Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 5

Welcome back! I won’t introduce myself as you already know that I’m the best captain picking machine in the land and this week we are presented with a rare opportunity due to the Thursday night game… The Loop Hole.

The Loop Hole

Stage 1

STEP 1 – Select a VC from the Thursday game (Montagna, Goddard…)
STEP 2 – Select a ‘Captain’ from any other game for the weekend (Swan, Bartel…)
Note – you can not take a ‘C’ off anyone… roll with it and just give it to someone who isn’t playing on Thursday night.
Now sit back and wait for the Thursday night game to be completed…

So… You Like the VC Score

STEP 1 – Place a guy on your field who WILL NOT play this week (Cox, Goodes…) and switch him to the ‘C’. This score will not count and then the VC score will.
STEP 2 – Make sure you still have an emergency selected to cover this ‘fake captain’.
The Risk – by using this ‘emergency’, means that you can not use another emergency in that position. So therefore, using your Rucks is a safer bet.

Arg! You Don’t Like the VC Score

STEP 1 – Go ahead as normal and select a ‘Captain’ to take over… Swan, or someone else.

The Cut Off Number

When is enough… enough you greedy pig? When will you draw the line and go, “My VC score will do!” For me this is always a tough call as we all know Swanny can chase down the biggest numbers in the land. In Rd. 1, Swanny nearly chased down Bryce Gibbs’ 147, but this week things are different as you’ll see why… This week, my cut off number is 125!

Last Week Exacta

Swan – 131
Cox – 78
Mitchell – 129
Pendlebury – 121
Ablett – DNP

Hey… last week I went pretty well with my top 5 picks, with only Dean Cox letting me down. But get this. In the Assistant Coach section of dream team, I predict what these dudes would score each week. I missed Cox, was 6 off Pendlebury and nailed Swanny and Mitchell EXACTLY ha ha – this pirate can play!

Twot Me! @CalvinDT

I had a very interesting twot tweet yesterday from a young lad called Jack Saunders. Who said…

How is the Loop Hole going to work if you don’t have a player not playing other than the byes, remember the byes are locked in from the go…

Holey #$&%… that got me thinking didn’t it. So what I did was this… I contacted my old mate WarneDawg, who contacted the big boys at Virtual Sports (the DT gods/creators). They said that this will not happen. They said, only the Brisbane and St Kilda players will be locked out on Thursday night after the bounce and we can move the others around as we previously thought.

This was a great question though, as we have never seen this before. We have never seen a Loop Hole with a bye in action as well. So, according to the big bosses of DT – we’re all good!

VC Options

Phew, after that small heart attack that Jack gave us… let’s look at some options for this week for the role of a Vice Captain. Nick Riewoldt has had 0x100+ scores in his last 5 against the Lions and despite the fact he can have huge numbers, he only had 68 in his last against them and I’ll pass on him. Goddard isn’t any better with only 1×100+ score in his career (10 games) against them and he’s only averaging 87 this year. When will he start doing something for us? Guns like this do not stay down for long, maybe he’s due! Leigh Montagna has scored 129 and 133 in his last 2 games against them and Tom Rockliff had a nice 110 in his only match against the Saints in 2010. That was Tom’s top score for the season and add that to the fact his lowest score is just 94 in his last 6 at the GABBA.

If All Fails… Go Swan? Right?

Of course… but let’s make sure everyone is aware of this first. Last ANZAC Day Swan only had 83, his lowest score for 2010! In that game he has tagged by Hocking. Swan still had 25d but struggled all day for his 83. Later on in the year, in Rd.20, the Pies and Bombers met again. He had 116 and was once again tagged by several guys but he powered along for his 31d. In his last 3 games against any team in the AFL, his worst record is against the Bombers. But can you really go against a guy who is averaging 136 in his last 3 this year? Nope, I won’t be!

What Else You Got?

Don’t let me turn you off Swan that quickly… he’s still my #1 until he actually let’s us down this year. But if you’re after someone different… why not Jimmy Bartel? He averaged 136 on the Hawks in 2010 who were his favourite team last year. Or Scott Pendlebury. Pendles won the ANZAC Medal last year… with only 97pts mind you. Is that possible? Anyway, he had 29d that day and was pretty sharp and in Rd.20 when they met again he had a huge 134 (32d).

So there you have it. Personally, I’ll be rolling with Montagna this week as my VC… if he has 125+ then he’ll keep the job, but anything under that from Monty and Swanny will take over.

I hope you have a great week and although we’re flat out with our dream teams, let’s all make sure we take a minute to remember those men and women who have scarified so much. Because without them and the things they have done, we wouldn’t have the great country we live in and there’d probably be no DT. Good luck and I’ll see ya all next week for Calvin’s Captains! Arggggg!


  • With a Thursday to Tusday game week is it a smart idea to use this loop hole, you lil bastards are going to get caught with your pants down and cop a nugget.

    Is Lower playing? Will Hibberd play? Bulldogs have a virus going through the camp (Although we hear this every year from them)

    Good luck may the nuggets be with you.

  • Hey Calvo, I cant do the VC loophole because I have only Goddard (Def) and Rockliff (Mid) to choose from and in those positions all my other players are playing. Cant do any DPP moves either to fix it.

    anyone else in this position?

    • You can choose your captain from any position.
      eg at the moment I have Goddard vice captain and Swan captain.
      If Goddard gets 120+ I’ll switch the captaincy to Cox who is on the field, and will be replaced by Z.Smith as emergency leaving me with no captain and thus getting Goddards score as the double up.
      If I don’t like goddards score I leave the captaincy on Swan.

      • cheers mumbles. i can do the same as you’re doing.
        slight brain fade on my behalf… dont do drugs kiddies…

  • so for EMG loophole (Not captain)

    I put Grimes on field with Jesse ‘Obrien EMG

    and if i like jeese’s score i leave it as is but if i dont i put the EMG on another playing rookie?

  • “but if i dont i put the EMG on another playing rookie”

    No, you wont be able to change you emergency once Jesse ‘Obrien has played.
    You would need to swap Grimes for a selected player from your bench.

    The trouble with this is, if you decide to keep Obrien’s score and leave Grimes on the field
    you will have no emergency left if one of your other players doesn’t get a gig.

    Your not going to know the the final teams for Mon/Tues games.
    Not going the emergency loophole.

  • A. Swallow as Capt.??

    • captains- Swan Boak Pendles A Swallow Gibbs Sandilands

      Vice-Captains Goddard Gibbs pendles cross fyfe montagna rockliff

  • Im going to put the C on Didier Drogba or Lampard!!!!!!!

  • Goddard VC, Swan C…or Boak C against the hapless Gold Coast?

  • i would put boak as captain because theres a big chance for hocking to tag swan and keep a low score around 80 that is not good for swan.

    boak is a great captain to have this week because gold coast cant play all of there better players on people like boak, big chance put someone young on him….

  • sandilands is up for a great week with a much better ruck then bulldogs plus being at patersons

  • Hey can someone help me out. if you were to put cox on to the feild and have him as captain, would you have to orriginally have him as sub to have smith as sub or can you change subs after first lockout?

  • I believe you can change your subs after first lockout.


  • Bartel as captain this week for a change as Hocking may tag swan or go loophole on Goddard?