What happens if they score nothing in Dream Team?

If one of our players goes down without scoring, like Jack Riewoldt last night, the zero stands. Prior to 2010, if a player scored a donut their score wouldn’t count and you’re emergency would take his place. I would like to apologise for that rule change, albeit it’s the right way the game should be played. I sooked a lot when David Hille went down in 2009 for 0 and I lost my league match. Virtual Sports listen to the coach of the Warne Dawgs… so that changed happened! Oops.

What is interesting about Mini-Voldt is that 2,389 people brought him in for Jonathan Brown while 1,155 coaches brought him in for Mark LeCras. Ouch.

Hope you didn’t have Lenny Hayes too…


  • fail only idiots have him anyway…

    • What if Krak doesn’t get a run today? I take it the Emg score counts? My opponent has him anyway, just curious…

      • “Zero” scoring players
        Players who are actually named and in the starting 22 for any match AND score a 0 for any reason, will NOT be replaced by an emergency. Their 0 score will also have an effect on their value, being recorded as having played a game.

        Excerpt from official rules!

  • Is it called a Kennelly?
    I think he was the first one- I’ve still got that taste in my mouth from last year!

  • Krak the sub FMDT :(

    • I wouldn’t stress too much mate. Just about every dream team has him, so it wont effect you too much.

      • exactly plus even if he comes on the last quarter he’ll probably score 50 lol

        • Nice work with the crystal ball Brett. 48 in last quarter. Does that mean Mick can’t afford to waste him on the bench or will he see him as the perfect sub?

    • I had both Liam Anthony (64) and Kraks (48) who were both subs. Sucks knowing that they would have topped 100 if they weren’t subs…

  • If you have sense you’d have gone Brown/LeCras (that’s if you had them) to Zaharakis.

    And remember bloody Kenelly last year, went down on 0.

  • What happens to Jack’s price? Will it go down or not be affected?

  • i reckon its silly if a sub that doesnt play scores you a zero. krak will come on but anyway

    • I’m fairly sure I had a player get a minus score last year or the year before. (free kick against and then taken off injured)…

  • Touch your toes

  • The AFL DT site is mistakenly giving an emergency player’s score for Jack Riewoldt. I’m sure this will be corrected but take that into account in your league games – you may not be winning!

    • Yeah, i have Jack and my emergency is being counted in my score.

      If you click on more info about emergencies you get the following…no mention of starting/non-starting:

      “Select up to THREE emergencies. Emergencies from your reserves list will replace up to three non-scoring players in your starting line-up in matching positions only. Where there are 2 or more emergencies selected in one position and only one of these is required, the lowest scoring emergency will be used. If no emergency is available for a 0-scoring player in a certain position, you’ll not receive any points from that player.”

      • Hahahahahahahaha, my brothers team is full of subs and the players subbed off!
        He had Lenny Hayes (subbed off, 65), Jack Riewoldt (subbed off, 0), Liam Anthony (sub, 64), Andrew Krakouer (sub, 48), Heath Shaw (subbed off, 65), Domenic Cassisi (subbed off, 49), Andrew Gaff (sub, 36), Nick Lower (subbed off, 41), Rhys Palmer (sub, 53), and Cameron Guthrie (subbed off, 37).
        I can’t wait to see what players he has that get subbed off or are subs today!!!!!

    • Yeah, a player i’m against currently has his 64 from Matera counting for Reiwoldt. The match isn’t on the line but they better fix it so I can get more of a % boost.

      (Same thing is happening for Supercoach too, if anyone’s interested)

      Team Malovan out.

  • I really hope players brought in Mini Vodlt because they didnt want to trust Yarrans score and had Yarran on the bench, oh please let someone do that.

  • Alan Didak reporting a 0 in my team and my emergency is counting towards my score

    anybody else?

  • Can someone clear this up.
    My oppo left an Adelaide fwd on the ground and had Yarran as a fwd emerg. Currently his score is counting. Doesn’t seem right to me. If you are dumb enough to leave a player onfield when they have a bye, why should you get bench points for it.
    Please help, it is the difference between winning and losing.

    • he will get the emerg score…. could of been tactical. leaving an bye player on field and select two emergencies. i know you get the lower score but if you cant decide it not bad idea

      • Not a bad idea?? Naming two emergencies in the same position means you’ll definitely get the lower score. Putting one of them on the field means you at least have a chance of that player being the highest scoring of the two. I’d bet that he just forgot about Adelaide having a bye.

  • Does anyone know what the magic number is this year? Trying to work out how much some players will go up by before I make my trades and just want to get a rough estimate, I know the formula comes from here:
    Or even if there is a breakeven calculator available (without having to subscribe to assistant coach). There used to be one up here but I can’t find it any more

  • the DT engine is incorrect. my sub wasn’t honored for mini-vold yet my j.selwood sub is counting