Some Suns Shine: Round 2 Review

Two weeks into the 2011 Dream Team season and we all have a pretty good idea about how our teams are looking… for some, you’re pretty pumped and are happy to talk up how good you’re going to be this season (Collingwood), and for others… it’s going to be a long year and we’ll be playing catch up all season long (Gold Coast).

Let us know how you got on this weekend… copy and paste the following in the comments and fill it out!

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Round 2 Score:
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DT Duds:
On the Chopping Block:


  • 1st year on DT, Score is currently 4250, so I’m quite happy with that. I have a bit of a decision to make though.

    Curnow looks like he has to come in at that price. But do I swap Foley out for the cash, or swap out my DPP in Hibberd as he will not make a cent???

    I already have Libba, hasn’t made my 1st team yet but will this week. My only other option is Bewick but I think that lad might be worth keeping.

    • Wow, talk about spoilt for choice mate. I’d keep Hibberd – should play sometime soon – and downgrade Foley to Curnow IMO

      • Thats the way I was leaning, just needed a push! Cheers! Cash in the bank could be handy for Chappers later on.

  • G’day folks.
    1) Hopefully Krakouer gets a full game this week, but atleast we will know, being the Friday night game.
    2) Didnt see the game, just wondering if Lower could start sub, be subbed or dropped?
    3)A bit worried how Hayes absence will affect Montagna, but you pick keepers for a reason, & its only rnd 2.
    4)Anyone else like the look of GC mid, Trent McKenzie? Make me some cash son/sun!!!
    That is all.

    • Tag/run with Dal Santo and Montagna and let Armitage, Gram, Farren Ray, Clinton Jones and Brett Peake run the show! HAS to play Jamie Cripps soon I would think.

    • Lower was subbed off in the third… but that was probably due to not playing well, at least nothing like last week

  • tkol u wanker dissin tapscott in the preseason when i said he was a gun… when you have him in your team…

  • Does anyone think Dawes is a good buy atm?

    Also, goods or N reiwoldt?

    • Goodes over N Reiwoldt IMO. However, I have both. And yeah, I’m think of upgrading Yarran to Dawes this weekend – your thoughts?

  • Im thinking of making two trades this week because after this round dont the prices change?

    Anyways im considering swapping Josh Kennday (sydney) out for someone like Liberatore from dogs to free up money so i can trade in a big player like luke hodge when he starts playing well.

    Thoughts on this?

  • Collingwood: The show rolls on. The substitute rule is proof of how well the Pies are traveling. Andrew Krakouer started on the bench against North, so that it could start him on the ground Friday night against the Blues on Friday night on a six-day turnaround.

    this was mentioned in the article: Front and Square on

  • Hey guys, first ever post. I’m running around 1850 for both rounds but I’ve gone heavily with rookies/cash cows and 600k in the bank hoping to smash the cheeky pr*cks in my league during the finals. God knows how, but at some point (drunk I’m sure) I decided Bradshaw was a great selection. Seeing as how the curtain is already drawn and the rifle is loaded for him I need to swing the axe, who should I get in? Dawes? Stevens? Mckernan? I’ve already got a fair few DPPs too. Can I use DPP to get rid of him and bring in another position?

    • I’ve got 9 GC boys too, atm my no-shows are Bradshaw, Neon Leon, Mav Weller, Hibberd and Talia.

  • hey guys just say libba gets another 100 points this week surely his avg will be about 100 so his price will be around 380k. would you downgrade him straight away because he’ll struggle to keep that up?

    • it doesnt just jump that quick he has to sustain that average for a quite a few weeks to build up that price for example he might go up by 70 000 this week, 50 000 the next, 60 000 the next and so on (depends on his 3 week average as well not yearly so he might smash out one shit score and this would affect his cash flow for several weeks)

      • oh okay but if he has 3 good weeks then youd trade him after 3 right?

        • not really – say if he averaged 80 points per round then he would gradually increase till he reaches the price suitable to his average (i think if its an average of 80 it would be around 320 000), once he reaches the price where u dont think he can go higher then u trade him out

      • lol…young players!

  • Team Name: Hanson’s Heroes
    Round 2 Score: 2068
    League Results: W/L
    DT Studs: Swan, Gibbs, Boyd, Goodes,Cox, S Johnson
    DT Duds: Hayes, D Swallow
    On the Chopping Block: Hayes
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Not sure about who i should trade Hayes for. Off the top of my head i was thinking either Dal Santo, Marc Murphy or Stanton. I didn’t think about Pendles mainly because the side would have too many pies in the team for my liking and i want this side to be consistant for the entire year. Any other Suggestions?

  • Team Name: baileys22

    Round 2 Score: 2082

    League Results:LWWLL

    DT Studs: SWAN !! and gibbs

    DT Duds: sub rule affecting lower and kraks scores.. petrie, richo, buckley and FOLEY !!

    On the Chopping Block: foley and buckley for curnow and libba

    Vent/Brag/Whatever: looking forward to when my team starts playing well.. spewing i missed out on curnow, libba and tapscott..

  • considering going hibberd to libba but i will lose my dpp link as a result, is it worth it? Also how do people rate libba’s job security? although i’m sure he played well but huge scores dont mean good job secuity eg. Pederson. Thanks.

    • yeah my thoughts are i trade buckley for libba lose my dpp but will make alot !! more quick money and libba has better js.. means can upgrade quicker, and reakon i can downgrade to hibberd or jacobs when they start playing so will get the dpp back..

    • Not worth it mate, hibberd will play eventually… and you never know, injury or bad form could hit libba and bang!…

  • Considering they are named, who should I start on: D Stanley, Duigen or Lower?

  • Round 2 Score: 2126 (consistant 2130 1st week, down 800 spots)

    League Results: LLW

    DT Studs: 3 votes to Swan, 2: Gibbs, 1: Pendles

    DT Duds & On the Chopping Block: Broughton, Green

    Don’t know what to do with the two above, hate trading out premuims
    Libba, Curnow or Bewick, i picked the wrong one

    • i have the same problem. Damn under performing premiums. Seems libba is the consensus at the moment.

  • Swallow > Curno
    Conca > Libba

    Puts an extra $112,000 for when I need it later in the season.

    Any objections?

    • Curnow’s JS would be a concern. If he plays 8 weeks in a row that should be enough for him to peak though.

    • Wasting trades early mate… not a good idea

  • Team Name: OrangeWedgeEaters
    Round 2 Score: 2063
    League Results: LWWL
    DT Studs: 3 Captain Swan (thankfully didn’t get a Good Idea and give it to one of the ugly ducklings), 2 Gibbs (1 to Gibbs, 1 to Ratten for not being a knob), 1 Tapscott (good little lad)
    DT Duds: 50s and 60s all over the paddock
    On the Chopping Block: Morton: r1: no King, plays deep next to Reiwoldt who was on fire and had Thornton pondering him, r2: Reiwoldt gets sniped so Morton goes deep once again. That’s not what I paid for! I paid for a half forward flanker…bah…you’re Chapman next week! Taylor Hunt: More game time at the possession-happy Cats was meant to mean more points…so how the fuck do you manage two consecutive scores of precisely 63? Oh, I know…so yeah, goooooone too.
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: That was it.

  • Team Name: Jezsticles
    Round 2 Score: 2031
    League Results: WWW
    DT Studs: Swan, Goodes, Gibbs, Boyd, Dal Santo
    DT Duds: FOLEY, Petterd, Everitt
    On the Chopping Block: Foley, maybe everitt
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Decided to put my faith in Foley and Heppell when i had Shiels and Harris on the bench could have had an extra 90 odd points! Most my bench players scored better than someone in the starting 22 haha…

  • Team name: Pole Smokers
    Round 2 Score: 2005
    League Results: WLL
    DT studs: Swan, Gibbs, Goodes, Jesse O’Brien doing better than expected!
    DT Duds: Foley, M. Johnson, A. Everitt
    On the chopping block: Refer Duds
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Who do I upgrade out of Johnson & Everitt??? Enright must come into the side!!!!

    • Double trade? will that get you the money? Rookie like Lower mckernan, duigan, heppel + enright in

      • Have Lower & Duigan already. Doing the usual Foley for Libba / Curnow!

        • in that case i’d wait on more week, i have the same problem but i think broughton will bounce back

    • don’t do any trades until after I play you.

  • 2228 gets me ranked 800 something in overall so i’m definatly going better than last year, seen as i only entered my team before round 3. hopefully broughton and franklin improve soon, keen for my cows to fatten and bring in some more premiums in. had to watch libba and smith sitting on the bench this week when they could of been playing instead of krak and petrie, oh well, cant predict the future.

  • Thinking of trading Isac smith to Curnrow or libba.. Not so much libba because i wont be able to cover round 4

    or should i save my trades

  • Team Name: The Rapetors
    Round 2 Score: 2128
    League Results: W
    DT Studs: Gibbs, Deledio, Swan, Boyd, Cox, Goodes
    DT Duds: Goddard, Lower, A Swallow, Palmer, D Swallow, Krakouer
    On the Chopping Block: Palmer!!
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Should of had Libba on the field, Tapscotts my boy!!

  • Heres the deal, i have Hayes but obvoiusly he has to go. I have enough in the kitty to afford any midfielder. Im thinking Pendles, but i have Swan as well is that to many pies.
    Any ideas as to who i should get, need someone around the Hayes average?

    • In the same position, I’m thinking about Murphy or Pendles. Want to have both eventually, but I’m only going for league wins. See who you play in Round 7 – if they have 2 star pies (Swan, Pendles, Didak, Thomas etc) then you can afford to bring in Pendles now. Both averaging 130 ish, will go up heaps in price in the next couple of weeks.

      Ps – Carrazzo hard tag on Didak this week, big price drop coming up after 67 last week!

      • I have Swan and pendle, and I’m hoping to have a full midfield by the pies first bye so i won’t be missing much. But murphy is hard to pass up right now.

        I’d go Murphy first and look for pendle later in the year

  • Team Name: The Gorillas
    Round 2 Score: 2054
    League Results:LWW
    DT Studs: Swan, Gibbs, Cox
    DT Duds: Gilbert, franklin, swallow
    On the Chopping Block: Gilbert!
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: ah why did i have swallow on and harris off should have gone with harris. Thinkinking of trading conca or maybe swallow for libba or curnow but dont know which one i should go for.

  • What do you think about Connors, is it worth keeping him for the potential, or do i cut losses now and get rid of him?

    Option 1 Connors > Enright
    Option 2 Connors > Deledio
    Option 3 Connors > Hibberd, Conca > M. Murphy
    Option 4 Deal with the fact that i stupidly selected him over deledio to be unique


  • Team Name: The REBELS
    Round 2 Score: 2085
    League Results: Win, Win, Win
    DT Studs: Gibbs, Swan, Pendlebury, Boyd, Harris, Cox, Goodes, Higgins
    DT Duds: Foley, Jolly, Broughton
    On the Chopping Block: Anthony or Foley
    Vent/Brag/Whatever: Had Swan as captain (no brainer) payed off in the end. Started Harris ahead of Swallow (winning!)

  • Team name- Iamlegend

    round 2 score- 2229

    league results- won everyone!

    DT studs- swan (capt), gibbs, pendlebury, goodes, boyd,

    DT duds- PALMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    trades- OUT palmer IN curnow, OUT i smith IN tapscott

    vent/brag/whatever- top 1000, best score of dt life!

    • I think I’m playing you next week – another easy victory for Iamlegend!

      • nah, every weeks different mate. should be a good match.

        p.s keep up the good work, our leagues hit the top 100!

  • im going foley >> libba liked the look of him

    either going hibberd >> curnow
    or dixon >> tapscott
    leaning towards curnowww

  • Does anyone know if hibberd will play this week?? If he doesnt is it worth keeping him on the bench?

  • foley >> curnow
    a.swallow >> pendlebury

    cos i need a round 3 win in my main league as then I will have beaten all 3 top contenders and can sit pretty at the top til finals! not 2nd all year like last year :(
    all my round 7 and 13 opponents across all 5 leagues are mostly easily beatable luckily so having swan and pendles out wont matter too much. swalllow is good but wont pump out scores like pendles, whos price is set to rise shortly!
    plus a.swallow has a bye 1st week in dt finals and i found some extra $$ from the curnow trade to make it possible. i think its a bit aggressive but worth it

  • hearing a lot bout the O’keefe vs Riolli debate thoughts?

  • Think Sydney have 2 multi byes but Rioli misses thru suspension this week! Toss the coin buddy.

  • I got 22 trades remaining should I trade pittard or atley for libba i’ll still have a handy 134000 left and think libba is a beauty?

  • i have made the decision to trade foley for curnow as i already have libba but my problem is weather it is worth it to trade out, dion prestia, brandon matera or cameron richardson for luke tapscott. not sure if it is worth using up one of my trades or not and also which one to trade?