iPhone app now available for AFL Dream Team

The iPhone app for the 2011 Toyota AFL Dream Team is here!

COST: $3.99

Take your Toyota AFL Dream Team with you wherever you are, with the fully-featured, OFFICIAL app for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

NOTE: In order to use the Toyota AFL Dream Team app, you’ll first need to register and setup your account online. You’ll then be able to login with your registered email address and password. To register for the 2011 Toyota AFL Dream Team, simply go to http://dreamteam.afl.com.au

Toyota AFL Dream Team is the official fantasy footy competition of the AFL. With the all-new app, you can now play Dream Team wherever you are – never miss a trade or substitution, or forget to change your team again.

The Toyota AFL Dream Team app is the most featured fantasy sports app of its type, including:

LIVE STATS AND SCORING – watch your team’s progressive score as it happens LIVE during every match of the AFL season. Including minute-by-minute results for your team, your head-to-head opponent in all your league/s, plus full ‘around the grounds’ results for all other matches in your league/s;

  • Full and complete pre-season team selection functionality. Make trades, substitutions, edit your captain and vice-captain selections right through the season;
  • Create, join and monitor all of the 5 private or public head-to-head leagues that you take part in. Invite friends and relatives directly from the app. All of your league ladders, fixtures and results are here;
  • Get all the latest season and weekly competition, state and supported club rankings;
  • Complete access to the player Stats Centre, including all the sortable player scores and rankings, Market Watch for the most popular, most improved and form drop players, full and detailed player profile and stats pages including all of their Dream Team stats;

And much more! Get Toyota AFL Dream Team app for your iPhone or iPod Touch now!


  • Finally

  • Expecting an Android version soon?

    • On a live chat I read there is no Android version this year, maybe next year was the comment from the guy hosting the live chat.

      Strange considering Android outnumbers iPhone – they’d make more money doing Android first. I think Vapormedia’s programmers are slow :)

  • if your with TELSTRA… you can access your dreamteam for FREE

    just go into browser.. bookmarks… afl. then link to dreamteam

    as long as there is a green circle at the top saying “unmetered” your laughing

  • Downloading now

  • Check this out!! “DT TALK Twitter” is the league in focus in the iPhone app screenshots! We rule!

    iPhone app screenshot

  • hell YES!!!!!

  • Great app. had a little bit of a play on it today at work lol

  • Needs the new software to download. I have a 3GS and I’ve been told the new software (for Iphone 4) slows down and stuffs up the old phone. Anyone else have the old phone?

  • I have a 3GS and have no problems, great app

  • Purchased and frothing for the season to start now you can log in properly from your phone!

  • yerr dog!

  • I have a 3gs, and to my knowledge can’t install this app without getting the 3.2.2 update. Basically their reason for getting you the update is to remove the jailbreak from your phone.

    So heads up, if you are like me and have jailbreaked your phone and don’t want to lose your apps. Then you don’t need this app.

  • Sorry if this question is naive, but how does using this app improve on browsing the dreamteam page in safari?

    As far as I can tell I can do all my dt-ing without this app.

    • This is the early feedback that I’ve heard…..that the app pretty much does the same thing as the mobile-friendly web page. (Maybe it looks a bit nicer.) Can anyone who has bought the app shed any light?

  • It would be so great if u guys could release an app u could make a bit of money as well

    • We have no idea on how to make an app! We aren’t very good nerds. If you look at our site on a mobile, it has a mobile version which is handy.

      • To be honest Warnie the mobile version of this website is shithouse. U dont know who is replying to what it is really messy compared to the proper site… How do I view the proper website on my iPhone

  • What’s it like on iPad?
    Can you sub between DPP’s?

  • Thanks to the spazbots at Vapormedia for only making this app available on the Australian iTunes store.

    Fucking great, I can’t install it on my iPhone because I’m in the USA.

    For some reason the Supercoach app (made by the same people) IS available in the US store.

    Not happy. BIG THUMBS DOWN.