Dream Team for Dummies: How to make a basic team

Do you have a girlfriend, wife, daughter, son or friend from NSW that has no idea about Dream Team but is bugging you to get involved or you want an excuse to have more time to talk about Dream Team?

For years, Mrs Guru has picked a team based on players she knows.  It has become apparent over time that she only knows high-priced forwards (Franklin, Riewoldt, Rioli, Roughead, Hall, Monfries…), a couple of midfielders (Jobe, Ablett) and no defenders ( – ).  This has meant that she has been loaded with rookies in one position, had an erratic forward line and a decent captain.  Yet to make the finals, Mrs Guru has nearly come to the end of the rope and is threatening to not play DT anymore.

Like Mrs Guru, get your new comers to follow the Guru’s blue print for a competitive Dream Team.  It won’t be the best team in the comp, but it won’t be the percentage booster that some girlfriends submit year after year.

For those senior players out there, below is a list of names that you might not have considered that are potential cash cows – and we all know that you need them to win the competition (memories of 2010 Michael Barlow, and then his subsequent injury and over priced price of 2011).


Pick 2 Premium DEF/MIDs

Choose from Goddard, Gibbs, Deledio, Scotland, Gilbee, Carrazzo

Pick 1 Premium DEF

Choose from Connors, Enright, Broughton, Mackie, Duffield

Pick 2 Medium Range DEFs

Choose from Dempsey, Everitt, Grima, R Shaw, Thornton, Broadbent

Pick 1 Cheap DEF

Choose from Otten, Tape, Coad, Stanley

Pick 4 Rookie DEFs

Choose from Toy, Howard, Faulks, McKernan, Puopolo, Duigan, Lower, Hutchins


Pick 3 Premium MIDs

Choose from Swan, Montagna, Boyd, Cross, Boyd, Pendlebury, Ablett, Hayes, Judd, K Cornes

Pick 1 Unique MID

Choose from Jack, A Swallow, Tuck, Watson

Pick 1 Cheap MID

Choose from D Swallow, Gaff, Polec

Pick 1 Cheap MID/FWD

Choose from A Krakouer, I Smith, G Rohan

Pick 1 Cheap DEF/MID

Choose from Heppell, Hibberd

Pick 2 Rookie MIDs

Choose from Harris, Atley, Contin, Green, Liberatore, Wallis


Pick 1 Premium RUC

Choose from Sandilands, Ryder, Cox

Pick 1 2nd Tier RUC

Choose from Jolly, Mumford, Goldstein, Kreuzer, Clark

Pick 1 Cheap RUC

Choose from Z Smith, Bailey, Redden, Derickx

Pick 1 Rookie Listed RUC

Choose from Macauley, Curnow, Bathie, McCulloch


Pick 1 Premium MID/FWD

Choose from Didak, Sylvia, Chapman, Harvey, Goodes

Pick 2 Premium FWDs

Choose from Franklin, N Riewoldt, Green, S Johnson, Ginasiracusa, Brown, Cloke, Rioli or another Premium M/F

Pick 1 Unique FWD

Choose from Schneider, J Riewoldt, Stokes, LeCras, Gray

Pick 1 Mid Range MID/FWD

Choose from M Morton, Ler Jetta, Zaharakis, Petterd, Fyfe

Pick 1 Cheap FWD

Choose from Watts, Knights, Veszpremi, Gamble

Pick 4 Rookie FWDs

Choose From Matera, Archer, Richardson, Skiner, Prestia, Lamb, Michie, Day

Now you may have gone slightly over budget if you simply chose the most expensive player in each option, so go back and change a few of the expensive picks.

Ensure you don’t have more than 2 players from the same team for each position.

This should give you a solid start to the Dream Team Season.

Good Luck!



  • now people who do no research can make a good team in 5 mins.

    • The subtleties are in the trades and combination which still depend on experience and some research

      • +1

        There’s been a whole lot of whinging and carry-on about the last few articles being newbie-centric, but the fact is that these articles contain generic lists of players who are likely to be on 60-70% of teams out there.

        Surely the seasoned DTers here will know that it will be their STRATEGIC initial team selection and planned trades that will see them up the overall ladder or on top of their leagues. As opposed to noobs who are likely to make rash TACTICAL swaps/trades both at the start and throughout the season with very little planning and contingency. I fail to see the threat that articles like this pose, unless you have some sort of superiority complex?

        C’mon guys, give the DTTalk dudes a break. We all trawl their site for info and push them to pump articles out for us. They are catering for a wider audience and while some of these articles will give beginners a bit of a leg up, you know that it takes your season-long strategy and a pinch of luck to get you the car.

        • +1.
          Sooooo many bloody whingers- it’s sick!
          Maybe DTTALK should shut down the website~geez would you like that, morons?!
          I’d be willing to bet big bucks that all these whining little boys with balls the size of sultanas, wont even rank in the top 1,000.
          GO Warnie, Go Calvin, Go Roy, Go Chook, keep pumping out all this great info, that helps DTers from Newbies to the more experienced coaches~ after all that’s what this site’s for!
          Best bloody site on the net by a country mile- DTTALK is the ‘BLACK CAVIAR,” of all the DT sites!
          Great work lads!
          And to all the sucky whiners out there, you may as well start ordering your kleenex’s in bulk, when most teams next year will have GWS players filling their benches!!!
          And I’m not even gonna start about the numbskulls complaining about the $20 for the assistant coach.
          I ended up getting 3 shares as people dropped out….. just wanna get the ball, or more appropriately, the lure rolling!
          DTTALK is ALRIGHT WITH ME!!! Oooooooh Yeah!!!

    • Haha i am one of those. I was just gonna pick all guns until i ran outta money then just the cheapest players but i went on to my team panic stations 2.0 and identically copied one of the good teams. No research, GREAT team. Yahoo

  • As a teacher this will prove to be a valuable resource.

    My students, especially in Year 7 have no idea.

    I agree with the posts above, your trades and how you use them will be key to winning.

    Alternatively, go with another strategy instead of guns and rookies if you want to out think yourself.

    Bit harsh on the DT Talk boys (above), this is an article by the Dream Team Guru, a blog worth having a look at, who has contributed before.

    The more articles and information the better on this site, I imagine there would be a few gentlemen that could just show this article to their wives and not have to sit over their shoulder picking their team!

    I say good work Guru, hope to see some more of your work on the DT Talk website.

    • Also, if you want to win you migt have to take risks. Pick some players you think are better than what everyone else does. Use your eyes from watching games and go with someone you want to.

      I will say though, I think the future in Dream Team is a draft style league. I currently run two and some owners have turned their back on traditional DT as everyone has the same team.

      In fact the leagues are a keeper league so you really have to use your brain. Much more rewarding when your selections score well as you are the only one in the league to have them.

      I know it’s based on an American system and people don’t like Australian things to become Americanised but there is a reason why it works.

  • when do we get to see our league fixture?

  • My team;

    Defence- 3 premium def/mids, 1 premium def, Grimes, 2 cheap defs and 3 rooks.
    Midfield- 2 premium mids, 1 unique mid (Stants), Anthony, 1 cheap mid, 2 cheap mid/for, 1 cheap mid/back, 1 cheapie.
    Rucks- 1 premium, 1 second tier, 2 cheap.
    Forward- 1 premium mid/for, 2 premiums, 1 mid-range mid/for, 1 cheapie, 1 cheap mid/for and 4 rooks.

  • this is exactly what i told my brother who than chose a team full of players priced between 300 and 200 k none of which were decent picks lol he had glass, merrit and also morribito.. so i gave up trying to explain to him how it works and just picked his team for him.. hopefully he will eventually work it out..

    • Last year my mate had 6 rookies down back from the 9…and none of them even played! The rest of his team was very shit too.

  • I hope these questions fit into this category of ‘DT for Dummies’ because I don’t know where else to put them?

    Earlier in the pre-season, I thought I read someone suggesting to pick a Premium MID/BACK and a Premium MID/FWD in your starting Midfield and balance them with a corresponding DPP Rookie on your BACK and FWD bench.

    When it comes time to offload the DPP Rookie cashcows, the theory was to switch the Premium DPP to their Back or Forward position and upgrade the Rookie DPP for a Premium MID.

    My questions therefor are:

    1) did I read this somewhere, or am I imagining it?

    2) is there any merit in attempting this?

    Cheers in advance for any feedback you have.