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Calvin's Captains

Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 6

So you’re back to check out another Calvin’s Captains. I don’t blame you! When you see the picks I had last week you’ll fall over backwards. So put your stack hat (helmet) on and get in there and see what this mad Irish pirate has for you this week my friend… oh and we have another Loop Hole™.

Last Weeks Top Picks

Top 3 Vice Captains Options

#1 – Montagna = 126
#2 – Rockliff = 109
#3 – Goddard = 113

Top 5 Captain Options

#1 – Swan = 104
#2 – Bartel = 124
#3 – Pendlebury = 166
#4 – Boyd = 162
#5 – Selwood = 134

Ahhhhh yeah! So as you can see… I sorta know my stuff so this week, make sure you are listening. Actually, those numbers up there are pretty amazing and lets hope we can get some like that this week from our captains. Before we get stuck into that though, let’s have a look at how the Loop Hole™ works for those who are just joining us for the first time or for those who just screwed it up last week. It’s pretty simple so if you know it… skip on down.

The Loop Hole

Stage 1

STEP 1 – Select a VC from the Thursday game (Cox, Grimes, Sylvia…)
STEP 2 – Select a ‘Captain’ from any other game for the weekend (Swan, Boyd, Montagna…)
Note – you can not take a ‘C’ off anyone… roll with it and just give it to someone who isn’t playing on Thursday night.
Now sit back and wait for the Thursday night game to be completed…

You Like the VC Score

STEP 1 – Place a guy on your field who WILL NOT play this week (Bartel, Pavlich, Buddy…) and switch him to the ‘C’. This score will not count and then the VC score will.
STEP 2 – Make sure you still have an emergency selected to cover this ‘fake captain’.
The Risk – by using this ‘emergency’, means that you can not use another emergency in that position. So therefore, using your Rucks is a safer bet.

You Don’t Like the VC Score

STEP 1 – Go ahead as normal and select a ‘Captain’ to take over… Swan or someone else!

* The Loop Hole™ is a registered trademark of DT TALK as people need to invent their own shit and stop copying everything we do at our website. For sure, have your own site, just come up with your own shit!


The Cut Off Number

This changes each week remember. Last week my cut off number was 125 when Montagna had the VC which made me very nervous when he scored 126. But I stuck with it and went him till the end. Lucky call really. This week my cut off number is 130. “But what if he scores 129 Calvin?” Can’t you read bro? It’s 130!!.. unless I get real nervous. Nah it’s 130! Read on down to find out why…

Vice Captain Options

So the game is West Coast Vs Melbourne for those who don’t have a roster handy. So of course, Dean Cox will be the most selected dude this week. But why? Coxy didn’t miss a game last year and old blokes like me, enjoy the week off. He’ll be as fresh as a rookie out there this week! His lowest score against the Demons is just 93 in his last 3 games and had 96 on them last year. He is averaging 108 in his last 3 this year and should be too good this week. Jack Grimes is another one to look at. He has played the Eagles 3 times over his short career for scores of 112, 143 and 109. Pretty crazy really. Grimes would have got my #1 spot here, but his form is rather poor as he has only averaged 83 in his last 3 this year. As for Colin Sylvia… it’s a pass. His highest score is just 88 on the Eagles over his career of 7 games and is coming off a 48 Vs them last year. YUCK Col.

Bombing the Suns

Are you ready for this? So I hear that the Gold Coast Suns got a win? Whoop de do da! Jobe Watson and Brent Stanton will show them this week how things are done, Jobe especially. He jas been in smashing form this year averaging 115 in his last 3 games and is coming off a 101 (29d) against the former premiers last week (tough game).  This week he’ll find it so much easier. Jobe has only played at Etihad twice this year for scores of 134 and 135. Look out cause the Bombers will blow the Suns to pieces – Boom Tish!

160+ Gang

Boyd and Pendles! What a huge effort last week. I was very glad to take the 4/1 offered by sportingbet for Boyd for most touches as he went on the 162pts with 45d. As for Pendlebury…. man, he had 34d, 10m and 3g. Wow, 166pts later he has an ANZAC Day medal. This dude can play! Now, some people out there will chase these guys this week, hoping for another 160+. Now look, they actually could do it again this week based on their numbers, but please don’t get shitty if they don’t. They are playing each other!! Boyd’s lowest score against them is just 107 in his last 5 averaging 126 in his last 3 and Pendlebury had 101 and 136 in his last 2 against them.

Still #1 Swan

Let’s not get carried away chasing those massive scores from last week, because it just might be Swan this week. Last year Swan had a poor ANZAC Day score and came back the next week to have 140 on Carlton. Yeah he only had 104 last week and it might have annoyed you a little but watch out this week. In his last 3 games against the Bulldogs he has averaged 35d with scores of 157, 128 and 143 all coming in 2010.

Good luck this week, and remember where you need to come to find the best captains advice in the land. Get in there and make sure you have everything ready for the Loop Hole™.

Personally, I’ll be following what I have in my wicked graphics. Coxy with the VC and then I’ll go Swan if Cox can not break the 130 mark. See ya next week.

Do you need a Captain? Then Calvin will help you out. Don't want a Captain? Calvin will tell you anyway. The man who digs deep into stats will help you pick a great captain and give you plenty of Fantasy advice. Follow him on Twitter: @CalvinDT

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