Boag’s Group: The Prize


The DT TALK/Boags Draught Group is pumping and now we have a prize for the winner in 2011.

The Prize:

For those over 18 years of age – The winner of the group will receive a DT TALK Boags Party in 2012 in your nearest capital city within Australia. This means, the DT TALK boys will fly your way, to have weekend on the Boags and to watch some footy. Prize includes tickets to the footy and a night on the Boags. It’s our shout!

For those under 18 – DT TALK will still come to your nearest capital city within Australia for a weekend of footy. No beers, just footy. A party will still be set up in your honour, but unfortunately you won’t be attending.


Terms and conditions:
Prize is subject to the DT TALK boys’ availability in 2012. The winner will be contacted and negotiated with as to when this will occur in 2012 and then announced on the website for others to attend. This prize is not cash, but a day or two of fun!