be available later today.

  • According to Murphy on twitter – “Thanks for all the messages, shoulder is feeling much better today! All set for next week”

  • Montagna won’t score near as well with out hayes . Honestly thinking of trading him for redden

  • Hey guys!

    What do you think off trading Duigen to L Thompson to free up some $$$$$$$$ (80K in fact) then after Collingwood’s rnd 13 bye either Libber or D Swallow to Pendlebury. Might trade Richardson (if not named) to Harper in rnd 8 before he’s price rises. What do you guys think off those options?

    Comments appreciated. :)

    • good options, all of them.

      Just make sure both Libba and swallow are fully maxed before you get rid of them.

  • who would be a good cheap player to get for andy otten besides poupolo??

  • Team Name: The Southside Way
    Round 6 Score: 1831
    DT Studs: Deledio, Curnow, Foley, Darling
    DT Duds: Gibbs, Goddard, Duigan, Goodes, Riewoldt
    On the Chopping Block: Gibbs, Duigan and Riewoldt.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: For gods sake Ratten, play Bryce where he’s meant to be played.. he is a born DT slut! Will Duigan beat his BE? I wanna wait one more week to see how HIbberd and Wallis go before I bring them in. Also does anyone know when the hell Prestia is going to play? Or when Bewick will be playing again? It’s killing me!

  • team name: The destroyers


    Comment: i was also the coach of the fredinators that came first this week. i am not lying

    • Prove it.

      Give us your username and password so we can login and see ;)

    • There should be a rule against entering a new team to try and get the cash for the round. Prizes should only be for teams who join from day 1.

    • Then you aren’t a liar, you’re an effing cheat and I hate you

  • Should i trade out riewoldt out 4 chappy.?????? Have 287 in the bank

    • Do it mate. Reiwoldt has been nothing but a dissapointment. People say dont trade out premiums, but is he considered a premium with a couple of 80’s and a 46. He hasn’t cracked 100 yet. Even some of our 90 thou rookies have done it.
      Chappy is worth 30 points a round on Roo at the moment and thats almost more points then you get from going rookie to premium.
      You can always upgrade Darling or Petrie or someone similar when and if Nick and the Saints start playing. At the moment they are a sinking ship and it dont look like turning around in a hurry.

    Round 6 Score: 1735
    DT Studs: Curnow, Cox, Heath Shaw
    DT Duds: Everyone else
    On the Chopping Block: Maybe Duigan with a B/E of 76…
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Glad to get out of the multi-bye rounds with an average of over 2000…

  • Is it a stupid idea to trade out Nick for Jack Riewoldt, so I can trade Richardson for Chappy?

    • or, I could still trade Richardson for Chappo if I could trade Duigan for a good rook, already have Hibberd and Thompson…..ideas?

      • Hmm, if you already have Hibberd and Thompson there isn’t much more around at the moment. Maybe go the Richardson path. Im going Duigan > Hibberd or Thompson. Hibberd is good for the DPP but sus JS plus Ess have a bye in rnd 10. Thompson has already had a cash rise but I reakon his JS is much stronger, the Crows have had the bye and thier next is in the multi-bye which is good for me as im only going for league win.

        • yeah does anyone know of a rookie other than thompson or hibberd that I could trade duigan for? Otherwise i’m just gonna have to trade nick for jack voldt in order to get chappy, but is that a terrible move???? dunno…..

  • Team Name: The Flying Gercos

    Round 6 Score: 1755

    DT Studs: My four centurions (Brett Deledio, Ed Curnow, Andrew Krakouer, Dean Cox) and Jack Darling (98)

    DT Duds: Bryce Gibbs, Nick Riewoldt and Chris Dawes

    On the Chopping Block: Nick Duigan’s cooked IMO, and if Cam Richardson and Rohan Bewick aren’t going to break back into the firsts this week, they might be dumped for Mitch Wallis/Sam Iles/Michael Hibberd/Kieran Harper/ Matthew Wright

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: I held my nerve and didn’t dump Richardson just avoid a donut. It was always going to be a hard week for me with Matthew Pavlich, Joel Selwood, Corey Enright, Steve Johnson, Aaron Sandilands, Mitch Duncan and Nick Lower all missing because of the bye and only got harder with Bewick, Richardson, Andy Otten and Shaun Higgins missing for a variety of reasons. Back on the league matches!

  • Team Name: Neum’s DT

    Round 6 Score: 1,701. Without a donut. Abysmal.

    DT Studs: Curnow, Foley, Deledio, Heppel, Krakouer

    DT Duds: Goddard, Gibbs, Goodes, Green + me for having krakouer on the pine over Matera.

    On the Chopping Block: Green, Green and maybe even Green.

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Can’t believe my ranking went up with that score. Just inside the top 45k, not so bad for a first year player. Desperately want to get rid of green, but am 18k short of getting Chappy so have to make 2 trades, and only have 20 left. Duigan is also the only one ripe for trading atm, all my other rooks still have cash left in them and low b/e’s.

    Having Krakouer on the bench as well has Harris cost me around 91 points over my potential high, which tickles although putting Harris on over Goodes would never have even entered my mind. Almost put the (c) on foley for shits and giggles, sorta wish I had now. 1819 was the highest I could have got if my team was set up 100%. Only had 2 scores on the bench, good riddance MBR’s!

  • 500th! jokes.