DT TALK Leagues

Last year DT TALK ran 60+ leagues throughout the Dream Team season. This year we’re aiming for more.

The Main Leagues… Roy DT TALK, Warnie DT TALK, Calvin DT TALK and Chopper DT TALK will be announced during our next episode. The codes for these leagues will appear throughout the show so sign up then… after you watch all the episode!

The CA$H League is still being organised and the details for this league will be up in the next few weeks. This league requires an entry fee and the prize money is then split up between the winners. Don’t ask how much it is… cause it’s being worked out. Warnie, Roy and Calvin will all be in this league as well, so we’ll need 13 others.

The DT TALK Group will start very soon. There were about 1500 people in that last year. We’re looking to secure some prizes for it, so stay tuned.

The Other DT TALK Leagues… will be announced soon, so stay tuned to DT TALK!