World Cup 2010: DT TALK Dream Team League

The Soccer World Cup starts VERY SOON in South Africa and our resident Soccer nut, Chook, has set up a DT TALK League for all of us to join.

Click here to sign up!

League Code: 309981

Discuss your teams and some hot tips here. For some handy info, check out – Chook recommends it! It’s helped me pick my squad! Oh yeah!


  • Is Chook out of his depth – No Rooks at the World Cup

  • Not really into this so called ‘football’ game, i prefer the real type.

    Teams looking something like this ? There`s so many good players but a limit 2 from each side sucks.

    Goals – buffon (schwarzer)
    Def – alves, lahm, vidic, chiellini, (poulsen)
    Mids – iniesta, gerrard, xavi, kata (ribery)
    forw – messi, ronaldo, (rooney)

  • last question guys, i need to choose one of these 2 guys for my final midfield spot on the bench and they are : Bastian Schweinsteiger and Mesut Ozil leaning towards Ozil because it looks like he will assist a goal or two again the aussies.

  • This blog has been handy in my team selection:

    I don’t really know what formation to go with. Thanks to Chook’s awesome advice, I am going with 1-5-2-3 with a defender as a captain. Hoping for some clean sheets. Hmm…

  • I have an issue…
    Hodge, Carrots, Enright, Waters, Fisher, Shaw, Gilbee (webberly, Heath)

    Monty, Barlow, Bartel, Pendles, Mitchell, Ball (ablett next week after downgrade) (howlett, Shuey)

    Sandy, Hille (trading to cox) (Warnock, 77k)

    Brown, Didak, Brennan, Gia, Pod, Okeefe, Pav (gumby, R.Roberts)

    ok, howlett and ball both not playing = donut. Want to downgrade Howlett now cause job security is crap.
    option 1: Howlett – Jizz berts
    option 2: Howlett – Mcneil (dual possi) 45k cheaper than Jizzy!!!
    this would work as i have like 3 fwds that can go mids
    .But if gumby is out it doesnt work at all….

    is the extra 45k worth the risk? i kinda think it is, gumby i think has good job security without lloyd and lucas.

  • Buffon (lloris)
    Lucio Terry Pique Chiellini (Gallas)
    Lampard Sneijder Kaka schweinsteiger (ozil)
    Messi Villa (Van persie)

    tips help etc appreciated

  • Just made team


    Defenders:Lahm, Maicon, Cannavaro, Terry, (Vidic)

    Midfielders:Kaka, Ribery, Schweinsteiger, Fabregas, (Malouda)

    Forwards:Messi, Rooney, (Ronaldo)

    Thoughts would be appreciated. I joined the league. Watch out

  • Casillas (Buffon)
    Terry Gallas Vidic (Neill, Lahm)
    Gerrard Kaka Gourcuff Camoranesi (Sneijder)
    Messi C.Ronaldo Villa

  • Interesting that there are no prices.

  • Anyone who doesnt have Villa up front is kidding themselves. I put $150 on Villa into Geelong at 23-1 and am feeling very confident.

    Spain is the best team in the world cup.
    Spain has possible the easiest draw in the group stages out of any team.
    Spain SHOULD make the final which means he has the most opportunities to score.
    Villa takes frees and penalties for Spain.

    Do you need anymore i ask?

  • Yeah. Rooney could be a liability if that umpire sends him off for swearing lol

  • Current line up

    Buffon (still to be picked)
    Vidic,Maicon,Evra (Lahm,Terry)
    (C)Gerrard,Kaka,Xavi,Ozil (Ribery)

  • thoughts guys please.. Not confident on my defence. Holding Iniesta for when he is available otherwise I would ditch Cesar for Casillas.

    Football rook so Im going a bit blind here

    Goal: Buffon (Cesar)

    Defenders: Lahm, A Cole, Vidic, Cannavaro (Elva)

    Mids: Lampard, Xavi, Sneijder, Ribery (Iniesta)

    Forwards: Messi, Fabiano (Ronaldo)

  • This is my team for the first round.

    Goals: Cassilas (lloris)

    Def: Maicon, Chiellini, Samuel (Carvalho, Cole)

    Mids: Gerrard, Schwiensteiger, Sneijder, Van der Vaart (Ribery)

    Fwds: Messi, Fabiano(c), Villa.

    Going for a team that will get me through the first few rounds that uses the fewest trades when teams get eliminated.

    • Everyone relies on messi. His form for Argentina has been terrible i’m sure Higuain and Van Persie will score more goals.

  • gambler

    Team locked n’ loaded

    Buffon (Ceasar)
    Cole, Zambrotta, Otamendi (Carvalho, Lahm)
    Kaka (C) Lampard, Xavi, Ribery (Cahill)
    Messi, Ronaldo, Villa

    not to sure about Otamendi? but i doubt argentina will give up too many goals.

  • going with the following team unless there`s a massive screw up ?

    Goals – Buffon (sorensen)
    Defs – Alves Evra Vidic Lahm (cannavaro)
    Mids – Gerrard Kara(c) Xavi Ribery (ozil)
    Fows – Messi Villa (Rooney)

    Any thoughts please tell.

  • haha school today was mega funny. We had a WC tipping comp and every was trying to act like experts. Here are some VERY funny quotes

    “New Zealand have the best goalkeepers, they won’t have a goal scored against them”
    “It will be too hot for Italy, they wont win any games”
    “South Africa, they’re gunna smash Mexico 6-0 as they’re playing in Africa”
    “Germany are the worst team in the world cup, they’re ranked like 160th”
    “Ghana are 5th in the world, they’re gunna kill Serbia who are like ranked 70th”

    These were all serious quotes…..sigh I’d wish people would stop be try-hards/idiots

    My tips for 2nite:
    Mexico 3-0
    France 2-1

  • Is Samel e’to a good pick??

  • I think its an okay team someone tell me if its not haha:

    G: Buffon (Lloris)
    D: Terry, Lucio (Lahm, Carvalho, Vidic)
    M: Gerrard, Kaka (C), Xavi, Ribery, Pirlo
    F: Messi, Ronaldo, Villa

    • Cheers mate i just changed my formation haha

      i based my team mostly on prem league but i think youve got to base your team around who you think is gonna make it through to the kncokout rounds (which you probably have theres a few there i dont know)

      my team

      buffon (schwarzer)

      vidic gallas (lahm, evra bassong)

      lampard (c) fabregas kaka sneijder schweinsteiger

      messi roondog villa

      knowing my luck ill do well in this as i have not over thought any of these players (unlike DT)

      • haha yeah agreed….i over think DT as well. Yeah i thort the formation 2-5-3 is good because mids and strikers will score migratory of points cant see defenders scoring many. Just traded Pirlo to Ozil hope its a good move.

  • lol i am absolutely clueless
    modelled my team on a mixture of all ur guys teams haha
    just found people who were listed in ur team and added a few people i knew from playing fifa 07 haha

  • Woooo! I’m currently ranked 7th in the world and 3rd in Aus!!! 7th in THE WORLD!!! Sorry, I’m a bit excited………. :p