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Calvin's Captains

Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 7

Oh so here you are… “Please help Calvin! We can’t go Swan or Pendlebury this week” Oiii arrggg. I hear you my friend and don’t I feel special heading into round 7. I have some of my best work saved for you this week and you have certainly come to the right place to get you DT captain. Let’s go!


Bye Bye, Swan and Pendles

So here we go. We knew it was coming and sure enough… whoop here it is! This week, we have a huge challenge ahead of us and I believe I have it all sorted out for you. For those who are totally retarded… Swan and Pendlebury have the ‘bye’ this week, and this week you really need my help. You have certainly come to the right place. My name is Calvin, and you are here to read the greatest captain’s advice in all of the land. I have some absolute bloody rippers for us all. So let’s get amongst it!


History says “NO”

Certainly does. “No” to you Mr. Pavlich and “No” to you Mr. Mitchell. For some reason these blokes have shocking ‘history’ against their opponents this week. Matthew Pavlich plays Richmond, and although it’s hard to believe, he has only scored 1×100+ score against them in his career of 14 games, with 0x100+ scores in his last 4. Crazy I know! It’s Richmond for god’s sake Pav!

Anyway, Sam Mitchell plays Port this week and with 0x100+ scores in his last 4 against them and only 2×100+ scores in his career (13 games). Sam’s form is the only thing that might save him this week but with an average of 71 against them in his last 3, he’ll have his work cut out for him.

Turf Lovers

Good horse = good track = good DT points. Let’s hope so anyway. Joel Selwood loves playing at Skilled Stadium and has already scored 129 there this year. In fact, over Joel’s last 6 games there, his lowest score is 107 so watch for Joel to back that up again this week against the Roos.  Paul Chapman’s record is probably better. He has a lowest score of just 100 there in his last 10 games and averaged 127 there in 2010. Chappy will go ‘boom shake shake the room’ this week so look out.

Be Unique, Balls it

Tom Rockliff plays the Suns and we all know what that means. He an average of 124 in his last 3 games this year and has a lowest score of just 97 at the GABBA in his last 7 games. I’ll also add that 8 Essendon players scored 100+ scores on the Suns last week. But do you have the balls to do it?

Sandilands is another guy to consider. He has scored 3×100+ scores in his last 3 games against the Tigers and is back at the MCG for the first time in 2 years. Sandilands may just have 50pts in hit outs this week, so back the giant in if you have a pair…

Cat Attack

The Geelong boys top the list this week and here it why. Firstly, they play the Roos and should give them a little touch up at the Cattery. Paul Chapman has scored 130 and 121 in his last 2 games against them with 5×100+ scores coming in his last 6. Joel Selwood has scored 109 and 105 in his last 2 against them and is averaging 118 in his last 3 this year. But like Chappy, he has such a wicked record at Skilled he has to be up there in the top few. Then we have my old mate, Barnacle Bartel. He scored 94 in his last against them which just happened to be his worst score against them in his last 8. During those 8 games he had huge numbers like 132, 139, 145 and 146. Jimmy had 140 in his first game at Skilled this year and although he only averaged 94 there in 2010 (from 6 games) Jimmy is a must on any captain’s list.

There you have it – Calvin’s Captains without Swan and Pendlebury. Wasn’t easy I must admit, but we got there and now it’s up to those big guns on the Top 5 list there to do us proud. I dug deep for you this week guys and bloody hope we get it right.

So…  goodluck. Cause I know we will all drill wicked captains this week. If you listen to me!

Do you need a Captain? Then Calvin will help you out. Don't want a Captain? Calvin will tell you anyway. The man who digs deep into stats will help you pick a great captain and give you plenty of Fantasy advice. Follow him on Twitter: @CalvinDT

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