Calvin’s Captains – Rd.3

Welcome back to the world famous Calvin’s Captains. Last week, some people were confused. On Friday it was April Fools Day, so do you really think I went Montagna over Swan? Ha ha one of the best pranks ever, as if anyone would be that bloody crazy. But this pirate was… this pirate went out on a limb and it broke. You must follow your heart occasionally and Montagna’s numbers were awesome leading in. Many DT coaches out there are too scared to be different, seriously they are. You must back yourself in every now and then and if the call I made actually worked, a few people would be singing a different tune.

All in all, I was a silly, mad and maybe a little too gutsy… but I’ll stick to my guns and just keep picking my top 5 based on ‘who I believe will score the most’ for the up and coming round. That’s my job really and when it comes round 7… lets watch the DT world panic like little girls as they come running to Uncle Calvin… that sounded creepy.

So let’s get in there and get the ball rolling!

Running Hot, About to Stop

Bryce Gibbs has been in smashing form averaging 146 this year but this week I’m tipping it to stop. He’s only played the Tigers and the Suns in his opening rounds, but this week he’s up against the mighty Pies where he only averages 87 in his last the against them with 67 in his last. They are his 2nd worst team to score DT points on and although he’s back at the MCG where he scored a great 147 against the Tigers in round 1, I doubt it will be happening again.

Boyd’s Day in the Suns

Snazy heading. Anyway… last week the Suns gave the Blues players 7×100+ scores with 4 of them over the 120+ mark. This will be a common trend this year but it could have been much worse as at one stage, there were 13 Carlton boys on track for triple figures. Matthew Boyd had 120 last week and averages 106 at Etihad in his last 3 and this week he will rip the kids to bits. Also expect big games from Higgins, Griffen, Cross and even make sure Libba is on your field cause there will be points to cash in on and Boyd tops my list in this game.

Bartel Hates Skill-ed

Yep true. Why does Jimmy Bartel hate playing at home? He averages 87 there in his last 3 and only scored 2×100+ scores there last year from 7 games.  To add to that, he plays Port, who are his worst team to play. Jimmy scored 109 on them last time he played them but that was his only 100+ score in his last 4 games against them. I can’t really believe it this to be honest but the numbers don’t lie.

Happy Chappy

After retuning last week to score 101, Paul Chapman is the opposite to Jim and loves playing at home where he is going for his 10th straight 100+ score there this week. He averages 123 on Port in his last 3 with 127 and 144 coming from them in 2010. With a lowest score of just 97 in his last 5 against them, so watch for something special of Chappy this week.

Black ‘n’ White Twins

No, this is not some dirty DVD collection you might find in Warnie’s top draw, I’m talking about Swan and Pendlebury. Swan will kill the Blues and loves the hype around these big games, on the big stage. In his last 10 games against them he has 9×100+ scores next to his name, making them his 2nd favourite team to play. He averaged 127 on them last year from 2 games and is going for his 8th straight 100+ score at the MCG this week. Expect another big number this week. Pendlebury has been killing it as well averaging 131 so far for the year. He had 129 and 115 on them in 2010 and is in the same boat as his twin here, he is also going for his 8th straight 100+ score at the MCG.

This week, Swan is the obvious choice and the guy I will be locking in to get the job done. It is Friday night though and although I’m sure he’ll set you up for a wicked weekend, if something goes wrong, it won’t matter cause every Tom , Dick and Harry in the DT world will have him locked in as well.

Swan for 140+ this week! Good luck and I’ll see you all back in here next week for the greatest captain’s advice you’ll ever get from a mad pirate.


  • So anyone got the cahonies to go with Buddy as captain. Massive chance to tear Richmond’s second string back line a new one this week.

    • Just like nick reiwoldt buddy is one of the most over rated foward line players of all time. With his amazing ability to give away in excess of 5 free kicks each game this is a feat which surely sets him apart from all other footballers. If he isnt kicking 2.11 (goals/points for the nubs) then he isnt doing enough. This is definately another feat which is unmatched by any other players in modern football. These copious amounts of behinds are certain to swing the advantage in his teams favour.

      Only reason buddy is seen as a good footballer is because he is fit and massive. other then that he just pushes anyone out of his way whether it be iin the back or in the face.

      • you are totally correct players that kick 100 goals in a year (buddy) and rated by almost everyone as being the best player in the comp (riewoldt) and when they are ON they are unstoppable and single handedly win games of football, must be crap !!!! dont know why they get all australian every year ????

      • the word “over-rated” my apply to buddy as a dream team scorer but as a footballer and an entertainer on the footy field buddy is one of the greatest. You can never predict what will happen next with buddy…he might score 2 goals 6 points and give away 7 free kicks but he could kick 5 or 6 or more and kick the 2 greatest goals of the year back to back in the last quarter to win the game… thats entertainment!!!!

        i should know i have seen him do both

        • I dont see Buddy being an overrated dt’er…hes a champ alround….what makes he and nvolt good is even when he plays like shit they still score 85…guys like roughhead have to play well to get 85….

  • Swan gone mainstream now. Sucks for people who have always had faith in him to have people jump on the bandwagon. Robbed of the brownlow last year and should have polled more BL votes in previous years. Sucks when umps give brownlow votes to scrub like cooney. How he ended up winning a brownlow is just beyond me.

    • Yeah buddy, you were so original last year, what with picking the comps highest scoring player as your captain

      • Had him 5 years ago when he was comps biggest scorer and when you still had presti as captain.

  • Hey guys, just wondering what the best dreamteam sites are out there ?

  • Not captain relevant but danny stanley hasnt trained all week and looks set to miss, have enuf cover but will suck if duigan gets dropped for jamo or bower too :(

  • I’m pretty happy with my fwds, backs and rucks but in my midfield i want to get rid of travis boak because he’s been underscoring and will probably cop heavy tags this year. also i dont have libba or curnow in my mids so i was thinking I could go:

    boak -> ryan okeefe
    irons -> libba

    or is there anyone else better than ROK that i could downgrade boak too?
    i was thinkin ROK because he’s scored well so far, is a DPP, and has his byes on multibye rounds.
    (im only interested in league wins)

    thanks heaps guys

    • ROK might be one we all missed
      Boak to him is a good call… but in your mids??

      • i already have pendles, boyd, bartel, boak, d.swallow, harris (prestia, hibberd, irons)

        • hopefully you have a dpp link in the fwds for rok?, could be handy down the track :)

        • Yeh, if you stick ROK in your mids, you could always swap him if you have a cow like Prestia in your fwds. When Prestia is ripe, swap him with ROK and downgrade him to a bubble-rook.

    • I got on the ROK last year in a similar scenario, the voldt went down and i brought him in and he burned me! was not that bad but certainly not very bloody good either!

  • For what it’s worth I think this site is still great and unique. Cheers boys for facilitating.

    People that moan about change are incredible bores. Colour tv is shit, the Internet is the end of the world, the sub rule is a load of shit, the dt boys don’t do episodes every week …..

    Just try enjoying life for a change and accept that times move on

  • my opponent does have swan and im sure theyll go boyd as captain. Should i match them with boyd or hope swan outscores him?

  • Forget your opponent, maximise your own score and the result will take care of itself

  • swan will have an off day soon..he must!!

    he will roll an ankle…or get tagged out one day..or be a sub….or get gastro…just one week he will score a 60…..then after it goes through his 3 week averages i will pounce at the cheap price!

    with the way dt has the magic number changing elite players need to constantly better their average to stay up in price..not just equal it.

    I’m banking on this to get swan at a reasonable price.. i know i look silly now..and will probably be f*cked for a while but i cant back out now!

    help me swannie..have a stinker please!

    • How long do you wait until you’re too far behind? If you’re not already………

      • im ranked around 10,000 – not too far back i guess

        i figured id wait until the first bye then move a cash cow to get him in.

        just need him to have one stinker.

        if im honest i thouight pendles would outscore him this year, took a punt…..(fail)

  • DT Boys when are you going to put together a DT Ball and have an official vote count.

    Obviously the natural thing to do would be to give 3 to the player who scores the most but you would need to factor in elements such as value and opposition. At the end of each game the 3 of you vote and whoever gets the most is best on followed by second and third.

    Take last weeks Dogs Versus Lions game where the doggies smashed them. The highest scores were as follows: Griffen 129, Boyd 120, Libba 116, Adcock 112, Higgins 109, Cross 108.
    Naturally you would think 3-Griffen, 2-Boyd, 1-libba on scores. But a good panel of voters unlike the dickhead umpires who give judd for for 15 possessions and 2 tackles. You might/should score as follows:

    3 – Libba. Priced under 170k of the next best scorer over 100.
    2 – Griffen. The games top scorer and well above average
    1 – Adock. Scored only 13 less than griffen is far cheaper and played in a side that got thumped.

    If you guys put together something like that then count me in for sure!!!

  • I really wish big presti still played so I could chuck the C on him every week and not have to worry about it

    • Hilarious !! That is crisp.. Comedy gold…
      What amazing wit !!
      Why bother righitng such dribble mate ???

      Ho Ho HA HA – Side splitting stuff !!!

      • I’m with fast eddie – the presti jokes are just a pathetic cry for attention. we all know the punch line for a gag that was barely funny at it’s best.

    • his consistency was unequalled though he average 15

  • I was going to pick Boyd but Swan dominates against the Blues – cant go past him.

    • And Boyd’s form doesn’t suggest he is knocking it out of the park either. Think you are right

  • Boyd for me, but could change come tonight…

  • geez, all this boyd talk is making me have second thoughts… his stats at etihad are mind boggling. almost 2nd to none. should tear the GC boys apart and could pump out his best score yet.

    do i dare take on swannie?

  • To anyone looking at Boyd over Swan for the big C this week (myself included) – Sportingbet are paying $7.50 for Boyd as highest-scoring midfielder this week in their “best of the best” section.

  • $2.60 – I’m considering taking a bet each way.

  • Alex johnson to debut for the swans this weekend

  • Off topic – sorry!

    Downgrading Everitt – which one of these guys.

    Matt Suckling
    Daniel Menzel
    Nick Smith
    Jeremy Laidler
    Jesse O’Brien
    Michael Coad
    Josh Toy
    Paul Puopolo

    I’m looking for job security and price rise potential – leaning toward Coad or O’Brien

    • do you have lower, duigan, otten, buckley, heppel, stanley.. if you don’t have one of these guys get them other good options are tarrant and mckernan and smith from crows.. out of that list i would say toy or obrien..

  • I had a dream last night Swan was on 40 at three quarter time. It was a good dream as I’d made Boyd captain. Dream Team’s starting to become far too literal!

  • Cheers jb.

    I have all of the above apart from Buckly (I’m not convinced he will be in the team that long though) and Tarrant (to up and down)

    • than i would go toy 50 points in a half and mckenna will rotate the sub so he shouldn’t get it again.. obrien is a good unique though and will play all year..

      • jb,

        the issue with Toy is that although he’s an absolute ball magnet, he is still physically a bit immature. A bit like Gaff.
        Don’t be surprised at all if he is the sub quite often during this first phase of his career. I think he will be the sub again this week, too.

        • yeah they have alot of young guys so i think they will rotate it through them early to save them burning out aswell as them being rested alot through the year..

  • hey guys im still unsure on what to do with my mids…
    at the moment this is what i’ve got:

    boyd, pendlebury, bartel, boak, d.swallow, harris (irons, hibberd, prestia)

    i’ve got two options with what ill do but am still really unsure (i currently have 2k in the bank)

    option 1) boak to ryan okeefe and then irons to libba

    option 2) d.swallow to libba and then boak to murphy

  • “Swan for 140+ this week!”

    Oh Calvo, you silly pirate.