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Calvin's Captains

Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 4

BOO! Ah I didn’t see you there – but here you are, back to check out the greatest captains advice you’ll ever get from a mad Irish pirate. This is where you will find all the hot tips of who to get on (or off) this week. Arrggggg


I know what you’re thinking… “Oh Calvin… you are the best captain tipping pirate going around” haha, yeah I know. But thanks. Last week I was reasonably solid. I nearly had Boyd as my top pick over Swan, but the risk didn’t way up, although some gutsy buggers actually did it… nice!

Last Weeks Top 5 Picks

#1 Swan = 116
#2 Boyd = 125
#3 Pendlebury = 95
#4 Chapman = 100
#5 Cox = 127

On The Money

Oh yeah I certainly was last week… I told you to avoid Bryce Gibbs cause he plays his 2nd worst team to score DT points on and that he has had an easy run so far and that I doubt it will happen again. Gibbs had just 85 after averaging 146 in his first 2 games, proving that I’m not just a pretty face.

I also said to go Boyd against the Suns but that was a no brainer, but then added at the end to expect big games from Higgins, Griffen and Cross… the 4 of them, all top scored for the Dogs. I’ve either got some sort of super powers, or just fluked it… ha ha, yeah… fluke!

Waking Up With AuRora

I mean… when you wake up after hearing what Dean Cox and Sam Mitchell have scored at Aurora Stadium in Tassie, you will be one excited DT coach if you have them in your team. Cox loves playing the Hawks and averages 114 on them in his last 3 games with previous scores of 108 and 138 in his last 2. He scored 138 in his last game at Aurora and averages 116 there in his last 3! Mad stuff Cox. Don’t over look this bloke too quickly lads. Cox has only scored 28pts less than Swan this year and is coached by 66,000 less making him a good unique pick this week.

Then we have Sam Mitchell who had last week off due to personal reasons. Mitchell has averaged 117 so far this year and plays against Coxy’s Eagles who he loves. In his last 2 games against them he has had 147 and 140, where he had 40d in each game. Now, those numbers are from 2009 as Sam never played the Eagles in 2010. Hodgey or himself are a sure thing to attract the Scott Selwood tag, but his numbers are awesome here and is a gun certainly worth mentioning.

Twot Me @CalvinDT

Some people call it “tweeting” but as I am a rookie Tweeta, I call it Twotting. Anyway… today Nathan Weir twotted me and said the this…. “Calvin mate, on assistant coach you have Mitchell as a captain pick. But in DT he’s coming up as injured w/ hamstring, back wk5“… so this got me into investigating mode. It’s true, Sam is listed as “Hamstring tightness” in the injury report but should be right and didn’t miss last week because of this. Last week, Sam was going to play but was a late withdrawal due to this, an article I found recently.

Hawthorn midfielder Sam Mitchell has been forced to pull out of his side’s AFL clash with Richmond on Saturday night because of a family illness. Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson confirmed one of Mitchell’s three children is ill. “Mitch has got a bit going on in his life at the moment – one of his little ones is a little bit sick,” Clarkson told Melbourne radio station Triple M. “He’s spending some time with his family at the moment which is important for him.”

So there you have it Nathan, thanks for your concern, but as usual, this pirate has every base covered!


Stay Home Boys

Sandilands plays the Roos where his best score against them is just 87 over his career of 6 games. Maybe stay at home this week Sandi. Buddy has never cracked 100 Vs the Eagles with a top score of just 80 on them over his career of 8 games. He averages just 56 on the Eagles during this time, so… stay home Budwood.

Friday Night Lights

Dane Swan hits the field again on Friday night after having just 116 last week after coming home strong after a slow start. He averages 116 on the Tigers in his last 3 with scores of 133 and 125 coming from them in his last 2. Swanny is going for his 9th straight 100+ score at the MCG this week and should do it easily. Jackson will try to tag either him or Pendlebury, as King will most likely go to Didak as he did in 2010. Pendlebury had 114 on the young Tiggers in 2010 and should once again be solid this week. But it’s Swan who will be the go-to again this week for most DT captains as he is simply too reliable and too safe this early in the season.

Gotta go Swan! But to be completely honest, Big Cox was very very close this week in taking out the #1 spot. Sam Mitchell will be great and watch for the little master to knock up something solid against the Demons. He had 108 on them last time he played them and is coming off 115 last week (Vs WBD)… he’s slowly finding his feet guys!

Swan for me though but with watchful eyes on Cox and Mitchell.
Good luck and I’ll see you all here next week for the mighty Calvin’s Captains.

Do you need a Captain? Then Calvin will help you out. Don't want a Captain? Calvin will tell you anyway. The man who digs deep into stats will help you pick a great captain and give you plenty of Fantasy advice. Follow him on Twitter: @CalvinDT

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